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  1. Good idea. Works for me, since the body shell came out right this means I officially won't need any further paint cans for this build keep it simple for once, I like that ✌
  2. Wow, just saw this, and wasn't quite prepared for that... Way to go Tamiya πŸ˜ƒ finally, this looks awesome, and a very interesting new platform. I think it's the first time I get so excited by a brand new buggy release. Maybe it will come with some top level box art like the TD4! Edit: it does!
  3. Another shell for different colour options, as well as to use as a runner, is always good to have for sure. Although part of me sort of struggles with the idea of a chassis-less body: I did that with my Hornet, fancy shell for the shelf and the kit one for running, that was the idea but I suspect that my perception of the deal has changed in time! I now have my Hornet sitting on the livingroom shelf with its battered original body on, while the fancy pants one is just hanging on the wall in another room, clearly waiting for a chassis to pop up someday πŸ˜… Anyway, good point mentioning the undertay, since I pretty much forgot about it once I started the build. I do have the short one from TBG. It's a nice snug fit with both the chassis and the body shell, which is great, but unfortunately it doesn't cover the front and end of the chassis, which annoys me quite a bit. At least it will do a great job protecting the essentials (electronics, battery..) and for the parts still exposed I think I will apply an industrial film I often use for work. Picture a sticker, but fully transparent and comes in glossy or mat finish. Thickness would be enough to protect the chassis from light scratches. What I'm not sure of, is whether to paint the undertray or not. While I'm not a fan of unpainted wings, for some reason I tend to imagine an undertray just being transparent πŸ€” no big deal, I'll see. Will you fit one in your Mid?
  4. Found a little time for my Mid today. The last portion of the build is going so slow πŸ˜… not that I mind, I'm in no rush, but aesthetics aside the car has been pretty much ready to go for the past three weeks, so I'm really feeling the itch to run it by now. It's going to have to wait a little longer, as I also want to rebuild the shocks before I power it up, but that elusive green sludge hasn't showed up yet! Today I kept working on the driver. Some major cutting had to be done in order for the helmet to clear the canopy, and that in turn required further modification in order to still be able to mount the head. At least now everything fits nicely and it looks not too crammed in there. I had to tap a hole on the side of the helmet so that the mounting screw could clear the belt cover, fortunately there was some inner extra thickness to work with from the mold. A lot of extra work to gain a few millimeters, but worth it. After that, I masked and primed the fella. I did smooth down his nose just a tiny bit 😏 Here's the masked piece, looking a little weird but I decided to do a mix of painting and use the provided stickers too, so will see how it turns out. It's now primed and waiting to dry up. Last but not least, painted the body shell using a half can of PS-1 that I found in my paints box. I've used it to the very last drop, so now I'm crossing my fingers that the coats will ne enough so that I don't have to rush to get another one! I like the clean and simple design of this body a lot. I wish I could have many of these shells for many different colours and liveries πŸ˜€
  5. Right on! Car looks ace mate, the extra black behind the front window really enhances box artπŸ‘
  6. I like pretty much all categories, but for me vintage off road buggies (2 or 4WD) takes the cake. I would love to try racing with other people on a rally/offroad/tarmac track, as others said above it would be hard to beat!
  7. Good idea, thank you and I totally agree.I did exactly that with my Terra Scorcher and I love it. It is definitely one of the possible options for the Mid, though at this point I think that I will opt for the original box art's palette, most likely with some subtle variations. Agree also with @Kol__, you're right bud, a second body shell is required πŸ˜‰
  8. I've been thinking about what graphics to do on my Optima Mid. Not just today, but for the past 8 months! It's almost as if some part of me wanted to do something different at all costs, with all those new built Mids popping out every day on the web, looking all a bit similar. Some of the ideas I came up with really grew on me, but I noticed that I kept going back to box art no matter what. Even my wife, which usually supports all my esthetic choices, bluntly dismissed box art this time(Mid too Hornet-y! Turbo Mid too Lego-y πŸ˜…), prompting me to go for one of my -by now many- alternative color schemes. Still, after pondering for way too long, here I am again, holding the kit stock decal sheet in my hands, lingering in admiration. I think I've finally realized something: I am most likely overthinking it, and my Mid should probably just be like the one I used to glimpse on the higher shelf in the hobby shop as a kid. I would drool over it and fuel up on excitement enough to daydream for weeks after that, and that car was box art. If I just look at that "Arizona Desert Rat" sponsor sticker, symbolizing something so out of reach back then, I feel like I'm 10 again 😁 A very wise forum member said something that resounded with me recently, while completing his gorgeous Turbo Scorpion... I think it was along the lines of: "Nothing wrong with box art me..." @Re-Bugged thanks so much for the enlightenment bud, I think I will wholeheartedly adopt your philosophy on the matter for this one πŸ˜‰βœŒ
  9. Time Tunnel is directly responsible for getting me back into RC a few years ago: my Hornet comes from there. I remember being a bit confused at first and asking them a few questions about charging times and such stuff. Their customer service was impeccable.
  10. @Xeostar a work of art, indeed!
  11. I also went back to the park for another run with the Manta Ray. This time there was some snow on the icy paths, which enhanced the fun.
  12. A very busy 24 hours in the thread indeed. So much quality stuff from the forum members! @Willy iine that Fantom is so gorgeous, it's making me want to get one without thinking twice. Beautifully executed too, of course @Re-Bugged your new Kyosho looks amazing, knocked it out of the park as usualπŸ‘ Oh and I too found some misspelling this morning, it's not as obvious as yours but it was interesting to find out that I'll be running a waterpoof servo in my Mid πŸ˜… After some more shifting and fidgeting, I got the final position for driver, receiver, resistor and on/off switch and secured them into place. Powered everything up, bench test passed, all good. So I guess it's time to jump on the graphics soon.
  13. These last few days I've been working on the Optima Mid driver, cutting and snipping and cutting, just trying to make it fit. I ended up shaving off a significant amount of lexan from the original figure but I expected that from the get go, given how tight everything is in there. The final position of driver, receiver and wires may end up shifting a few millimeters from how it looks now, but pretty much this is it. I am particularly satisfied about the driver's head finally sitting a good few mms below the canopy, therefore avoiding the parts rubbing onto each other while running. Again, a lot of material had to be removed in order to get it to sit nice and comfy. I even sanded the bottom part of the driver's head in order to gain a precious extra mm. You can easily tell the bottom is way thinner than the top if you compare them below I will also have to tap another hole on the right side of the existing one on the helmet, in order for the screw head to be able to clear the belt cover. A bit finnicky, but getting there. And look at this face! Very 😠 😁 A first for me, quite a different vibe from the forever-spaced out Tamiya driver, this one is intense πŸ˜… I'll see how I feel when the time for cosmetics comes, but I might decide to try something to slightly mitigate that toughness. Nothing dramatic, just maybe a touch-up on the eyebrows and nose in order to make it look a little more like, say, Akira Kogawa, and a little less like a bloodthirsty ninja straight out of an action movie 🧐 though I have to say it's kinda growing on me... Also, I decided to rebuild the gold shocks. I can't say that they leak leak, but I still don't feel good about the slight moisture on the outer plastic ring. Might be a tell-tale sign, and in any case I demand a better result from components of such a high end kit. So, the moment i receive the green slime, I'll rebuild them again with NIP Associated O-rings and hopefully call it a day.
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