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  1. Today the Samurai is finally finished. I only did light interventions on this one to keep each component as original as possible while getting it back to life again. Considering that, I think it turned out ok. I love this buggy, technically and aesthetically. Building a NIB one must be a delightful experience. Speaking of which, there is one available right these days on ebay, but man the price...
  2. Getting closer to the end of this mild, non-invasive restoration
  3. Just finished the lettering on the tires of a Marui Samurai I'm working on (front and back). This proved to be a tough one as the tires, even if in overall good state, are used so the letters were faded and partially gone, which made it pretty hard with the paint. The result is not perfect, but good enough for the purpose. End of a little nightmare!
  4. The one suggestion I can think of at this stage is... dig in, and have fun As you said, you'll get going right away with the Super Fighter, and in the meantime you can start the kit. I've recently built a Manta Ray 2018 myself, pretty straightforward and enjoyable kit. Should you have any questions or issues along the way, just ask and there will be many here glad to help. Good luck with your Tamiya start and welcome to the forum!
  5. Totally agree with the above. The Hornet SCREAMS '80s and is absolutely delightful in box art. Come to think, it's indeed the Hornet with its brilliant color scheme that got me right back into the RC world after 20+ years. I saw a kit on ebay, old dreams resurfaced, got the itch again and after a few tormented nights trying to resist temptation I bought it. And Pandora's box was open... In my humble opinion, any -clumsy-attempt to add features such as cow spots, millennial logos, flames or pink tires to it only ends up underlining how perfect it already is without these wacky extras. Since 1984. A real RC icon.
  6. I find the Avante in box art pretty hard to beat. I think Tamiya definitely nailed the right color scheme on that one! Same thing for the 2001, while I'm less of a fan of the black special color version but that's just me.
  7. Lazy on a Sunday afternoon
  8. Please forgive this non-Tamiya contribution, but my Kyosho Big Boss wants to show he's still got it after 30 years. It was given to me second hand when I was 8. Flash forward some 25+ years and a few thousands km (an ocean and a continent away...I'd like to share the whole story whenever I find the time) and he's still with me, now more in shape than ever! Airborne at a freezing -30 last winter... ...and airborne a couple days ago at around +30: This guy gets A LOT of action and never spends too much time on a shelf
  9. My Hornet briefly left its shelf today to pay a visit to its old bashing grounds
  10. Good thing is, besides the obvious scratches on the rims which were to be expected, the graphics and overall aesthetics are lasting and still look great, regardless of the serious bashing the Manta had to undergo lately.
  11. @Juggular Thank you for such kind words. I'm happy you like it that much, as you really helped me out with great technical advice and hints at the beginning of this build. I love how this Neon Manta Ray came out, and driving it really is a blast! I was only used to the Hornet and the Kyosho Big Boss so far. Lots of fun for sure, but this is another level, it drives with surgical precision. Here are some shots from today, thanks to my wife that kindly agreed to take some footage under the scorching heat ...jumping over the Big Boss
  12. I totally agree with the above. Get a Sport Tuned (540). Faster, no hassle, real bamg for your buck. I too have it on my Hornet and enjoy it big time, you won't be disappointed.
  13. Thanks so much! Enjoyed a few more runs last week end, can't resist sharing at least a couple snapshots... Getting dirty Resting after a successful hill climb ...and catching a lil'air!
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