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  1. A lot of good advice here and plenty of great choices. Just to add to the discussion, I would consider the Hornet. -It's cheap -looks gorgeous, and realistic -almost bulletproof -easy to handle but also challenging, in a good way -plenty of spares available -easy build, easy maintenance, no matter the abuse (sometimes I'm still amazed at how mine is still in one piece, in great shape actually, after all it went through) -doesn't go anywhere, but pretty close: despite the 2wd and all the limitations of its design, you'll be surprised at how many types of surface it can handle. It's very adaptable -it's a Tamiya icon in the looks and in the way ot drives, it's got its own character which elevates it beyond the mere concept of entry level buggy So my vote is for the black ******!
  2. Welcome to TC. May the memory of your lost Fire Dragon fuel the passion for your next cars!
  3. Yesterday evening I finished cleaning, fixing and refurbishing the Hornet after all the shoreline adventures. This is how it looked by the end of our little road trip This is now, tidy, well rested and ready to go again It already "jumped" into action, although the amazing playgrounds on the beach will be hard to match!
  4. Seems too late to look back, my friend. At this point, why not keeping it as your runner? Those scratches may stay on the car, but psychologically they should heal with time! Just think of all the fun you can have, and when you cringe just turn around and look at your other pristine shelfers! You know what they say... once they've tasted the mud, you can't force them back on a shelf
  5. Today I took the Manta Ray out for Round 2 at the improvised backyard track. I'm really happy with how it handles now, precise but still fun to drive. Two battery packs of trouble free operation despite driving at full speed and all the jumps (always nice when that happens). After the track I took the car for a roll in the undergrowth behind... now it smells like freshly chopped mushrooms cause it was literally paved with these 😲
  6. The grin factor is one of the most valuable things our hobby allows us to get and we should pursue it whenever we can Speaking of which. Yesterday afternoon I had a couple unexpected hours of free time and, with the help of a few cones and a shovel, decided to spend it the Tamiya way. I built a rudimentary track in the garden and drove my newly upgraded Manta Ray on it. Plenty of grin, even though I was all alone. Ps the car rips now, but is clearly begging for Lipo. It never ends..
  7. Same here, mate. This video got me into finally buying the Hornet a few years ago, and I've been hooked again since then.
  8. Not really RC related, but still. This rainy Sunday started off the right way for me, with a 1:1 scale buggy experience before I even had coffee or breakfast! This ATV vehicle belongs to my in-laws. We use it to carry the kids around the fields and neighbouring trails, and it's normally driven with extreme care and a feathered foot. But it happens that sometimes the kids aren't around (you know, school, life...) and the trails are deserted and free, that's when the overgrown kid -me- gets to take it out for a legit spin! πŸ‘Ή The thing has some real fun potential, the engine is just powerful enough and I like the suspension system. By adding a bit of my own fantasy and concentrating on the looks of the rims and tires rather than the golf cart stance, it almost feels like I'm at the wheel of my Hornet or some other 1:10 buggy (yeah, almost, but still, I'll take it!). I think that tires and rims look great and very much like the ones on some of our 1:10 cars. If only it had a shorter wheelbase and a lower center of gravity, this thing would really rip. Still, once you learn its limits (I had it on two weels a few times while cornering, lol) you can still enjoy some mildly reckless driving, and it definitely shreds these trails more than my Big Boss can do Anyway, I'm lucky I get to drive this caddy on steroids on my own terms once in a while. Great way to start a day.
  9. I'll second that 100% 😬😰😁
  10. Today I mounted the Eagle spiked tires on my Manta Ray, so -at least for this round of upgrades- it's finally complete! Here's a few pics (many more on the build thread) before I set off to get it dirty again and scratch that lettering off the rubber Hope you like it.
  11. I eventually got around to mounting the Eagle spiked tires on the Manta Ray, now it's finally complete!! I love how it looks so got plenty of pics while it's still spick and span, as within a few hours it will probably be all dirty again, with definitely no trace left of the lettering on the tires
  12. Fun and interesting topic! The rarest vintage RC item I own has got to be a Marui Samurai, all original with its stock MSC, period correct electronics and remote (a Challenger 3, wish I could feel half of its good quality on my modern transmitters). It's a shelfer, but I take it out and run it once in a while -lightly, of course.
  13. Today I spent a few hours trying to fix at least one out of my three Carson stick transmitters, by now all battered up and with different issues: one has absolutely zero range, another has acceleration issues (spazzy and unpredictable instead of gradual) and the last one has trouble going back to neutral. Lots of attempts but close to zero luck (little improvements, still not worth using), so I decided to forget about them altogether, at least for the moment. Since I recently bought a Flysky gun transmitter, I took advantage of the dirt cheap receivers for that instead, and bought a lot of 5 on the bay. I'm still not impressed by gun transmitters even now that I'm using one, I guess I will always prefer the stick ones, but wow, now I get to enjoy the bright side of it, finally having the receivers available and cheap.
  14. Not today but two and three days ago (I had no internet up to now). In the last few places of our vacation we found a couple good spots to run the Hornet, one beach and one particularly gratifying pile of dirt. I will miss this locations! One last browsing through a huge Antiques market lead me to discover this odd ball toy grade rc... I'm sure nobody will bash me for just leaving it there lol This is how the Hornet looked by the end of the trip... nice, tired and battered up, it totally deserves a clean up and facelift now We had a blast, and so had "Driver Greg Martin" I guess Here's a view of the both cars involved in the trip (though with quite different tasks from one another)
  15. We went through a whole bunch of Antique Shoppes in the area, some of which were absolutely huge, to a point that I started hoping that the little RC hound in me might find something... no luck. Plenty of 1/24 static kits though, even some Tamiya ones, but none of them was priced low enough to be of any interest. This was the only RC related thing I spotted, a cool Cox engine probably for an aircraft Tons of funky stuff which kept tingling my hopes to find some remote controlled treasure lol, but no way In the meantime, the Hornet keeps up with the travels
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