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  1. On 2/20/2024 at 11:21 AM, Pylon80 said:

    I think I saw snow on your last picture... you are unstoppable! ;)

    Thanks! It's just that, once I'm ready to paint at a psychological level, there's no way I can wait for further stars to align... fortunately I have a spot in a communal garage where I can do all sort of work including painting!

    The snow was present for sure, gave me a hard time when trying to bring the prepped body to the booth during a blizzard, but that's all in good fun 😅

    Painting is now officially done. It took me a while, as usual, and the result is not perfect, but definitely good enough for me 😊

    Black went on first and ok, with not too much bleed through besides the usual couple random areas where the tape slightly detached


    Nothing that couldn't be easily fixed with some Polycarbonate body cleaner, a truly life saving product (I can't believe I used to paint bodies without it at hand).

    Red was sprayed next. All good until the third layer, when I oversprayed some areas resulting in the solvent re-melting the black.

    Live and learn! More swearing, more patience, more poly cleaner, more masking tape, more paint and the mistake was fixed :D


    Next was going to be the backing paint. I was unsure about what to go for between white and silver, so I used the wheel arches cut-offs to make some samples. And I'm glad I did! Both turned out not suitable for what I had in mind: the white backing made the red a little too bright, and the silver one made the red look way too dull. After an extra day of pondering, I decided and went for yet one more layer of red, just to get rid of some translucency.

    While waiting for the paint to cure, I had a glimpse at the inside of the plastic bag I tossed the masking in during the painting process. It looks like the work of a mad man, look at it🤣



    The moment when you finally peel off the protective layer and see the result is just so fulfilling, can't put a price on that! 20240224-143442.jpg

    Look at that shine... it will never ever be that shiny again!20240224-144341.jpg

    My fingerprints are already everywhere, I'm starting to understand while some people use gloves when handling bodies! 

    Anyway, I 'll just drool over the shine for the rest of the evening and probably jump on the decals tomorrow. Painting was dreaded, but decals should be fun and not too daunting in this case so I'm looking forward to it. 



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  2. @BuggyDad homebrew buggy looks sharp to say the least. You are doing something truly amazing. And after all that effort, you'll get to name it too! 😉

    As for me, I finally resurfaced from the booth after a week or so of painting shenanigans (funniest of which was me trying to transport the masked, prepped, vulnerable body through a blizzard all the way to the garage without getting it wet 🤣). 

    A detailed description and more pictures are available on the build thread. Anyway, now I have a shiny body ready to decal 🤩

    That moment when you peel off the film is just priceless. 



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  3. On 2/18/2024 at 10:59 AM, No Slack said:

    Ferruz what a fine pictures of your Delta on ice. May I ask how you did the red mudflaps?

    Thank you. If you go to page number 1821 of the "So, what have you done today" thread in the general section of the forum, you'll find my post about the mud flaps with description and pictures :)

    @Andreas W glad you like the report and pictures. Man I wish I could set up a Postal Racing track on that rink, it would be all giggles and fun (but probably not much performance eheh).

    I get the concern about the risks. Mine was calculated, but still... Hockey wasn't an issue in my case, as a much better rink not far away was where all the action was taking place. Still there were some kids just happily out to get the car: they would have jumped on it had they managed to, fortunately their zero skills on ice were no match for the mini Deltona, so I decided to bank on that and stay 😆

    The worst risk, if I think about it, is that I decided to ride my bicycle to that rink, through traffic, black ice and snow, while holding a grocery bag containing the Lancia 😰 no small risk indeed, but it saved me the frustration of driving (or should I rather say, dragging) a car through the city...

    ...though maybe next time I'll just do that 🙃

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  4. Time for a little update on the build. It took me ages to mask up the body shell, and now I'm finally done. While at it, I also punched out the holes for the light buckets. Fortunately, no casualties there.



    Body is ready for paint, once I set up the station and double/triple check all the edges one more time.


    Feeling a little tense but excited. Hopefully I won't mess this up! It'll be nice to finally get some paint on it.

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  5. Finally, I am now done masking the C11 shell. Man, what a drag this has been! I sure wish I had the resilience and determination of @technics and @Yoshimitsu when doing these tasks. Also, I pretty much ran out of Tamiya 6mm masking tape, will have to get some more asap as it's so useful also for shell touch-ups.



