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  1. @lsear2905 sounds like good times! The pictures are beautiful, I really enjoyed looking at them. I love the one with the opera house in the background. My 1:1 car needed to be washed, badly, so I gave her a well deserved clean yesterday afternoon. Involved in the process were a hose, lots of elbox grease, and a Mopar car washing kit I was given as a gift some time ago. Along with other products, this washing kit contained some fæncy tire cleaner foam which really did wonders on my daily driver's kicks. At this point, I thought I'd give the same pampering treatment to the Boss's rubbers. I put on a bit too much maybe, but I think these old tires could use the extra moisture! Turned out nice, maybe a bit too nice now if compared to the scruffiness of wheels and body shell! The tires do feel rejuvenated for sure.
  2. Thanks for the reminder, just submitted mine, I was going to forget 😅 Glad people had fun on this one.
  3. While fixing some things around the house yesterday, I found a box of old jewelry supplies belonging to my lady. Upon opening, an idea instantly materialized 💡: that box contained everything I've been looking for to create an antenna for my Lancia Delta! I only had to cannibalize a couple pieces. And antenna it is Up to here it was easy, but the mounting part required a bit of thinking, since I didn't want to drill a hole in the body shell. Eventually I decided to go for a piece of transparent decal sheet: It actually turned out well as a mounting system: it's holding up the antenna nicely, and if I flick it with my fingers it bounces right back, so there shouldn't be any issues in case of light, maybe even medium running. I'm happy with how it looks, such a small detail but it adds a lot of realism even at a glance 😊👍
  4. Wow! Quite some skills there, it turned out super cool!! Congrats to your son 👏
  5. Went out for a pretty amphibious run with the monster truck. Did some fun creek crawling and other "wet" stuff. Once back, both me and the truck were soaking!
  6. I was watching some old rally footage the other night, when I suddenly realized that I never got around to painting the brake discs on my Lancia Delta. Not a big deal, but since I've been adding details to it I might as well do them. So between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I got it done. The car looks like business so low on the ground, too bad there's no running without wheels 😅 Second coat was dry by end of the day Once installed, they're relatively noticeable from a close look, more than I thought anway ...but of course, can't really see it from the distance. Now that it's done, a big part of me wishes I could summon up the courage to drive it in anger
  7. Mate, this sounds like heaven!!🤩🤩 Glad you had fun👍
  8. Well, after being so enthusiastic recently about praising the reliability of the Big Boss, I just encountered a bit of an issue. Of course! No big deal really, but I thought I'd be worth mentioning here. It's good to show it also because, at a closer look, it seems that it's once again just a little thing that can be prevented with a tweak, rather than a major flaw or a part failing. Therefore, I once again vouch for the toughness of the Boss! Here goes. The other day I was having fun with the truck as usual when suddenly, towards the end of my run, I started hearing a pronounced clickety sound coming from the gearbox. I stopped it at once and went home, eager to find out what could possibly have happened and imagining at the same time the worst case scenario, such as irreparably damaged gears and whatnot. Once I opened the gearbox, I was greeed by this: A small pebble, but yep, an actual pebble, made its way in between the spur and the diff gear. I was surprised and relieved at the same time. Surprised that this could happen, relieved that the simple removal of the rock would solve the issue. The gears involved were left with a bit of a dent in the teeth where the rock was, but we're far from TRF or racing whatsoever here, so I decided to just give them a nice clean, regrease and chuck them back on. The entire gearbox was due for some TLC anyway. Here's the spur gear involved. A little mangled, but after all just one more scar, an inner one this time, that the truck will wear with pride. Upon further examination, it turned out that there was quite some debris at the bottom of the gearbox. I believe that the holes for the suspension shafts were the culprits, since I could see daylight through them from the inside of the gearbox: I therefore decided to try and solve the cause of the issue by sealing those holes with some heavy compound, thick grease (so that if part of it ever falls into the gearbox, it's just grease and not another foreign body). If this turns to work out in time, I might intervene with something more permanent later. There may be some other concurring causes to the ingress of debris in my gearbox, such as other hidden "tolerance holes", maybe even some flex, probably wear -come to think of it, I don't know how many other Big Bosses on earth see such extended and consistent use nowadays- but we shall see. As of now, everything is installed back to normal, and with some cleaning and re-greasing and careful spacing of the pinion gear, the truck is now smooth and more silent than before (like I said, it was due for some maintenance anyway). Just took it for one more test drive and yes, everything is back to normal ✌
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