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  1. Very clever and good mods @IXLR8 πŸ‘and much needed I agree, a 993 body is something to treasure and treat right! Hands down the best looking of all the 911 family in my opinion. As for me, I had a particularly pleasurable run with the Mad Van. I took it to the luge slides, which is a very broad area so it must have been the change of environment... but it was so soothing to see it glide and jump through the hills and bumps. And boy this rig can jump!! By now I got quite a bit of airtime, but luckily the body is still in pristine conditions. Sometimes when the truck is mid air I cringe, this body is too nice to be ruined but also too nice not to run it! That's why my original plan of using another body to preserve the OG got ditched... better to take some educated risks and enjoy the car to the fullest. Some country farmhouse racing vibes with those hay bales 🀠
  2. Started the day filling up little jars with maple syrup. It felt like I was filling up RC shocks, look at all those air bubbles!! May give it a try and use maple syrup instead of hard shock oil next time 😁 Happy new year everybody πŸš—πŸ’₯ off to run the Mad Van now
  3. Gorgeous neon yellow Javelin there @mtbkym01! πŸ‘
  4. As somebody once said here, you gotta own your quirks! I find it applies especially in this hobby
  5. For me too, the oval Kyosho decal was what first came to mind... but then I was lucky enough to find a Ford one in my decals stash, and with a perfect contrasting vibrant blue 😎 specifically, it came from an old Parma decal sheet from the early '90s, but I'm sure you can sort out heaps of them emblems on the bay. What I'm not sure of, is their quality which I find it's often hit or miss... At worst, a good old scratch build can still work woders. Print the emblem on good quality paper/photo paper at home, go over it with commercial grade transparent glossy plastic (household scotch type tape would work too, with less striking results), cut to shape and apply. I did that on my Big Boss, it's still holding strong and nobody has ever even wondered that it wasn't a decal πŸ‘
  6. Oh, really? This takes me a bit by surprise, as I didn't think that a quite straightforward group C chassis build could be of much interest, especially when the builder is totally clueless on the matter πŸ˜… ...but maybe the newbie approach could be the right way to go about it, hopefully providing some clarity to future first timers. I might as well, it's been a long time since I've done a build thread. One thing is for sure: it would very much follow in your footsteps @TurnipJF. All of the tweaks you've done in your C11 are very valid in my opinion, and I'd like to import at least some of them on mineπŸ‘ @Willy iine nice detail work on the Mad Van, especially the chain and tow is a good idea as that color scheme can use a few more red accents😎 About the rear wing and bumper, I've decided that I like my Mad Van as it is without them, at least for the time being. I could change my mind anytime though, in fact seeing yours with that cool wing made me reconsider for a moment! 😁 but so far I think I'm good like this. As long as it's got a front emblem! That I needed to add right away, I'm an emblem guy
  7. Benchwork prepping/contemplation phase done. Now the m̢e̢d̢i̢t̢a̢t̢i̢o̢n̢ build can finally start 🐸 🌱
  8. Looks great mate! Love it. Almost went cobalt green myself for the C11, it didn't happen eventually but man that color looks good. Works very well with the black too πŸ‘ very suitable for postal races indeed!
  9. Oh, one more thing. I love the smell of RC tires, it's basically one of my favourite things about the hobby. I open the boxes and sniff at them like a perverted wild boar 🀣 ...but I also like office supplies. Erasers and such. They just look, feel and smell so good. Not office work, that I don't like, but the supplies: love 'em. Now, the C11 kit has sponge tires that smell like office supplies and tamiya goodness put together... next level 🀯
  10. Nice @Willy iine, glad you got your own Mad Van, there just needs to be one in your Kyosho fleet! I am curious to see what extra decals you added to make it yours. I did exactly the same, first thing basically... it's an important step for a RTR! I got used to the "tame" looks of mine, meaning without rear nor bumper, and chose to leave it like that for now, but that could change anytime it sure is a nice bonus so you can personalize the truck right out of the box (the extra decals are cool too). As for me, I finally got to open the christmas gift last night. Thanks wifey! 😍 before.. ...and right after I wish I could jump on it right now... but nope, we have another big lunch today and we're involved in the prepping-cleaning as well. So this will have to wait for later, while I try to keep my decorum and be in the moment instead of only thinking about RC πŸ˜…
  11. I started clearing up the area on and around my work table for the upcoming C11 build. Meanwhile, some more parts kept tricking in. Still waiting for bearings, HT servo saver and those expensive decals to turn up. Yesterday I also biked to a playground I haven't visited in a while. The weather feels surreal lately: after two weeks of full blown winter ( -10 Β°C, tons of snow, the whole thing) we got some warm winds, the snow almost all melted, and temps are now sticking around 0 so we may be looking at a white-less xmas tomorrow. Given the weird mix-match elements situation -ice slabs from the melted snow, half frozen leaves, dirt and mud, snow patches here and there, all present at the same time- I wanted to drive a car through all this mess, so I needed a broad area and a rig that could tackle it all. The Mad Van sounded like a good choice. Kicking it up in the urban badlands This one was steep!
