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  1. It's a small pumpkin from the halloween decoration 🎃 I only had four cones, so I grabbed the first thing available for the center one
  2. Put to good use some unexpected free time by taking my first shot at the postal racing.... with a monster truck I couldn't go get my buggies so I tried with this anyway. Soo much fun, I feel like I've been actually racing now eheheh. Can't wait to do more and with a more suitable car (though I'm curious to see how the old Boss will do against the F1s! Half the laps, maybe? Lol) Here's a shot of some warm up action, with seasonal central cone for the occasion.
  3. As an indirect consequence of my 1:1 car's battery suddenly dying, I found myself with some unexpected free time. Next thing I knew I was setting up for the postal challenge, taking advantage of such time. Only issue, I didn't have my buggies on me. I only had my loyal vintage Big Boss... so I though, why not?? Now that you guys are talking F1, it's perfect time for a new participant to rock up in a monster truck 🤣 Found some cones and a pumpking, good enuff to give it a try. Counting all the excuses such as it was my first time ever, it's a vintage truck running on a NiCd pack, and on and on, I'd say the Boss delivered quite a solid performance! It was fun to see it carve its way through the winding little track (often on two wheels while steering!). I barely got started but I already had SO MUCH FUN doing this today! I totally get how it can quickly become addictive, and probably it already is to me. Can't wait to try this out with my Manta Ray. It's fun also because it is quite challenging for the driver, too. It's not easy to be consistent when you have to put tue obliterated cones back into place while driving, lol. And now, time to write down the results and PM them (and no worries, I'm sure these will not be competitive!) I'm so glad to finally be part of this 😀 This is my track
  4. I know, I saw it but this time I wanted to work with the ESC I already have in order to limit expenses and further accumulation of parts. Plus, I already had one or two parcels on their way from RCmart so it would have felt a bit counterintuitive to get a third going 😬 About the brand, after a lot of researching I started getting the feeling than many of these motors are exactly the same thing with a different name printed on the can, kinda like the bluebottles. There's quite a few of these unknown mini-brands like Flash around, most of which showing pretty much the exact same motor layout. Anyway, I'll soon be able to let you know how it is.
  5. Today I finally got the chance to bring the Manta Ray in brushless mode to a BMX track. This track is pretty basic but very well done, at the right speed it's possible to jump the car long and high and still land it super smoothly... what a nice feeling it was I had a blast and, despite a couple bad landings and tumbles that really made me cringe, the buggy came back home in one piece. Pictures are what they are, it's risky to drive and film at the same time so the best runs and jump weren't documented in order to avoid tragedies to regret afterwards! I would have stayed all day... As a bonus, the park is completely free, unlike some actual RC tracks in the area that would charge way too much for a simple joyride.
  6. This was in the mail today. Took me longer to find it than to wait out the shipping! I was after a 17.5T sensored brushless motor and I wanted it to be orange. It proved to be quite hard to source, as most distributors seemed to be out of stock. Found this one eventually on the bay for a doable price. No clue about the brand, but I'm very pleased with the color and the number of turns (after getting a bit mad when reading 10.5 on the box ahah). Having seen how well a generic bluebottle performs, I have good expectations about this one too (won't be disappointed hopefully )
  7. I finally got a chance to catch up with this thread (well, skipped a few pages here and there) so I finally know what this is about. What a great idea @TurnipJF, congrats!! I totally skipped the Postal racing thread when it was first started 'cause I thought it was about something regarding shipping... lol I hope you still accept participants, I'm definitely willing to give Round 3 a go if time and space allow!
