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  1. I've noticed that you have a Reflex Pro Stick 3.1 as transmitter/receiver. I had a Pro Stick 3, than two sets of those 3.1 the second of which I'm still using, and I wanted to give you a heads up in case you are not familiar with the product yet: the electronic components are fine and work well, but the plastic is embarrassingly cheap, to a degree that is almost mind-boggling. You need to always have a feathered touch with it, never drop it or anything like that or you'll sorta "sprain" the stick spring return, making it hard to stay in neautral position no matter the trimming. Tre trims btw are also badly designed, as they're almost as easy to shift as the sticks themselves but that's something you eventually get used to. That really is a bummer I find, as otherwise the system works fine. The compact receiver even looks and feels OK, which again makes me wonder why did they have to make the transmitter so poorly assembled with such horrible quality plastic. At first sight it might almost feel fine... but trust me if you ever get to take it apart because it fell -like I did- then you realise how unnecessarily delicate and cheap they made it. That being said, I'm probably gonna buy a third set myself! As three out of my four runners use Carson electronics, that means I can drive them all with the same transmitter and have a spare one at the same time, that's the only reason why I stick to Carson (no pun intended). At the end of the day, even though I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, it performs well enough as long as you treat it like an old crystal chandelier! So yeah just be careful. The 1:1 Sand Scorcher looks rad!!!
  2. Thanks guys! Exactly what I thought but now I have no more doubts I will keep ignoring them. I'd gladly give them away or sell them off for a buck on local trading sites, if it weren't for the times we live in!
  3. @graemevw thanks, good to know. Do you find that the lenghtways battery impacts the driving a lot compared to the other way? Anyway I'll ll still have to figure out something, as the car came with no battery tray. By the way, it came with this set of batteries that I didn't really take into consideration from the get go. They are quite compact, with 8 AA sized cells, 9.6 V and 850mAh. Do you think they're worth a shot before i set up a battery tray for the 7.2s?
  4. Well, I had to wait for my wife outside the supermarket as only one person could go in, so in the meantime I created a few more GIFs fishing up stills from older videos
  5. White dirt is good dirt guys! Cause as long as you dry the car properly there's no need to clean, on the contrary it does clean up the tires! BUT... white dirt sooner or later turns into this
  6. Thanks a lot for the info! I looked it up and it really does look like it. At a closer look there are a few details that are different, especially on the back, so mine is probably an after market one by Dahm's. Might end up getting a wing after all, I'll see after I decal it up!
  7. Motor and dust cover are now installed. The motor seems fine after a good clean and some TLC. I had to re solder the cables and the filter capacitors. I wonder how it could even run consistantly, the way it was: the wires were simply twisted around the contacts! Anyway all good now. Happy with how the dust cover turned out, at least from the functionality point of view: cracks are repaired, and it now sits tightly where it should, doing its job. Esthetically speaking I can't cheer too much though: it clearly shows where I did the repairs (btw I've used some transparent duct tape which also happens to be vintage, after 25+ years in the garage), but fortunately that part will be almost fully covered by the body shell, so it'll only be noticeable with the body off. Small price to pay as it allows me to keep the original, now cloudy looking dust cover. In case of any inconvenience I'll just get a new one later on, but for now this is it with the mechanics! Next step is now the elecronics. Many options, many -too many- holes already drilled in my gold pan. I ain't drilling any more, that's for sure. Due to my driving style I was hoping to be able to put the battery all the way to the back, but my packs (the usual 7.2 6 cells) don't fit unless I force them in, stressing the chassis, which I don't want to do. So it turns out the battery will have to go in lenghtwise, which is fine, and at least it turns out I'll be able to install the servo further in the front without having to butcher the tub any further. Speed controller, receiver and switch will go on the sides, so what's left is to figure out some sort of tray, posts or straps to hold the battery into place. A little thinking and tinkering will hopefully bring a solition to that. So, st this point it's time to start thinking about the body... here's what I will be working with: black ps paint, a fresh JPS decal sheet from MCI, and a late '80s (...or so it seems) Dahm's body. This quirky, foil-wrapped aftermarket shell didn't exactly win my heart at first, though in time it definitely grew on me. If only the roof was more angled with the windshield! Instead of that aerodynamic slope up... meh. But I liked it enough to decide to keep it. The spraying part won't be of much interest: it'll be all black, so any real graphic work will be done using decals. That's to be figured out, there's a few options that this decal sheet allows. By the way, if anybody has any info on this body shell I'd be interested in knowing. More progress soon to come!
  8. Great idea buddy! Especially in these times, we all can use some good Tamiya entertainment Here are some of my GIFs, I've just recently learned how to create some myself.
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