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  1. Fantastic result with the Shogun, and ideed the most beautiful wheels
  2. Welcome back to the hobby and to Tamiyaclub, your car looks great! I think all the good advice has been given already 👍 Edit: this buggy had somehow escaped my attention so far, I've looked it up and it really is gorgeous! With those retro looks, it could almost sit unnoticed amongst the usual suspects from the '80s...
  3. @MontyMole the Terra Scorcher is a capable buggy, indeed. I find it more stable and overall easier to handle than my Manta Ray, even if I don't drive is as nearly as often. I wonder how much difference the front and rear stabilizers actually make. Apparently, quite a bit.
  4. No wife on earth could possibly deny the display of such beauty! Absolutely gorgeous 😀👍
  5. I love a Shogun, yours looks pretty much spot on! Can't wait to see it finished 👍
  6. Took the Hornet to a new park for an evening run.
  7. I like custom paint jobs on RC cars for sure. Great examples in this thread! I'm into bright colours, which I guess reflects on my cars. This Hornet has a triple layer of PS Fluorescent Red -pardon me I don't remember the colour codes and don't have my rattle cans with me- backed by PS White, and double layer of PS White to complement. For the Manta Ray I went with double layer of PS Fluorescent Yellow backed by PS White, and two thin layers of PS Metallic Blue (love this colour) and no backup, trying to achieve a translucent effect. The shell turned out pretty good considered that it was my first go at something more intricate, but after many runs, when touching up the paint I ended up spraying another layer of blue, therefore losing the translucent effect. The Terra Scorcher was simpler, all in PS Light Blue besides the Silver grid and the orange details, which were done with two layers of PS Fluorescent orange (brushed on) backed with a layer of PS white. The most annoying part was the black gasket around the windows, a complete nightmare though worth it in the end. I have used the PS Fluorescent Yellow for the wheels as well (on top of white primer and sealed in wity glossy sealer). I find the quality of these pigments to be incredible in this paints -and in fact we pay it pretty much by the drop...!
  8. I'm very much into having lights on RC models, I find that they really enhance the scale looks -and the fun- by a lot, plus with them you can actually drive at night. I've installed lights only on two of my cars so far, since it's not really for all models (trying to picture a Manta Ray with a full rack of lights while I type). I have them on my Hornet and on the Big Boss, the ones on the Hornet were just replaced a couple weeks ago, still amazed by how long the old set was able to last.
  9. Your truck looks rad, you really aced it congrats!! I also like the Blitzer Rover shell very very much 😃
  10. Welcome to the forum! Your Hotshot looks great in white.
  11. I managed to put a few runs in with the Manta Ray these last couple days. A couple factors did heavily penalize its performance, so I can't make it a fair comparison with the Terra Scorcher. The first penalizing thing were the batteries, all of them: they're fine with my brushed motors and the Terra's more forgiving brushless, but they just can't seem to cope with the bluebottle's power demands anymore. It's a couple mins max of full power, and then it's cut in half and even starts cogging at times. A couple new batteries will be on the way soon! Second factor, once again the tires have pretty much zero life left in them so the aforementioned two mins of power get squandered into eccessive powerslides and attempts to keep the buggy under control. So, new expendable wheels and tires are also on the way! Nevertheless, the Manta managed a PB of only two laps less than the Scorchy,so not too bad. The Terra Scorcher was a good sport and came out to cheer, even though it was the Manta's turn this time. The Hornet is the official pace car ☺ These tires have seen better days
  12. @Albert Attaboy AHAHAHAH that's amazing, I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣 Man you really should participate with this entry, I'm sure you would win
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