  8. Got out for Round 2 in my impro/proto/autumn track today, with no rain in the way. I just wanted to drive so I didn't really time anything, and barely took a few pics and videos. I took it easy on the other two, but drove the Manta Ray like there's no tomorrow (thought to self, after all the planning and $$$ spent on it it's now time to deliver!!). I was mentally prepared for the consequences of running it hard (after all it's a Tamiya!!), but miraculously there was no damage once again. The car performed so consistently and so well that I've decided to push my luck and bring her to a BMX track next time I run it, maybe tomorrow if I can. Higher jumps, higher risk, higher stakes! lol. Also, I put more thought into the Terra Scorcher (some decisions on colors, setup and on when to finally start building) and started the pre-build phase by working on the wheels. Can't wait to dig into it! It looks like a very enjoyable build
  9. As I had some RC time planned for this afternoon, I could choose between refurbishing my own backyard track or finally doing the homework and dig into the Postal Racing thread to learn what it is about and see if I can still hop on that train (I'm sure I'm missing out! For some reason I didn't see the thread until people starting mentioning it here, and now I feel late and intimidated LOL). A looming massive thunderstorm made me go for the first option. Thought I'd prep the track and ask my lady to time my three runners after, so off I went. Here's the merry gang all ready to go before cleaning up the track Never felt so motivated to rake up some leaves As soon as I got there, some background and pretty much constant rumble started, first far than louder: the storm was getting close. Anyway, within 20 mins we were ready to go The instant I got to actually run the cars, the first menacing drops started falling. There was only time for a quick spin with each car, but still the whole thing was fun It was quite fascinating as within a few minutes it went from a pleasant, warm autumn day to a spooky dark sky with thunder and rain. too bad it wasn't captured at all in the photo, but you can still guess the weather sudden change and wind. You know the cover of Black Sabbath's first album?? Exactly that vibe and colors. Two minutes after, it was like this! You can't even see the cones in the pounding rain. So much for my track clean up
  10. The fall colors were quite stunning today, so I thought I'd take a few pictures of some cars during my break. By the time I went out to do it the light changed, and eventually they tuned out a bit gloomy Still, hope you'll enjoy the vintage tandem parading through the Autumn leaves 🍁🍁🍁
  11. Power of the ghetto mods! 👍
  12. Sweet piles of rocks, sand, dirt and mud. Had a particularly tough session with the Big Boss, very pleased At the end of the session, ready for the hose
  13. @Nicadraus Amazing skills and collection. Hats off, sir! I particularly appreciate the DIY mods and adding details to the cars, I'm a fan of that too but don't have any pictures of such mods with me now. Anyway, this is definitely another level!! Loving the diorama too. Many of the cars just look like they are real. Great job 😀👍
  14. Nice me too, actually. I said 1:43 just cause it's the main scale I used to collect, but I also have plenty of 1:24, 1:18 and now that I'm overseas even those evil 1:64 Hot Wheels that I just can't resist, ever (I'd still like somebody to show me a better way to spend 1.25 $). The main reason why I have a few is that I've rarely let one go (and I've loved cars since I was a toddler), in fact many of them were my childhood toys and survived many battles before ending up on a shelf. But I don't think I'll ever be able to resist the appeal of a scale car... Easier to resist the 1:1, simply because I can't afford them I wouldn't wanna hijack the cheap stand thread, but would like to show you the cars and would like to see yours, too. Maybe we can start another thread... but for now here's a couple pics I just found of one of my favourite parts of my collection. These cars are still in my old room at my parents' place in Italy, it is now a guestroom but, as I demanded, the cars all stayed! I took the pics last year when we last went to visit (it is enough to ensure their safety: the OCD part of me would notice ANYTHING missing or out of place even one or two years apart from the previous visit ) The pictures require some historical facts about the brand, to better understand the quality and reason why I collected them. These are 1:43 cars from the Italian brand Bburago, from the early '80s to early '00 when the brand was sadly sold to China, therefore ending a whole era pf made in Italy model cars. Pretty much every single person that grew up in Italy between the '80s and '90s had at least one, because they were cheap as chips and tough as nails, with some amazing body detailing and decals as long as some bold production shortcuts, such as having the same hard plastic wheels (4 spokes first, early to mid '80s, 5 spokes later on) on all cars regardless of their type! This looks like a drawback at first, but gets you deeper into them in time... I am very fond of the 1:43 Burago cars and have loved them forever. They appealed to the car enthusiast, the everyday kid and to the more serious collector too, but my favourite thing about them is that everybody could afford at least one, because they cost like a can of pop. Even a broke parent could buy one along with the newspaper (that's where they sold them) and make his kid happy and able play for a very long time. Affordable joy, which is one of the most beautiful things you can achieve with a mass produced toy. Entire generations are grateful to Bburago for that. When I look at my Bburago collection, I see a nice memory of simpler, more genuine times when not everything was made in China and when it was possible for a small but intelligent brand to thrive at least in their own country. The export of these cars did also happen, by the way: in the previous years I've "rescued" plenty of 1:43 Burago from all over Europe, USA, Canada and even Australia. But in Italy, they were and probably still can be found in almost every household, kinda like Hot Wheels would be in the States I assume? Oh, another thing I loved: Bburago didn't only reproduce the successful and more mainstream cars, they did plenty of underdogs too (especially in 1:24 scale) which I find delightful. A crappier, down-to-earth, home garage-prepped rally car can sometimes have more soul than a factory official all-star one, and I find it's exactly the case for model cars too. Anyway enough of BBurago, I'm blabbering way too much and getting nostalgic again while stumbling down memory lane lol Here's some more, still of my Italian shelves Pics are what they are, for some reason I can't find any of the 1:64 that I have here and I'm out of town now, so next time. I apologize guys for temporarily hijacking the thread, but at this point I'd love to see your collection too Nicadraus
  15. Thank you. I'm very happy with how it came out, though this has prevented me from driving it so far... there's the restoration thread somewhere in the build section of the forum if you want to see more. It's a car from the '80s, but it screams '70s
  16. She is, indeed The cabinet has 5 shelves, only two of which currently occupied by cars. I'm plotting on squeezing all those glasses together in order to get a third car in..
