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  1. Of course I don't mind, go ahead that is in Montreal, typical back alley scenario. Not that far from NY at least geographically speaking!
  2. Today the Hornet's new chassis arrived, much to my astonishment as I expected at least another month waiting time. Instead of starting the repair work right away, I thought I'd take the poor Hornet out for yet one more layer of grime, likely the last one before we get all spick and span ...and now the canandrum: while restoring, do I set it up for some shelf chill time, which it deserves, or do I just keep it on duty as my Number One basher?? I'd usually be more for the latter, but I know that once the brand new chassis is into place, the pretty wheels/tires and body that I keep for display will start calling.... but nah, he'll most likely just keep bashing. Maybe even Round 3 at the skatepark...
  3. This was yesterday. Another beautiful day, sunny but freezing cold -my fingers got cracked as I removed the gloves for driving. I never usually drive the cars in public to avoid possible issues, but got tempted by the paths in the nearby park: all that snow so perfectly compacted... I just couldn't resist so, despite the commandoes of bypassers, kids and dogs of all sizes, I took the Manta Ray out for some speed runs in the snow. It was a lot of fun, although limited by the concern of something happening. Fortunately there was no drama, people talked and asked, dogs barked and hopped, kids ran after ir but the Manta came back all in one piece! Not my cup of tea though, way too much everything, it still feels like I dodged the proverbial bullet so next outings will be in less crowded places just as usual.
  4. I was surprised to get this RCmart package today, nothing too exciting but I've only ordered it less than 3 weeks ago! I was expecting at least another month waiting time, you really never know with these things..
  5. Wow, they've dished out quite a few hotties this time. The Thunder Dragon is rad, looks like it's straight out of a wormhole from the '80s! Always liked that body shell. The Fighter Buggy RX Memorial looks pretty cool too, it gets my attention as a possible all-round basher. It will be very interesting to see its price tag, along with the one of the Grasshopper 2. Nice new batch of temptations anyway! 😛
  6. Today was freezing cold but nice and sunny, made for a good outing with the Boss. I had fun taking photos with this bright light
  7. Thank you. I am glad my pics make you want to get aHornet, you totally should!! Buying a Hornet is definitely one of the best ideas I've had in the last few years, and some of the hundred-something dollars best spent of all my life. Go ahead buddy, you'll have zero regret
  8. Did a flash outing again after work today, guess I'm in total Hornet mode despite the weather lol. The streets and the snow were a bit more forgiving this time so I got to enjoy a full battery pack worth of powerslides in the eerie pre-curfew moments when nobody is out anymore. Looking smart without the front bumper! Not for fashion purposes, it's just that the three mounts all snapped off reeeally in need of that new chassis, which should be here whenever the pandemic allows (?). tires looked beefy with icy slush by the end of the run So this was my Friday night on the town, evening actually
  9. Interesting observation @Saito2. While I'm certainly not as informed as you about the overall RC world, my experience is the same. When I was a kid drooling over the big guys and their race cars at the back then thriving LHS, most of them were very fond of Tamiyas, even after moving on to other brands' nitro cars for racing. I don't think one could get involved in the hobby without going through something Tamiya, at least at an earlier stage. The brand was no doubt loved and respected by pros and enthusiasts alike, even though in those days (I'm talking Italy, early '90s) they marketed their mini4WD stuff much more heavily than anything RC oriented. We kids had the minis, and we knew that their big 1/10 brothers existed somewhere in those upper shelves of the shop, which only made them even more appealing. Whether it's because of their marketing, great ideas, box arts or all of the above, Tamiya cars sure made a mark in RC history that I would dare call indelible.
  10. My Hornet is still waiting for his chassis transplant, but sometimes I just feel the sudden urge to run it and today was one of those days. I managed to sneak out for a very snowy street run not long before the curfew, nothing too crazy but it hit the spot.
  11. Finish this machine yesterday so this is now my most recent build
  12. That's what I also thought 👍
  13. Finished my 2020 Terra Scorcher today!
  14. Another stunning model from you, great job with the colour scheme!
  15. We've been having loads of snow in the past few days, but with pretty mild temperatures so it's all slushy and splotchy. Made for a few good strolls with the truck, the only real danger being unattended, shrieking kids running after it in the park 😓 Milling through the city sludge😁
  16. I just learned about RC boats running on snow... everything is possible 😱🤡
  17. Exactly! I was hoping to hear some news about it this year...
  18. @Mrowka good point about different etnies and gender drivers. I've been thinking about doing a lady one for a while, also because I'm still secretly hoping to get my wife more involved with RC, maybe even with a build of her own someday, and I know that a female driver -along with loads of purple everywhere- would help. It should be fun and easy. Just stick some hair under the helmet and paint up loads of makeup and eyelashes for a total cliche, et voila
