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  1. Time to resurrect the infamous thread with a couple new hacks I wanted to share here. Since I started gathering parts for a massive restoration/facelift of my Manta Ray two years ago, at the same time I got an urge to try and squeeze as much life as possible out of the car before embarking on said restoration. Because of that, every time there is an issue or maintenace to be done on this buggy I'm invariably drawn towards trying to make do with what I have, and use ingenuity rather than going for a new part even though I already have them. This has lead to some exhilarating results lately. The first is about the front shock tower: following a bad tumble over rocks at high speed, it cracked badly on the right side. A quick search online for an aluminum counterpart did not help the cause (none available, exept for one in a horrendous off green colour for a premium price, nah thanks). I do have an extra parts tree with a new one, but because of what I said above I wanted to try and fix the old one first. I started with glueing it back together with decent quality cyanoacrylate Then, with the right tip and what I hope was a steady hand, I drilled through it like this... ...so to make room for a nice, long M3 screw to go right through the tower There's not much material to work with obviously, but the shock tower's thickness was just enough to make me want to have a go at it. First screw went in a treat, so why not a second one the other way to reinforce the piece even more. Here you can see the M3 screw heads circled, and the direction the screws are going This worked exceedingly well. The shock towers is now actually even stiffer on the righ side because of the screws, and all my butchering and stitching is not even that noticeable once the car is back together. I did run a few battery packs already and it holds one great: The second ghetto mod is pretty straightforward. Upon mounting a new set of Kyosho Sand Super tires on the Manta's rims, I noticed it was time for some new inner sponges as well. Old omes were just too munched up to be usable alone. After realizing the ridiculous cost of ordering some online, I just got creative. This small sheet of foamy-ish packaging material did the trick. With some trial and error I was able to cut stripes of the right lenght, one that would allow slight compression when inside the tire once it's glued to the rim, so that the padding material feels consistent all around. The feeling, once done, is the same as having new foams. Sorry I didn't take more photos of the material itself, but I'm sure you'll still be able to identify it (it's the very padding that comes in many of our RC parts deliveries). Feels good sometimes to save the coin and do with what you got in house. All the resto parts can safely stay in their packages for the time being ahah
  2. I added the custom Optima sheet last minute, with the intention of using a bit of both. I think the regular gold JPS decals are going to look just fine. On my gold pan RC10 their color is way off compared to the aluminum of the chassis/shocks, but that seems to be easy on the eyes nevertheless. What wheels are these, if I may ask? I ordered mine from Pargustore and am now waiting for the delivery hoping, finger crossed, that they will be the same gold. They didn't come cheap, so a wrong shade would be quite the bummer. I messaged the seller before buying and he said they would be "Kyosho gold", so now I can't but hope for the best 😄
  3. I originally selected the "mirror gold finish" (for a whopping 50% increase on price), but the next day I changed my mind about it, fearing that it might end up too shiny. I therefore contacted Nat at MCI and asked if he could revert the mirror gold to the simple "metallic gold" in the normal price range (same exact decal sheet that I got for my RC10 JPS). He agreed no problem and even issued me a refund right away for the extra cost of the mirror gold. Next thing I know, I received these beautiful decals. They are no doubt shinier than the ones on my RC10 (I compared the decal sheets side by side, having plenty of leftovers from the old one), but not as shiny as I'd expect mirror gold to be. All this blah blah just to say, I don't know whether I am looking at the new metallic gold or if MCI has just printed them in the mirror gold finish as a mistake, fluke or freelance decision. Either way, I lucked out as they are gorgeous, far better than anything I got from that company in the past. They look exactly like the gold of the aluminum parts, couldn't have asked for more. I'd like to take it as a good omen for this project 😅
  4. Today I came home to a delivered Turbo Optima and some truly bang on stickers from MCI. Very happy with this 🤩 On another note, I also got the chance to bring the Manta Ray to a beach, albeit minuscule. First time on sand for her in all these years. Still have to sort out the photos and footage. @silvertriple those vintage oriented club events you go to sound like SO much fun. I wish I could partake. Well done going with your son and all those cars, gotta make it worth the while! Everything looks great, so many interesting and cool cars to look at besides all the action.
  5. The decal sheets also have arrived! A neighbor picked up the package to keep it safe, he just gave it to me what a nice surprise. As many of us know, when dealing with MCI it can be hit or miss. I feel it's safe to say this time it's a massive hit. I am over the moon with this!
  6. I have splurged out. I'll start from the beginning. It still feels a bit unreal, but apparently I have just pulled the trigger on a Kyosho Turbo Optima. I've been attracted to this kit since the rere came out in all her Option House golden glory, but the price was always too steep for me to be comfortable buying, no matter where I looked. Overpaying for my Optima Mid two years ago certainly didn't help the cause and in fact, I wasn't expecting another Legendary Series buggy in my fleet anytime soon. That was until yesterday when, almost by fluke, I took a gander on greedbay and found one for a very good price. Shipping was more than fair. I'll be turning 40 tomorrow, so a little treat to self is, I guess, justified... long story short, after checking the feedbacks and history of the buyer, aand after getting the blessings from Mrs. Ferruz on the matter, I decided to go for it. Not really an impulse buy, though it feels like it to an extent. Even with some obscure hidden tax added at checkout (a first in my experience) raising the final price by 50 $, the whole deal turned out to be well over 100 $ cheaper than any Turbo Optima + shipping deal I've ever found before, so I'm still happy I took this chance. So far so good, but the "little treat to self" did not end there. Unlike other kits, which can keep me stalled on the aesthetics for a very long time (for instance, I'm still not set on the color scheme for the cherished Sand Scorcher I won at the TC comp two years ago), I know exactly where I want to go with this one, so I started hunting for some of the extra parts right away, in the heat of the moment. I knew where to find the Pargu golden pepperpot wheels: click. Then the gold nerf bars to go with them: click. Then motor, esc, and a couple customized decal sheets from MCI to complete the splurge! I'll make no mistery of what I have in mind, also because I am sure I'm far from being the first with this idea: a John Player Special themed Turbo Optima. My ultimate goal is to have the gold of the livery working together with the gold of the metal parts, enhancing and complementing each other without crossing the line into becoming kitsch, overly eccentric and tacky (a risk I can easily foresee, with all that gold bling at hand). In order to achieve this, I expect a situation where less is more, but it's going to be hard to hold back with two full decal sheets to choose from. RC wise, this has been one of my wildest dream projects for a good while, and I didn't expect to get a go at it so soon. If this goes well, I see it it becoming some sort of ultimate shelf queen amongst my fleet, which also means that my other shelfer cars will get to see much more action. I think I have indulged like never before, but what the heck! We only live once, and I'm sure it will be worth it. And now, to wait for the deliveries...
  7. I would be glad to, unfortunately I'm way too busy these days until Sunday included. I may be able to do it on Monday if by then you still don't have a track.
  8. Wonderfully done! I like the simple and effective design. A much needed upgrade for the DF-01 👍
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