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  1. My wife and I went for a little hike in a natural park yesterday and again took a walk in another park today. In both occasions I had an RC backpack duly packed with transmitter, batteries, a buggy eager to run and even some tools. Well, the conditions just weren't right and I didn't even get to unzip the bag, not yesterday and not today, so I feel a bit like an idiot walks were fine though
  2. Old thread resurrection just to say thank you @kontemax: I slaughtered my Hornet's dampers the way you showed us here, and it worked a charm. Now my O rings are finally replaced and it wasn't such a carnage after all 👍
  3. Got started on the chassis transplant and facelift of the Anytime Baby. At this point, I'll do a complete stripdown and clean up of every component, he deserves it. Decomposition before resurrection! Always fun working on the Hornet.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I hope you'll decide to come back sooner than later, let's keep in mind this is mainly a place for us to share our FUN and love for RC, of course topics like politics, covid and flat earth are bound to trickle into the forum once in a while, but they are always secondary to the main purpose of the platform. I always value people that speak their mind clearly and directly, but at times it's also OK to just live and let live, especially when it saves you some frustration though of course, it's not always easy to let go when you feel like saying something. Anyway, we'll be glad to have you back whenever you feel like and the Postal Racing will be calling at you, so hopefully see you again very soon
  5. Looks great so far! The body is very well done, great execution and I love the color! 👌 can't wait to see this finished but take your time and enjoy the build!
  6. It's probably got a lot to do with the pandemic. One year into this situation that nobody likes -we can all agree on that one- and by now the stress accumulated is getting to the forum. It's understandable, maybe we can just take it down a notch
  7. Thanks to a careless coworker that didn't respect the safety measures, I had to ditch the weekend plans to go get tested for Covid. I saw on the map that the testing facility I was going to has a park beside, so I brought a buggy along in the hope of getting some post-tampon RC time. And I did! The park proved to be quite a good spot for some winter running, I didn't last too long as it's really freezing lately, but it was fun to run the car somewhere new for a change, and it gave a much better purpose to my outing.
  8. You know that expression "beat within an inch of its life"... This was the last straw yesterday. Time for some workbench love!
  9. That is so terribly sexist! Or, wait, it is very progressive and inclusive? Oh no! I forgot to specify that these were not my own assumptions, but my wife's actual words. She said that purple shell and female driver would make her interested, guess I should let her know she's a walking stereotype 😂 About the limited options when it comes to driver figures: when Tamiya lets you down, creativity is your friend. While Cowboy Dude, with his very specific features, may only be able to span between Tough Country Guy and Hillbilly Queen, we sure have more options with Helmet Guy. For instance, I would scalp a Barbie doll and add the precious hair to the back of the helmet. Pair that with painting some killer eyelashes and the right makeup, and you get a bombshell female driver... or not?? Come to think of it, this face would make for quite a "handsome" woman no matter the amount of makeup! ...but than again... who said that a woman has to be necessarily long haired and pretty? That's quite a prejudice and very sexist in itself, isn't it.. It's a thin line between appropriate and offensive. The more you spin your wheels, the deeper you sink in the quicksand of the politically correct. Enough of this! I'm going to put aside all guilt and just chuck some frippin' Skeletor driver in my next car.
  10. Dragged out the Hornet for a little snow skating after work. I got too cold to even last a full battery, but managed to mark the territory with some tire marks at least
  11. It took me five pages of this discussion to realize that it's pretty much thanks to my wife that I got back into RC. I stumbled upon the Hornet on Ebay, and tormented my butt over it for over one year with the typical questions until one day she just came to me with something like "Dude, really?? Just get it already! It'll make you happy" and boy she was right. She also expresses (ehm should I say "fakes"?) enthusiasm every time I show her something RC related, which I appreciate quite a lot. She's not into RC herself for now, but I'm devising plans to lure her in someday, somehow. I know that a shiny purple shell and a driver figure with female features would help, so I don't give up hope
  12. Not today, but yesterday. Same playground of the last post, but the snow was frosty this time so I could play much harder. Took a few speeedruns with long powerslides that were a lot of fun, and the Scorchy had her first real jumps
  13. Looks curvaceous alright! Another great body shell!! 👌👍
  14. It's beautiful!! Great job there 👍👍
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