  17. Yeah, quoting myself cause it's worth it... I said that this morning. Turned out my lady needed some paint to start off her 'Cuda static kit and, as I'm a good partner, I couldn't keep her hanging... so on our way out of town we "had" to stop at the LHS to get paint, brushes, and more paint. Of course at that point I had to piggy back and get myself some more paint and brushes... but as I said this time it's not my fault Bonus: instead of a bag, the guy gave us the goods in a nice Tamiya TS paint box, which I appreciate! I'll sure use it to store spares. Here's the loot
  18. Cheap stands are a must! 👍 I used to collect 1:43 scale cars, most of which come in small transparent plastic boxes. These are ideal for most 1:10 buggies: perfect size and height, and they are transparent so you can barely see them in the cabinet. Here's an example, pardon the glare Another good option is the Tamiya PS colour cans! The caps are just high enough for most buggies (and therefore any on-road car), for my monster truck I use the whole can+cap and it works great! And with the caps, you can pair the right colour to your car ones as a bonus Many, many things can be successfully used as stands. It's good to use our creativity and not spend a dime on that: our hobby is draining enough as it is, and thinking about the money saved is a good motivation.
  19. @ThunderDragonCy generally speaking, I think it makes sense to spray the darker colour first in order to limit and manage any bleed. It seems that darker colours bleed more easily through lighter ones than vice versa. That being said, it also depends on your colour scheme as it might be easier to do one before the other depending on where they go on the shell. Backing with white before proceeding with the next colour sounds like a good idea.
  20. Ordered a Flash Racing 17.5 brushless motor for the upcoming TS build. Crossing my fingers it will be the right color (asked the seller just to be sure and he confirmed, but you never know). Also ordered a new soldering iron kit. It was time I finally did that, as mine looks like little more than an iron claw by now. Told to myself these will be my last RC purchases for a while, at least until I'm done building the new kit...we'll see
  21. Looking good! so sleek. I've never noticed the little front spoiler in these before
  22. Yes, that's why. Besides east Asia, I've also experienced it in a bunch of Latin American and Middle Eastern Countries. When the water pressure in weak and the sewage system is delicate, it's crucial to avoid disposing of toilet paper in the actual toilet as it would clog it almost instantly, got to put it in a bin instead. Apparently it makes a dramatic difference -and it also makes the experience more exotic for anybody coming from a country with a more effective waste system. Never take things for granted! I think that with these funny instructions Japan is just trying to tell the foreigner that it is not one of those countries. Ps. There's some tolerance though, I forgot to do it right sometimes but luckily no nasty clogging or eruption followed lol
  23. Had some good RC moments yesterday and today after work. First I did some planning ahead for the Terra Scorcher build that I hope to start soon, then I finally got around to fitting the new FlySky receivers in the Manta Ray and Big Boss, so I got them both out for a run in the autumn foliage. It felt good to thrash through the falling leaves! The colours were truly stunning
  24. We all know Tamiya can get pretty weird and random sometimes, which is one of the reasons why we love it. Conflicting instructions and information, doubtful or missing indication about where to apply grease, overengineering (and at times underengineering), quirky stuff of all sorts. Thought I'd start a thread where we can share all the strange things regarding our favourite brand. When did Tamiya get weird on you? I'll start with this: the AG threadlock. While I can live with the fact that, as stated on the label, it's not edible, why they gave it that appealing colour AND that cherry smell truly is beyond me. If you want to prevent people from eating threadlock, then why make it smell yummier than a Haribo gummibear? It bemuses me. The AG didn't end up on my morning toast so far, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hold back.
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