  12. Heyhey mate, I made it to your thread a lil' late but am all up to date now. What a neat build so far, it's coming together beautifully! It's a pleasure to see all that attention to details, and I can't wait to see the final result I'm glad my Manta Ray was a good inspiration for your build, and it looks like you are taking all the right precautions on those DF-01 gearboxes πŸ‘ as yep, they do have the tendency to crack under stress. Those shocks are such lookers!! Man I wish mine looked still like that, after all the intense use it's now time for me to repaint the yellow springs πŸ˜… Since you are wondering about their performance, btw, I can give you my feedback after 5 years of punishment: they are great. While I had to open and mantain the rear ones a few times around, the front ones are still untouched since I installed them originally... and as you know, my Manta sees a lot of jumps! Keep going with the awesome build mate πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  13. This is an interesting and very well written thread. It' s stimulating to read it while I gather info for my own C11 build. The roll damping part especially... the group C cars may look like a basic chassis at first, but there's so much to learn. Thanks for sharing all the info. Your C11 turned out real nice! Good to hear that it's also rewarding to drive.
  14. @Re-Bugged I get the emails too, and it'd be wise to take advantage but whenever there is a discount I'm in no need for anything... and right now I don't want to wait, it's the xmas build πŸ˜† Thanks for the encouragement, can't wait to start my first pan car type ✌
  15. Today I took advantage of a day off to make a trip to my not-so-local hobby shop. Far from an exciting experience, since they got rid of pretty much everything RC related with the only exception of paints... but they have a good stock of PS cans, and that's what I was after, so it was worth a go. Came back with Red and Black, along with a few other colors... so I guess the Kenwood livery on my upcoming C11 build is by now official Speaking of Kenwood, here comes the hard part: I found the decals on MCI, stickers were 26 $ which is fine... but shipping from Canada to Canada was a whopping 18.5 $ for the cheapest option very confusing and quite disappointing... for this time I decided to just go ahead and bite (too much going on right now in my life to sweat the small stuff), but I certainly don't see myself doing this every time I need a decal set. Well, I guess it's best to just think ahead a few builds, as he does offer free worldwide shipping for orders over 150. After the shop, I went straight to the nearby park to drive the shimmed out Manta Ray. The natural hockey rink came as a surprise! We had a warm week which melted everything, then the cold came again and did this And so.... spin it, baby!!! πŸ’ƒ
  16. Came back from a short work trip to find this little bunch in the mail Some electronics, pinions, and a fan. Most of it is for my upcoming C11 build (a suspicious parcel of a familiar shape is already under the tree so all good).
