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  1. Tell me about it... Yeah it's pretty rough, and in a way it's one of the main reasons why I got into RC again after 20+ years!
  2. Finally some pics in the daylight
  3. Life is keeping me busy, I haven't started the build yet but all the parts have arrived and I found some time to work on the body shell, so at least I can update the thread with some pics. After a lot of masking tape and a lot of patience (not my favourite thing to do) it's done. At first I thought I made a horrible mess... the wrapping film gets me every time! But no, it looks like it turned out to be a good job eventually and I'm quite happy with it. The hues are annoyingly warped in this pics -especially the yellow- due to the poor artificial lighting, tomorrow first thing I'll take some photos in natural light
  4. *are available in fluorescen yellow, I meant
  5. Thanks a lot for your once again very uselful information. Just purchased another transmitter and receiver online, oh well, I guess it won't hurt to have a spare transmitter after all. The wheels are being delayed cause I made quite a stupid mistake I painted them a not-fluorescent-enough yellow and had to re-do them white and another brighter yellow again... my bad as I didn't test out the paint. Hence, the final result won't be perfect but good enough for the road. I guess I'll do as you suggested above and just get another set of wheels for the shelf, I've seen that the tamiya hex hub speed discs are available on the bay. They have narrower front ones and different tire thread though, so I'll have to get their own tires too.
  6. The wheels are almodt done and the 20T pinion showed up in the mailbox. Now all I need to start the build is time (wish that could show up in the mailbox!) ...and a receiver. I've been procrastinating getting it because I was hoping to find one compatible with my transmitter, but it looks harder than I thought. Hopefully the collected expertise here can help once again. I have two Carson transmitters (Reflex Stick PRO 3 and 3.1, 2.4Ghz) and receivers, don't know if anybody is familiar with that brand which seems to be German and sort of a Tamiya partner, at least over there. They look and feel quite cheap and light, but honestly they've both been working impeccably since I got them. I was hoping to be able to just get another receiver for the 3.1, but they're nowhere to be found online unless you get the transmitter too. I was also hoping that, given the 2.4Ghz technology, no matter what brand most transmitters and receivers would be compatible if properly bound, but it doesn't seem to be the case if I take a closer look at the descriptions in the ads. The guy at the closest RC store couldn't give me a clear answer either. Is it possible to bind another brand's receiver to my transmitter or better forget about it and get another kit? Another thing is the servo saver: is the factory one good enough or should I replace it right away?
  7. Once again, awesome shell mate!!
  8. @TankPaintballer wow, what a great job!! Very well done! Thank you so much for sharing, and thanks everybody for your valuable contributions. It's good to finally see a Manta with driver. Not only I wasn't sure it would fit, I was also unsure whather it would look cool.. now I know that it does! Seeing this gorgeous driver figure really makes me wanna start working on mine, but unfortunately I think that instead waiting for the shell to be done might be better: between its bright colours and the blue aluminum of all the bells and whistles (shiny shocks, motor mount and so on) I can't really picture the final result, so the driver might end up being a precious detail to add an accent colour or to just help me work out any imbalances in the colour scheme. If anybody has more pics or thoughts, please go ahead! And thanks again
  9. Here's the pic, sorry I couldn't shrink them in one post. I am still unsure whether to paint the shell like this or to swith colours, but anyway the colour scheme will probably be this. The yellow curves on the upper part of the body should be a little smaller and better proportioned in the real size version of the car allowing for more blue, which would work to balance it out.
