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  1. WOW my friend, hats off! 👏👏👍🤙 I've been waiting for this one... and it's gorgeous. SO much beauty in your car and in your picture, I had to download at least a few of them (I have a buggy-porn folder on my phone for when I'm bored or waiting for something lol). Congratulations my friend, I'm always a huge fan of your creations and absolutely love this one down to the smallest detail.
  2. Not that much RC last weekend, but enough time for some tuff action with the Hornet once again!
  3. I spot a little Hot Wheels up there on the top right... glad to know I'm not the only one enjoying their company during a build (I have no pets to build up clutter or spice up the situation...) 😁
  4. I applaude your outing. Well done! Do you agree that the pogo stick shocks add a lot of fun to the whole thing? I find that they help shooting the truck far up when jumping, while at the same time still somehow doing their job. I thought about trying on some real shocks just to see how differently the truck would behave, but never really went through with the idea and may never get to do that. Good job getting it out, these plastic brawlers are meant to be enjoyed in motion.
  5. I've used the old link to submit my results, the last one Turnip posted for last month's competition, assuming it would work.
  6. Great painting skills, I I love it. Looks almost real. And yes, totally creepy!! Wouldn't want to race against him 😆
  7. Since the new photo contest started on the main site I've been keeping an eye out for good sunny weather, but no luck so far. It's been mostly cloudy and rainy and now there's a thick haze everywhere due to some big wildfires in northern Ontario, whose smoke recently reached our area. An eerie, orange sun briefly appeared through the smog yesterday, it was quite the sight but nothing that could be properly captured by any of my cameras. I tried to find some good spots for a scenic picture, but as long as it's this hazy there's no way anything good will come out, colours way too dull! Still there were a few good trial shots, as well as the usual fun. It was good to involve my wife for once, with the excuse of the pics to be taken as for the pic competition, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to enter something from last year though I'd love to go for something new if I just get a chance.
  8. Looking REAL good @Re-Bugged! 👌
  9. Today we made a new friend, can you see him? I'll give you a clue: for once, it's not furry. Cosy, comfy on the slightly warm ESC Swearing revenge or what? Cute, squeaky guy, he really did get comfy and was gonna nap in there for a while, I had to gently ask him out in order to keep running the car
  10. I agree. I did at least 10 runs within the past two weeks, and only a couple times did I manage to get a good flow. My track being on a bit of an incline doesn't help either, lol, I'd love to try it out on a fresh, level slab of concrete but it's way too crowded everywhere these days. Nice course anyway, pretty challenging!
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