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  1. @nowinaminute definitely been there too quite a few times with the Big Boss. I don't mind freaking people out a little when they deserve it ahah cause yes, whoever walks a muddy path in sheer darkness with no torch is the weirdo! At least we have bouncing four wheeled torches to light our way On another note, I just finished the Terra Scorcher chassis today. With all the -by now well known- issues regarding the re re version I can't really say that it was smooth sailing, but I still enjoyed the build very mucb. At least it seems that by now the car is good to go in terms of noise/mesh/gear binding, although I'll have to wait to run it to be sure, of course... but I'm positive the extra work done will pay off. @mud4fun I've used the measurements you've endorsed a while ago for steering and servo arms The replacement tire should be in my mailbox anyday now, it would feel kinda nice to be able to mount the wheels!! This is it so far. Not much different from stock aside for a 17.5 sensored brushless, alloy A5 part and E clips+shafts in place of screwpins for the suspension arms. It will differ a little more from box art aesthetically. Next will be body cutting/painting, driver, decals, final but essential last OCD details, and it'll be done. Part of me wants to hold back, because building a kit is so much fun and fulfilling and I don't want it to end!
  2. Winter is back At least the old Boss doesn't need any winterizing at all
  3. Today I fixed up a few things. I started off with the Hornet, after yesterday's reckless performance I though it deserved the priority. Upon further inspection I found that no other parts were broken, so I just fixed up the front light on the runner shell, then cemented back the broken suspension arm, and once it dried I also braced it. A new bath tub frame will be on its was as soon as I have enough items in the cart to justify another order from RCMart, but for now the Hornet should be good to go for some light running. Just no more skatepark for the moment! Then I took out my new soldering iron kit, eager to try it out as I've had it sitting in a box for a while. I started with pretty much everything that needed soldering around the house, from some wires to a couple old motors to my wife's jewellery (a year's worth of fixings finally done in a couple hours, lol). After all of that was done I felt confident enough to do the wiring on the motor of my Terra Scorcher build. Took some concentration, but I'm happy with the result: this new soldering iron, although still pretty basic, is way ahead of the old rusty claw I was stuck with, can't believe it took me so long to finally buy a new one!! This is the build so far, tidying up the wiring tomorrow
  4. I feel totally positive about a Hornet being able to survive the skatepark, if driven with a bit of mercy. To be fair mine was at its last straw really, it took SO much abuse in the past six months that I was amazed it was still in one piece. Sand, gravel, dips in the lake, higher jumps and landings... Some sessions have been much harder than yesterday's trust me, although I do think that a concrete skatepark is probably the toughest playground imaginable for a normal RC car, especially if like me you are into jumps. Yesterday it broke, but most of the times it's totally trouble free operation. If you have a Hornet, bring it to a skatepark! you won't regret it. Mine will be back on the road soon Glad you like it. You know what, I've been thinking about an RC calendar since last spring, when I was taking pics of the cars with my chipmunk friend (some of them ended up in a booklet already, but that's another story). I really have to stop procrastinating and just do it! This pic will definitely be featured. To me the Hornet always feels like a cartoon while keeping good scale looks at the same time. Same can be said for a Grasshopper I think. It's part of their magic!
  5. Hats off sir! Spectacular, especially the driver 💥
  6. On a way less enthusiastic note, the Hornet didn't make it out of the skatepark unharmed. While always landing properly, the impacts were still quite brutal and at the end this is how it came back! Looks pretty bad, but nothing that can't be fixed... a little eye surgery on the fallen front light, and some sort of brace to fix up the suspension arm, anyway I'll work it out somehow. Although come to think of it, it'd be reasonable to just get another chassis at this point: it would de-zombiefy the car a little by fixing this and many other patched up parts, in fact my Hornet is still a bit shy since I showed its infamous secrets in the ghetto mods thread
  7. Today we had the first big snowfall, so there was that special moment when all the people leave the skatepark but it's still good enough to run the cars. It's only a couple hour window, as after there's too much snow accumulated to run anything at all. I was there just yesterday skateboarding, and came back today at the perfect time to take advantage of such moment with the Hornet. The seasoned basher delivered as always, great fun to drive it around. Also it was quite liberating to try some of the same lines I do on my board in all the comfort of safety, for once!! This was a great session!
  8. I too thought that was a very small real car close to an RC one! That shell's got mean looks. Will you leave the masking tape on intentionally for good or you're going to peel it off eventually? Looks like some car interior of a post apocalyptic world, just like the screen of a broken TV!
  9. Managed to snap a couple more rounds in the daylight today, much better feeling and more fun, besides some pood idiot that just had to park his car righ by me even though the whole lot was empty and he clearly saw what I was doing (I congratulate myself for keeping the cool instead of giving him a piece of my mind). I got better results, although once again only by one lap. And the pins on front tires are almost gone already. Much better to run in the daylight lol
  10. Today was oddly warm and I won't get many more of these until next May, so despite the darkness I set out for another run after work. The parking lot was almost empty so this time I had no 1:1 cars in the way, but it took a couple battery packs and some 20 aborted runs to get used to the twilight: the only light on the track came from the nearby building and was way too low and blinding, anyway at the end I got used to it enough to get a few full runs. I was curious to try a new set-up, nothing major but still: I've slightly increased the toe-in and mounted the wheels and tires set that I usually run in the winter. These wheels are bigger than the Kyosho 8 holes (2.2 I believe) and have pin spiked tires. This made quite the difference, much more grip compared to the bald ones I've been running so far, plus the rears are much wider which eliminated the oversteering issues at the expense of some agility. Probably better for this type of challenge. The above made the car quite different to drive under stress, a lot of food for thoughts for future setups. The Manta felt once again almost impeccable compared to my limited skills, loads of mistakes ahah but still at the end I managed a personal best, even if only by one lap. I will now bask in my result for a minute, knowing that it will soon be incinerated by the big guys here I'm planning on more runs during the weekend with the other cars also, if weather allows. ....and I too have a Monster truck that's eager to compete for that wooden spoon!!
  11. Ahahah, that is amazing!!! 😄 no idea how you did that, but it definitely scratched an itch!! Thank you, and great skills with that wow
  12. No doubt this postal racing did stimulate all sort of aspects of RC that were quite dormant on me before. I don't drive with anybody, my anyday run is usually through whatever surface available, 99% offroad, most times with no specific track designed and with my focus on jumps. I just love jumping the cars, aiming for some nice airborne time and smooth landing, so most of my tuning and set-ups so far has been about that. I love my offroad runs, but it's so cool to have something different to shift the focus to now. Having a purpose helps that focus, and the feeling of track and racing is quite priceless to a person that has never even bashed around with someone else, let alone club racing. About the driving, as you said it pointed out all of my weaknesses right away! I know what to work on now (or al least I think I do), and the inner challenge makes it even more fun. I just wish I could practice more! Hopefully this Saturday the weather will allow for a run or two. Also, I love the comradery here! And the race reports of course
  13. In no particular order: Marui Shogun Hirobo Alien Marui Samurai Tamiya Hornet Kyosho Optima Mid AYK Viper Kyosho Scorpion Tamiya Buggy Champ
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