  10. The Gt tuned showed up in my mailbox yesterday. It seems a pretty delicate object with all these openings, vents, wires and also an inboard capacitor, and it sure doesn't look like something you can just bash around or throw in the mud. It comes with instructions saying that the brushed should be checked every 9 or 10 full battery runs... really? Oh well I guess I'll see how it behaves and at worst I'll switch back to the Sport Tuned. On a different note, I wanted to try out some paint schemes while waiting for the spray cans I ordered. I didn't have a computer with photoshop available, but I could do with something else! I've had this tiny Manta Ray model since I was a kid (never really considered getting a 1 10 Manta Ray until a couple months ago so what are the odds), it's actually a Tamiya, no knock off, from 1994. I don't remember ever painting it but apparently I must have done it, look at that awful random military green I wouldn't have touched it had it been in its original condition, but at that point it couldn't do no harm so I decided to try out my paint scheme on this micro model. The result is VERY approximate given the small dimensions of the car and the close-to-zero energy/concentration at the end of the day, but I had fun trying it out and it helped a little anyway
  11. The shocks were about 38 USD included delivery (which in my case makes it pretty good, I live in Canada and it's very different than the US when it comes to shipping costs, they can be a real purchase stopper). At first sight they look pretty legit, the aluminum doesn't feel cheap, oil filled and adjustble threads, we'll see how they perform and if they last but the looks are gorgeous. I made a special request to the seller to substitute the silver springs with neon yellow ones to match the colour scheme I chose for the shell and he kindly did that. Also, the shocks came with an optional soft rubber protection that fits around the shafts to shield them, I don't think it would look very good once installed but am wondering whether it's the case to use it anyway to extend their life span. Hats off to a once again impeccable explanation, I purchased a 20T pinion soon after reading! Hopefully it won't take too long for it to show up as I'd like to start my build sooner than later. Regarding the video, I saw it before and I like it too, definitely gives an idea of the motors. Can't help wodering, though, how consistent would these test have been had the guy used say three or four units of each motors. I've ofter heard of how different brushed motors can be from each other (meaning different specimens of the same motor type) and how, especially in the case of the Sport Tuned, there can be a world of difference between one and another and because of that some people would even get three or four altogether (that seems a bit much). I personally don't know about that, having owned only one Sport Tuned so far (pretty happy with it btw, it's on the Hornet), but one thing I can say: as a little kid I used to race Mini 4WDs at a fairly conpetitive level and I clearly remember how there could be a dramatic difference between two hop-up motors of the same type -following an identical break-in process- so it would kinda make sense to expect the same situation when it comes to 540 type brushed motors.. anyway, just food for thoughts. At the end of the day, I decided to go GT tuned just because I already have a Sport Tuned and was curious about trying out another motor.
  12. That'd be indeed a good idea, a set to use and one for the shelf, but it might have "dangerous" consequences as I might end up doing the same for the shocks, the body shell and so on... I prefere to put a limit to the expenses for the moment so for now I'll try to do with what I have. I'll build the buggy like it's for the shelf and then drive it instead, even if that means going through the fevered sorrow of seeing it getting worn. That's pretty much what I did last year with my Hornet, even though I eventually replaced pretty much everything when I finally put it up the shelf to stay (after one year of use and abuse even at -30 he earned it :)), I think only the chassis and the gear box weren't changed. Your Manta looks legit and sober with those wheels, I'm sure it handles great with narrower front ones. Those shocks are pure eye candy to me, I admit I only got them for the looks. The lighting in the pic sucks, sorry about that, but the colours are on the bright side. Technical question: I would like to use a GT tuned motor, and the car came with the usual TBLE-02 ESC whose instruction sheet states that it can run brushed motors OVER 25T. Counting a regular wheel/tire setup and that I'll be running on NiMhs will I be fine, being the GT tuned a 25T and not over, or should I encounter problems? I read here and there that that setup is fine, but wouldn't mind reassurance.