  17. Thank you guys for all the suggestions. Very good point with the gun metal gray, @TurnipJF . I did not think of that as an option, and it is enticing. @Willy iine @Re-Bugged the simple silver does look good, I agree, and I know what you mean with the Sauber with Lime green mirrors/accents: it's very sharp indeed. At this point, I guess what keeps me may be a desire to do something different from the crowd. There's many of those around the web that are silver -some even gold-ish- with fluo accents and, while they look great, it'd be cool to explore some other liveries as well. After all, the last two entries in my fleet were a Mid, enhanced in every possible visual detail but still box art, and the Mad Van, pretty in purple but a factory purple indeed. So maybe a part of me wants the challenge of coming up with something new, or less-seen for what matters. In the meantime, I finally found those Kenwood decals available... so at this moment this livery seems to be my top choice Ps I would of course keep it a Mercedes, and just use the livery and keep the Porsche logos for something Porsche later. I am trying to visualize it... with just the right dose of hope, it might work 🧐
  18. Welcome back @Kol__, can't wait to see more about that custom TF Evo... It's a great moment when, after all the planning and thinking and hoarding of parts, you finally get to start the build! Cheers 🍻
  19. Not much RC action for me lately. I've been working long days and some weekends too lately, but at least I managed to finish the art project I was so busy on well within the deadline, and with great results and praise. Now I feel professionally fulfilled which hey, it's something I certainly don't experience every day πŸ˜… Now I'm already on another job in another city, so still no RC activity for the time being. At least I was able to order all the extra parts for my upcoming C11 build, and the kit is supposed to be already under the tree by now... excited. Just one big decision left to make now... the livery! There are so many options with that body... some limited by the polycarbonate paint availability. For now my top three options are (in no specific order): -Leyton House colours. Good option, but I fear Tamiya's Cobalt Green is too dark and too green for the job. -Silk Cut colors, the option with two purple tones and white lettering. Same question marks for the purples available. -Kenwood livery, in red and black colors. No issue here with the rattlecans, but the decals seem to be non existing in 1 10 scale. Certainly something that can be worked out, anyway. In the meantime, the silver box art itself is growing on me immensely. I used to find it somehow boring until recently, but no I like it πŸ€” Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  20. Thank you @TurnipJF for the advice. I fully agree on the steering situation, I haven't done all the homework yet and didn't know about the Grasshopper-esque rods. How long should the 3mm rods -or turnbuckles- be? I have some Kyosho ones somewhere NIP that I'd be happy to use, or else I'll just get some more along with a HT servo saver. Good call on the pinion too, I always forget that part! Do you happen to remember how many teeth the stock one has? I'll get a steel one for sure, along with softer front springs. As for the experience I'm looking for, like I said it's my first solely-on-road car, so I'd be happy to start from an almost- stock situation and take it from there. Things like sloppy steering and cheesy pinion are better addressed right away, along with whatever other major kinks the car may have (which, judging by what you tell me, doesn't seem to be the case), but that's about it for now. I'll gladly take your advice on those parts, and see how it drives like that. Thank you. I am very curious about building an on road track chassis... and a Group C shell 😍 ...one which, I realize, is a sleek but neutral silhouette and therefore could look pretty in almost every livery I can think of. I am doing a lot of thinking in that department. As for today, lots of tinkering but no action: weather was horrible, and I was dead tired anyway. The day started with some unusual bench mates on the table together then I moved on to fight yet another battle in my lifelong war against slop on my Manta Ray. So much to do, I can't believe I drove her so hard for so long without proper maintenance on those parts πŸ˜… This time I shimmed up both front and rear suspensions with washers and teflon tape, and went on to replace more ball ends and ball connectors. Feels much better now, slop is fully gone on the rear end and barely there on the front. An in-house livingroom/corridor test showed the car running straight as an arrow from a standstill (I have a long corridor and patient neighbors). I can't even remember the last time I saw the car running straight on full throttle from a standstill. Result! Once again, during the tinkering I was thinking how surprising it is -to me, al least- that plastic wins over metal when they rub together. Looking at my ball connectors, the plastic ends are barely slightly loose (and could be squeezed back in with a lighter and some pinching in case of emergency) but the ball ends are very much eroded! Ha. Live and learn πŸ€”
  21. Love that photo @GToddC5 πŸ‘Œ As for me, I have been working like a dog on a big public art project whose deadline in next week 😬 can't wait for it to be done -as long as I do it perfectly, lol RC wise, my wife and I went to the local park to run the Mad Van on snow. It was way too splotchy and not cold enough for proper stunts, so it was all drifting and gliding around, trying to avoid shrieking kids and doggies running after the van it's fun in the snow, but I can't wait for real winter conditions to really send it flying! One last thing: it seems that Mrs. Ferruz is indeed conspiring with Santa to arrange for a certain C11 to be under the tree by Xmas day... that feels good, and it means it's time for me to start gathering parts. I have ordered ball bearings and a couple new receivers today, and will soon proceed with servo, ESC and lights. Paint and decals will wait, as I'm mot yet set on a livery. @TurnipJF , if I remember correctly you've recently completed a Mercedes C11 build: besides the above, do you have other suggestions? Is there anything else essential I should get before I start the build? This will be my first on road/ tarmac build (well I have a Lancia Delta, but that's really a rally car) so I'm happy to take it easy and start from stock, but if there's any major issue that needs to be worked out right away it'd be good to know. Thanks!
  22. Oooh Hats off Sir, yet another gorgeous fantastic beauty coming out of Re-Bugged Factory I was looking forward to seeing it completed. Man, just looking at it brings me to rally nirvana. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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