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  1. My wife just got a nice old cabinet from her granny, which ended up in our livingroom. I was kindly given access to two of its four shelves, well guess what I've decided to display in them. I find the buggys, the cabinet itself and whatever else is in there so odd together that they almost don't even clash anymore. Or if they do, I won't let it intimidate me anyway Sure thing, our livingroom looks much nicer now.
  2. I've ghetto-winterized my Manta Ray yesterday, so I went for a very wet session to test it out. It was fun! More pics available on the re-re thread.
  3. I've installed a couple of upgrades as well as some improvised protection wraps around the electronics to help insulate the car for the long winter months ahead. These rudimental shields are little more than just plastic bags cut to fit around the electronics and secured with heat glue but, although not exactly nice to look at, they seem to work very well for now. I've just tested the buggy in an extremely wet environment (skatepark after heavy rain, ponds all over, some very deep) an it had no problems whatsoever for the whole session, I'm quite happy with that. The upgrades installed are: Sport Tuned motor, 21T pinion, hard steel rear swing shafts, new wheels and tires with a slightly bigger diameter than the originals. Here are some pics of the parts and some snapshots of the action. I apologize in advance if they don't show up or if the link doesn't work: like a few others here, I seem to have ran out of space on the forum so am trying to figure out alrernative ways to keep sharing pics
  4. I want to install a Sport Tuned motor on the buggy. It's going to be the current edition, the silver can with sticker. I thought I managed to order a black one but that's what I found in the mailbox, oh well.. I was wondering, will it be good to go with the TBLE02 ESC just like the old black Sport Tuned is? I've been running a black one on my Hornet for over two years without a problem so I know it's good, but what about the new one? is it in any way different than the black sport tuned as far as you know? I've noticed that Tamiya states 23T on the box, when in the old one it just wasn't specified, hence my doubts as the ESC instructions specify that it's compatible with Sport Tuned OR motors that are over 25T. Once again, it basically comes down to the endless debate: is the Sport Tuned 23T or 27T? That doesn't really matter to me, but I'd like to know, has any of you tried the new Sport Tuned with that esc? I have a feeling it's gonna work just fine, but still preferred to ask, thanks everybody in advance for any shared knowledge or feedback!
  5. Sorry for double post dunno how to delete it
  6. I finally managed to run the Manta Ray at a bmx track that I've been eyeing for a while. I had a blast! It felt like the track was built specifically for buggys, probably also because it's the closest thing to an actual rc track that I've ever experienced. Thanks to my wife's patience, we managed to get some photos and footage. Flying it off those smooth dunes was real fun. Excited before the start... ..and off we go!
  7. Well thanks for the reminder But no, give it at least a couple more months (more or less)! Anyway yep, it's quite unbelievable how the weather here manages to get from extremely cold to extremely hot and than back to cold within one year... and every year it does it again and again though deep inside you still think to yourself: "It's not gonna be that cold this time, after such a hot summer" and then... it just does. I'm not from here and I sincerely hope to end up somewhere warmer soon but, as I said before, bottom line is it's the perfect weather for off road rc! The only thing quite missing in my area are sandy beaches, but we get pretty much anything else on the Earth's menu in terms of terrain/weather conditions. Hard on the cars, but a lot of fun.
  8. And this was today, a run with the Manta Ray through the autumn foliage. After a last run through the woods, the car came back with a "present". I did't place it like that, it was just sitting on the bumper when the buggy came back and I took the photo! Maybe I should have eaten it
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