    Now on to the painting part (after I triple-check every dang millimeter of the masked areas, that is 😓). Hopefully I won't ruin it! 😄

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  6. This was last Sunday, almost a week ago, but I needed some time to sort out the footage.
    I did a bold move, well worth it in the end: I set up the Delta Integrale and brought her to the ice rink, in pursuit of some unspoiled drifting action. I called it bold move just because I usually steer clear from other people when I want to run my cars... but sometimes it's good to make an exeption and get out of our comfort zone.


    Indeed, other people were at the rink, skating and doing their thing but not too many for me to try. After some contemplation, I just went and took my chances discreetly. Fortunately, nobody seemed to mind, most people were actually interested/pleased by the unusual presence on the ice. I may or may not have gotten some dirty looks from the less experienced skaters, which sure didn't appreciate the extra distraction, but that's a small price to pay for the good times ;)

    Once I felt comfortable enough in terms of not being an annoyance to others, the fun began. The rink surface was bang on, thin layer of powder over the ice, providing great conditions for running and dramatic enough for the looks.
    The visuals of the car performing long and swift drifts was pure joy. With some more chassis roll during the action it would have been close to perfect (need softer springs for that), although just seeing the snow splashing off the mud guards like the real thing was in itself very satisfying.




    This went on for the duration of a battery pack, half an hour of bliss. It's safe to say I had at least 1/10th of the fun I would have experienced driving the real thing :D








    Strangers seemingly enjoying what I was doing was also a nice plus.



    All in all, a grand day out for my Didier and Bernard. Here they are, warm and dry after the post run cleanup20240204-192857.jpg

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  7. Popped into the dollar store for a random browse. There was a ton of Hot Wheels on display, some of which were absolutely jaw dropping. I can't believe the leap forward that Hot Wheels took in the past few years, in terms of both quality and model production choice.

    I mean, given that one is not in survival mode, can you imagine a better way to spend 1.75 $? Look at this gorgeous Alfa GTV :wub: 


    I was lucky enough to find this and a few more, and was very happy to drop a few dollars on these.

    The occasion also prompted me to pull the trigger on something I've been wanting to do for a while: set up a skinny shell for my favourite Hot Wheels models. It was supposed to hold 10 models or so, but for now I ended up over crowding it 🙄 




    Still pleased with the result 😊 (and thanks Mrs. Ferruz for embracing yet another essential display of cars in a completely unrelated area of the house).

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  8. Been away from the forum for a week or so. Spent the first part of the morning catching up with this and other threads. Lots of talent, fun stuff and inspiration as usual from ya fellow TCers :)

    I went for a brief outing with the Van the other day, and am planning on going back to the same spot later on today.




    I still haven't resurfaced from masking the C11 shell. This time around I really don't feel like it, but rather than powering through it to just get the task done, I seem to linger and do a little every day instead. Whatever works, but I can't wait to be done and move on to the decals (love that part). As long as I don't mess it up it's all good :rolleyes:

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  9.  Sweet topic @Juggular👍

    I have appreciated Cars since the day I became a sentient being. My first ever toy was a 1:43 scale rubber pick up truck with metal axles and plastic wheels. I still have it at my parents, in pristine shape. I have collected, enjoyed and played with toy cars of all available sizes ever since. I still have a massive collection of Bburago models back at my parents', which stems from my early years and includes models I played with as a 3 y old. Today every corner of my home and even the workshop is "littered" ehrrm I mean decorated with little cars, nowadays mostly Hot Wheels because of where I live.

    Similar to what @Saito2 described, (although not on the spectrum) as a kid I was always extremely fascinated by cars, sometimes to the point of obsession of some sort, and just as much by their components and dynamics alone: parts rotating at different speed for sure, but also the steering system, engine sounds and turbo compressors, the shape of bumpers, hoods and wheel arches... everything.

