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  1. Sorry I'm located in San Jose California . Sorry, I'm trying to find the For Sale and I can't find how to set my Location in my Profile. So how to do a SALE? I joined and Paid my Membership.
  2. What is the best way to sell this unit Kit No 5857, it is new in original box and nothing has been removed, meaning everything sealed as it was from factory. The boxes themselves were not sealed in Tokyo in those days, so top if open and everything can be inspected. I bought while living near Tokyo in 1986 so this was on the first run of builds, believe I got it when they first became available (the 4 Wheel Drive). It's one of those projects I never got around too. I also have a 1984 Hornet also new and un-built in original box. I built a HUNTER (marked Team Hunter) which I've never seen any record of existing. Maybe only in Japanese Market? Trying to avoid the E-Bay mess. Any advice would b appreciated. Or if anyone knows someone interested. Rick
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