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  1. ...enjoying the evening view after the ride.
  2. I finally managed to run the Manta Ray at a bmx track that I've been eyeing for a while. I had a blast! It felt like the track was built specifically for buggys, probably also because it's the closest thing to an actual rc track that I've ever experienced. Thanks to my wife's patience, we managed to get some photos and footage. Flying it off those smooth dunes was real fun. Excited before the start... ..and off we go!
  3. Well thanks for the reminder But no, give it at least a couple more months (more or less)! Anyway yep, it's quite unbelievable how the weather here manages to get from extremely cold to extremely hot and than back to cold within one year... and every year it does it again and again though deep inside you still think to yourself: "It's not gonna be that cold this time, after such a hot summer" and then... it just does. I'm not from here and I sincerely hope to end up somewhere warmer soon but, as I said before, bottom line is it's the perfect weather for off road rc! The only thing quite missing in my area are sandy beaches, but we get pretty much anything else on the Earth's menu in terms of terrain/weather conditions. Hard on the cars, but a lot of fun.
  4. And this was today, a run with the Manta Ray through the autumn foliage. After a last run through the woods, the car came back with a "present". I did't place it like that, it was just sitting on the bumper when the buggy came back and I took the photo! Maybe I should have eaten it
  5. Went out for a hike with my wife yesterday, on the way back to the car I noticed a BMX track that is perfect for rc. Fortunately I had my rig in the trunk! The video taken was bad quality, also cause it was dusk, but I saved up a couple screenshots just to get the idea. Gotta get back there, great jumps and a lot of fun!
  6. Got back to my rc models after 5 weeks away. Even though I was on vacation, I missed them! I replaced the good old Le Mans 05 Stock motor of my Big Boss with an hpi Firebolt 15 T that I had sitting around for a while. It turned out to be pretty fast, considering also that the old NiMh wasn't even fully charged!
  7. Just a little update with some more action we had lately... ...and a still with the latest addition to the fleet, even though the Manta didn't make it to the car wash on time for the picture
  8. Great story and great writing, congrats for such an accomplishment!
  9. PThat's a good one! My personal wish list at this time of my life would be this (not necessarily in order of interest/fascination, but pretty much): 1. Marui Shogun 2. Hirobo Alien mid 3. Kyosho Turbo Optima (I'd have some ideas about an alternative but still vintage looking paint job...) 4. Tamiya Avante 2011 5. Marui Ninja 6. Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale I could go on Oh... and in the event they re-re the Optima Mid it would bounce right at the top of my list!
  10. Thank you guys, glad you like it!
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