    I also had a healthy exposure to the real thing: my Dad was always a genuine petrolhead, he would bring me to see the rally cars darting through the Alps in northern Italy in the early '90s (I missed the Group B crazyness by only a few years, dang it!). He used to race himself back in the day, touring cars and hill climb racing with awesome little speed machines such as the Simca Rally 2 or even a Fiat X19 that he was once trusted with. Before I was born, when he was way younger than I am now, his entire existence revolved around being able to race a car. I in fact admire him for all the sacrifice and effort it took and for being so consistent, as nobody in the family was ever rich and even replacing a single tire or disk brake was a big deal! Ahah.
     He definitely passed the car passion down to me. Going to our very home town's Motor Show with my Dad once a year is still one of the best memories of my childhood -and I had a fantastic one. That new tire smell, no wonder I love tires so much 😅

    It's also thanks to my dad that I got to drive some cool Porsches through the years. He still owns one, a 997 4S, what a toy! I'm gonna drive the bejeez out of it again next time I go see him, I gotta take the chance while it's there...!

    To this day, no other man made object can stir up my most passionate emotions as fast as cars can do. Not even close. Just for example, let me name a few cars whose mere thought sends me head over heels:

    -Lancia Delta Integrale, in Martini livery
    -Porsche 917 K in Gulf livery
    -any Lotus F1 car from the '70s in JPS livery
    -Porsche 993 GT2
    -Ferrari GTO (1984 model)
    -Ferrari 330 P4

    I could of course go on. Every time I think of one of those cars I almost get overwhelmed by the sense of sheer beauty and proportion alone. A beauty enhanced by the fact of being on wheels, yes because wheels stand for mobility, freedom, speed and the option of going from point A to point B with more style than you could possibly have imagined in the stone age.
    Another thing that boasts my love for cars is in fact this: they are technically born to be useful, and I'm a sucker for all things that marry beauty and functionality. Yes, I am biased no doubt, and therefore do turn a bit of a benign blind eye to the fact that they burn fuel and pollute... but I love what cars represent in culture. I guess it goes hand in hand with why I was never really attracted to tanks, fighter jets or anything that is conflict related.

    But back to the design part, I get why people get mesmerized and drop their jaw in front of, say, the Mona Lisa or any other globally acclaimed work of art. I get the exact same feeling in front of a Lamborghini Miura, a Volkswagen Beetle from the early '60, or ever the Fiat 500 L from '71 that I was so lucky to own. I don't even need to see them in real life, a photo on a magazine or a screen would do. Just absolutely awe inspiring.

    Cars such as those, and many maaany others, are timeless achievements that humanity should be extremely proud of, and must be regarded as such. No kidding they are now featured in the best design books, it would be a crime if they weren't.

    If I had more money, I would start a small collection of carefully selected 1:1 cars and enjoy them to bits.

    If I had a lot of money, I would go race 1:1 cars, and likely get injured or worse due to too much enthusiasm and lack of experience.

    About RC cars, like a few others already have said, yes I do them because I love 1:1 cars and can't afford the real deal in any way that goes beyond the maintenance of my daily driver, but also because they tick so many boxes in my book. In fact, if I could afford real cars as a hobby, I am sure I would still enjoy RC to a certain extent. It provides a lot of the real thing, and you can be flexible about it, take it or leave it in a way that couldn't be possible with their full size counterparts.

    Cheers to cars, and cheers to RC.

    Ps I also like motorbikes, and really anything with an engine or motor that propels it.


    ...and cars! 🚕

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  10. Chassis is now fully done.



    Adding the wheels to it felt so good, I enjoyed every turn of each locknut. Must be the tire smell ahah

    I think that the kit's brass bushings look really cool. Too bad they gotta be replaced by "plain" looking bearings, it would have been a nice color accent to keep. But functionality comes before aesthetics!


    Bench tested and, later on, livingroom test complete with a few close calls in terms of avoided collisions with furniture 😁. Everything works well.

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  11. 5 hours ago, promodvette said:

    The most important part is to wash the body out with some strong dish soap (I use Dawn in the USA). For this yellow I go 2-3 light coats and then back with 1 coat of their normal yellow and then white and then black if desired. The lighter coats are best to let the layers cure and stick better. If you go too heavy they can flake and run very easily!

    I second that.

    On my Manta Ray I did two-three light layers of fluorescent yellow and backed it with white. One mistake I did was spraying the metallic blue after instead of before. It showed through a couple pinholes in the white here and there, and wasn't easy to fix. Always spray darker colors first!

    The yellow itself is fantastic, its brightness has no match.

    Looking good there @Re-Bugged 😉

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