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  1. Well to be honest it gave it another’s lease of life opposed to sitting in the garage or loft for another 15-20 years.
  2. I just need to shorten the rear tie rods and spacer them back further to square the wheels up. Had to cut a small piece of the chassis but know now that it fits and works I would of cut the lug off the gearbox.
  3. I will get some tomorrow, but to be honest it was quite straightforward and works well, just need to make some tie rods and spacers.
  4. They do a nice Dodge pick up body, I might be tempted by.
  5. Hi All, I recently dug out my old Tamiya KingCab which the diff failed in years ago resulting in it being parked up. Any way having read about all the conversions they were all hard to obtain or troublesome so I have installed a HPI firestorm rear axle and bought it back to life and having some fun using it again. I was after a replacement body if anybody has one, not fussed on the condition.
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