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  1. Pretty positive too, the top truck is a Kyosho Big Brute.
  2. I was hoping to be giving the heads' up on this beauty this time, but you beat me to it Man, what an absolutely gorgeous release... all that mint green goodness just blew me away! IMHO this kit is infinitely more appealing than the special Ultima version. If I didn't have a Mid already, I'd be chasing after it for sure! Can't wait to see more photos.
  3. Not today but yesterday, maiden run for the Mad Van. I had good fun, and so did my wife seeing it in action. The van is nice and punchy, handles very well, while still keeping a bit of a goofy vibe. Perfect! I love it so far.
  4. Any excuse to visit is good, my friend! I'm currently based on pretty much the opposite side of the country but you never know, I was in Vancouver just last year for work... so let me know if you get to come, and I'll do the same if I ever make it back to gorgeous Australia! 🤠 Thanks a lot for the heads up about the Mad Van. I've already added grease to the Spur/pinion, since I've noticed that they don't tell you to do so in the instructions. In fact, it was bone dry! Upon further investigation, I saw that the diffs were properly greased, phew, at least that The body is the real problem: it's way too gorgeous for bashing, and the wife has already put her foot down about it. I am to keep it absolutely pristine, and will have to get a basher one for intense running 😅 Easier said than done, but I'll come up with something. But now off we go for its proper maiden run,with the original shell, so I'll have to be mindful... 🙄😁
  5. We started the way back towards home and opted for a small detour, in order to check out an RC shop in a nearby town. I had no idea what I was in for, though I got a clue when I saw their shop sign outside, boasting a Super Clod Buster. Once inside, I was gobsmacked. It was like entering the Taj Mahal for the Tamiya/vintage RC enthusiast. They had a huge stock of pretty much every current/recent release from Tamiya, Kyosho and Losi along with the usual Traxxxas, Arrma and Big Bro stuff. The Tamiya stock was especially massive: from the Grasshopper to the BBX, to a big selection of body sheels they have it all, you name it it's in there. Kits I only saw in pictures so far were all suddenly at hand's reach. This photo barely shows a fraction of it. I was gonna take more, but got overwhelmed! I got so overly stimulated that I swear I had to exit the shop for a few minutes to clear my mind! 😅 This might sound dramatic to some, if you are used to having a well stocked Hobby shop nearby, but in my context trust me, with none of it around in my area, this really was a big breath of fresh air. The guys there were cool and super into vintage RCing, I realized I was having my first real face to face RC conversation since I got back into the hobby 6 years ago (yep, that bad around my area). I even brough in my Terra Scorcher, as they were interested in seeing it. It felt so good to have real interaction for a change. My wife was extremely supportive, and while I was disoriented she helped me navigate through the heavens without completely losing my mind As by then, the undeniable reality was clear to both... there was only one way I could ever leave that place: with a new kit in my hands. After all, this felt just right: as a wise TC member said a while ago, money spent on RC while on vacation doesn't count (thank you @Re-Bugged 😉👍). So back to feeling overstimulated. How are you supposed to function properly when every kit you've dreamed of is there, in front of your very eyes and at the same time? This is loosely my wishlist, in no specific order: -Kyosho Turbo Optima -Tomahawk -Scorpion -Fantom EP -Tamiya BBX -Mercedes Benz C11 -Lancia 037 Rally -Ford Capri TT02 Every one of those was available. While trying to decide, my wife pitched in with her two cents reminding me that I've been also wanting something monster truck oriented in order to finally give a break to my trusty Big Boss. She had a point there. I noticed that I tend to be very careful when running my newer, more detailed builds, so I'd love something that is purely fun oriented for a change. I was considering all this when we laid our eyes on the Kyosho Mad Van, and I guess it was love at first sight. So nevermind the wishlist, we left that shop with this huge box and a lot of excitement for the new purchase! It had to be purple, as it's my lady's favourite colour and she helped me a lot with the decision. It feels good that we chose it together. That shell is gorgeous and I'll probably have to get a basher one now, in order to preserve it. The kit was also good value for the price, as it comes with full electronics and a remote. Only dull point is it's RTR, but it's ok for me, I don't mind too much as I know I'll be taking it apart sooner or later as I do with all the other cars. Can't wait now to detail it a bit with my -wife's - personal taste, and most of all can't wait to go run it!
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