  19. Finally finished that driver More pics in the what done today thread.
  20. @NulnOilTycoon I agree with your philosophy about a buggy and its driver. Your driver figure looks ace and so does your yellow Bigwig: personally the best I've ever seen, and by a long shot 👍
  21. Finished the Terra Scorcher driver this morning. If you are wondering why the back of the chassis cover is warped like that, I had to do it because otherwise the body shell wouldn't fit. Now it does fit well and the warping isn't really noticeable once the cover is installed, it bothers me way less than having to jam down the shell anyway. Wondering if anybody else has had that issue? Anyway here's my take on Mr. Arnold Applewhite
  22. While working on my last driver figure for what by now adds up to quite a few hours, I was thinking of how much more time I exponentially dedicate to this part of the building process with every new kit or restoration. Having a driver figure in my cars has always been important to me. Since I was a kid, I always found that it really brings the model to another level, whether it's a scale one or a fantasy design. Oh and I hope I won't annoy anybody with the following sentence, but I'm referring mostly to the timeless, dazed-and-confused faced typical driver silhouette. The funny, bigger headed Wild Willies, although full of personality of their own, never did it for me as I find them cartoonish which in a way defeats the purpose -but that of course is just my personal opinion that I only apply to my own models, I still love and appreciate a well executed Willy or similar, they are just not my cup of tea. Back to the pondering, I now realize how immensely I enjoy the process of seeing one coming to life in my hands with the only aid of some primer and paint. I also realized that, while making a detailed shell may sometimes feel counterintuitive as I know I'm going to run it and scuff it up eventually, working on a driver just feels good all the way as it's hardly going to ever get damaged, even in the event of a major crash. I remember my first Hornet's driver being all nice and done in a couple hours excluding drying times, while nowadays I spend entire weeks just thinking about its details and color scheme before I even start priming it. It's incredible how much detail you can stuff on a half face, helmet and torso, and I'm absolutely amazed by the results some people achieve. I also find it fascinating how some drivers look so stunning while being simple, and others just don't look right even with plenty of details and effort. I guess that comes down to the color choices, attention to detail and cleanliness of the execution, but it also feels like there's more to that, like some sort of obscure science? So, I see myself dedicating more and more time to the drivers in my current and future builds, enjoying the process and the self challenge of making each new one a little better than the one before, but what about other people? I know that some absolutely hate working on drivers, others do likely see it as just another part of the build, and for some people like myself it gets to be almost as essential as the wheels. Some people I read of are more racing oriented which means performance and functionality, so they just bin the drivers altogether from the get go as they just add weight to the car. It makes perfect sense to me, but man I don't think I could ever be so coherent with my goal Even if I was racing for, say, the top of the Postal Racing chain, I couldn't bring myself to eradicate the driver from one of my cars, I'm just too into them, to the point that removing it would feel like the car is "incomplete" (by the way, wasn't it mandatory to have a driver figure in your car even in the official races back in the day? Or did I just dream about it?). So what about you? Where do you stand when it comes to the little plastic people inside your cars? How much attention and love -or hate- do they get?
  23. That's such a brilliant idea I'm going to check out those videos
  24. I live in Canada, so being able to run the cars in the snow is essential to me, or else I wouldn't be driving them at all for 6 months out of 12. In my experience, it's more about the snow than the machine, because there's just SO many different types of snow depending mostly on the temperature, along with other factors. While no RC car I know of would run in a foot of fresh snow, most Tamiyas including basic, 2WD ones will provide tons of fun in the right conditions. It doesn't really matter how much snow there is, as long as it's compact enough for the car not to sink. I often build tracks with only the aid of a good shovel: design it, trace it and be careful to press the snow until nice and firm, and you're good to go even with a Hornet (but good luck with handling it, lol). Sometimes it's just not possible: just the other day iI spent over two hours shoveling and compacting but with no good results, as the snow was way too powdery and fluffy to be able to compact it properly. Again, this depends mostly on the temperature. Best scenario around where I live is when this happens: big snowstorm, lots of snow falling, then it warms up so it melts a little, then overnight it freezes... and you wake up in the morning with a perfect icy crust over fresh snow, so you can blast your cars guilt free and if they crash the snow under the crust will even act as a cushion. Anyway, when it's just about an inch or two of snow, I say just run any car you want and enjoy. They will all be fun, technical or clumsy or everything in between! About possible water damage, you only have to watch it if it's above 0, in the minuses snow won't melt until you bring it indoors after the run. Just be careful to dry it prompty and thoroughly, and also to keep metal moving parts nice and oiled/greased and you'll have no water related issues at all. I've been doing this for a few years now, without a problem or a speck of rust ever happening. My electric components, besides a couple servos, aren't even waterproof although I did provide some crude protection by bagging them amd I have the "advantage" of running at -20° C which sure means no water at all (and quite a commitment to being outdoors). It is true, though, that certain cars will perform better than others given the same conditions. A few inches of fresh white will stop a Grasshopper, challenge a 4WD and likely be no issue for a monster truck. But again: if whatever car stays afloat, run it. If it sinks, take the time to compact the snow: it will be worth the workout! Enjoy the snow with your cars. Here's a few pics of some frosty action
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