  13. Thank you guys for your replies, and sorry for my long intro (relized that with the hindsight). Juggular thank you so much for putting time into your accurate and concise explanation about paints, always good to brush up on such notions. Lacquer looks indeed like the way to go. There's a clear coating product I've been using for a few years now (not sure we are allow to mention brands in the forum ) which I find excellent on both wood and plastic, I believe it's lacquer, not sure though I'll double check tomorrow. I've used it to seal the paint on the wheels of my Big Boss and it's holding great so far. It's true that the rims sit high up and cozy wrapped in those ribbed donut tires, but on the other hand they weren't primed and only painted over the 30 y old, fading fake chrome color (I know... but couldn't be bothered) and still they held nicely through 5-6 months of very intense use. That's the sealant I was gonna use in the first place, but I'll look into the lacquers first (and hopefully that product is one). The stickers idea is also good! I'll look into that too, though I feel more like painting them, but who knows. DF03 rims + tires would be good but I kinda wanna put a stop to the expenses for the moment if I can. it started with Manta Ray and ball bearings only, but before I knew it I found myself ordering more and more hop-ups.. and I know it's probably not over By the way, are there any other hex rims that fit the tires of the MR? If I could at least keep the tires I may go for the rims only. I appreciated the encouragement regarding the driver.. I'm definitely gonna try to fit it! Today a bunch of hop ups showed up, I barely had time to open the packages but I'm stoked, they look great and I can't wait to start the build hopefully very soon.
  14. Hi everybody. I'm new to the forum but not quite to the RC world. I've been gladly back into it for one year now, after a 22+ years break. I had fun with a Hornet first and re-building and running my childhood Kyosho Bis Boss after. Now I purchased a re-re 2018 Manta Ray to try and feel the thrill of a 4WD... The kit is still sitting in its box waiting for the usual hop-ups to show up (motor mount, drive shaft, ball bearings and a few more) and while waiting I thought I'd share some ideas and ask you guys for some wisdom and advice I'll be driving the buggy, mostly as a backyard basher (possibly without bashing it too much), so it won't be a shelf queen, but still I'm going to do quite some work on its looks before I put it on the road. I know that most people don't regard the MR body as one of the coolest, but I believe it's got potential I think it's a lot about the right paint scheme, anyway it's possible to enhance those sleek and funky curves... and there's lots of possibilities there. For now all I know is that it's going to be two colours, specifically metallic blue and fluorescent yellow.. still thinking about their layout though. First real doubt is about the wheels. For some reason I expected those "speed discs" (again, not the best rims to look at, I know) to come in white and I'd have been ok with it, but in the 2018 re-re they come in an obnoxious primer-ish gray and let's face it, they are literally screaming for a paint job. Thing is, it feels quite counterintuitive to paint over buggy wheels, which are destined to spin in all sort of debris, gravel, mud and anything abrasive.. they'd probably chip sooner than later... but still. This problem has been bugg(y)ing me for a while now, but I think I've decided to go ahead and paint those flying saucers anyway. Is it worth it in your opinion? I mean, of course there's gonna be some wear/chipping with use and touch-ups will be definitely needed from time to time, but, if I do a proper paint job (including priming and sealing obviously), will it hold decently and last in time or do you think it'll mercilessly chip off at the first contact with gravel? While I've already decided to try and go for it, I would still much appreciate your input, is this going to be a stupid waste of my time or does it even remotely make sense... thanks in advance! I'm still unsure about the actual colour, might go for yellow there too. Another thing I'd like to hear your opinion about: anyone ever tried to fit a driver figure in a Manta Ray? I think I'd like to try... nothing wrong with the box-art black windshield, but I always love it when there's a driver involved, as I find it adds so much to the vehicle, especially in case of a buggy. I randomly purchased a Paranoid Perry figure (the Avante's driver) on the bay some time ago... thought I'd try to fit it in the Manta Ray and if it didn't work whatever, no big loss as I really enjoy painting drivers anyways. I roamed the web a little but found no info on the topic. As previously mentioned, my kit is still completely unassembled so it's not possible for me yet to get an idea whether a driver could fit or not. I can trim it if needeed, and I also have a spare "torso only" version available, though it'd be probably much harder to attach to the chassis, which I'd prefere rather than to the body shell. Anybody able to share any knowledge on this? Thank you in advance for your help I'll happily post pics once the build starts to get interesting, here or in the build section of the forum.