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  1. Thank you! As for the pics, nothing too complicated. I mostly just film the cars with my phone while driving and then select the best screenshots afterwards πŸ˜… Sometimes I go with burst shots but most of them are just screenshots. Only bad thing is the lower definition but it's ok with me at least for now.
  2. Took the Manta Ray for a spin after mounting new tires and new plastic gears throughout. Now it purrs! But I won't run it again until a new steel pinion arrives next weekend (had to momentarily install a fresh Tamiya one hoping it would hold ok for one single test run )
  3. Installed a fresh set of 50529 plastic gears on my Manta Ray, along with a new pinion. Decided to keep going with the old gearbox/gearbox cover even though I have a spare set since they seem to be holding together OK after the last few mods. Hopefully this set of gears will last longer than my last one, time -and usage- will tell.
  4. Got the new lights for the Hornet today, a few modifications and they are on! Quite happy with the rear ones, they are better than ever before
  5. Got this new lights for the Hornet and a few bits
  6. I do long trips and car camping with my wife (just the normal car, set up as a "bedroom") and always bring the Hornet along
  7. @Willy iine thank for asking my friend, unfortunately not at all! The renovation has just begun (...) and we'll be out for at least a couple more months
  8. During our way back home we stopped and set up camp in a relatively remote place. Before dinner I went for one more bush run with the sandy, battered, by then one-eyed Hornet. Little did I know that... I should have waited! A special furry friend did grace us with his/her visit after dark, too bad I'd already put away the buggy, an RC picture with this baby would have been another level! 🦊 This was a super cute fox, but quite cunning... She followed me around very closely for a good while, she's used to get fed by random people for sure!! Not much wilderness letf there lol
  9. Not exactly today, but I didn't have access to the internet for a while. One last beautiful Nova Scotia beach and shoreline for the Hornet before we started heading back. There was yet one more doggy encounter, and this one was priceless since she was so into it! We all laughed to tears, especially the lady that owned the dog. She was absolutely stunned with the RC thing, and left wishing to buy one. As for me, I left with a possible business idea: an RC doggy care. Be like "bring your dog over for an afternoon, and you'll sleep well that night"
  10. The Hornet has set its wheels in Nova Scotia for the first time. Red mud, red rocks, red sand and red water! It was also a very wet and rainy day. We quickly visited another LHS in Halifax, what a great place... and they do Vintage Tamiya racing!!! 😱😨 WHY can't the LHSs in Montreal do that? Not enough people into Tamiyas in a four-million people city I guess πŸ˜₯ Anyway, bought a new pinion for the Hornet since my original looks more like a horse spur by now, so it was very much needed!
  11. If there aren't any objections, let's go with 2m between each mark.
  12. This. Me too, my friend. I absolutely love the smell of tires: real car ones, RC ones and, above all, the Tamiya RC ones. Before recently installing a new set of rears on the Hornet, I kept the open package around for a couple weeks and did snort off it full lungs -not just a quick sniff- from time to time while watching movies after dinner. I also "forced" my wife to smell the tires and convinced her that what she'd call "pungent" is in fact the most perfect and balanced of smells for a Tamiya hobbyist πŸ˜‰ Chanel NΒ°5 smells like the gutter in comparison, Lol
  13. I like the track a lot. 2m or 1.5m doesn't matter to me, but maybe 1.5m would be better for whoever has backyard space limitations?
  14. I went to check out the only LHS on Prince Edward Island. Definitely worth it. They did have a few yummy kits and my wife would have been all happy with me getting something... but I felt no real inner spark so I managed to resist, although I did buy some bright coloured body clips for support. Thing is, they had a REAL RC track in their backyard!! Probably small and cute to many of you, but for me it was a first, and I got excited like a rich kid at the carnival πŸ˜… who would have though I'd experience my first RC race track on an island... The weather was merciless, with strong wind and chilly rain whipping me from any direction, I got drenched (and my wife as well, since she took most of the pictures and footage!) but it was of course totally worth it. I did wish I had more technical buggies like the Manta Ray or the RC10 with me, but still, The Hornet faced the track like a PRO!Relatively speaking at least πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜œ but seriously, it doesn't handle as nearly as bad as they say! I had tons of fun at the track, with multiple laps successfully completed without any tumbling despite the multiple jumps. And once again, I'm amazed by the degree to which this car can be bashed and still come back in one piece.
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