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  1. I don't think it is really worth the effort. The stock silver can motors will drive the tank fast enough. You would probably have to replace all the electronics with third party ones.
  2. The TA-07 shares a lot of the TRF419. It is the consumer version of the TRF419.
  3. Built from new in the box: Sonic Fighter Bear Hawk M1A2 full option r/c tank TA07 Pro Bought second hand and largely rebuilt: DB-01
  4. I would socket head screws where possible. Next my preference would be for hex head and only then would I use slot/Philips/Pozi/JIS heads if they were the only ones available as I find that it is too easy to damage the heads of slot and cross head screws.
  5. Started rebuilding the diffs on my TA-07 (changing the oil). Replaced the damper stays (broke the front one). Waiting for new turnbuckles (bent one).
  6. I have a Bear Hawk and a DB-01. The DB-01 is the best handling.
  7. TS paint works on metal just fine with Tamiya primer or Halfords primer. TS paints are aerosol versions of Tamiya laquer paints.
  8. Buy a new switch. Cut the old switch off the wires. Solder the new switch onto the switch wires.
  9. I have a bodyshell where the light buckets are made from Lexan and you have to paint them.
  10. Batteries are heavy! The Tesla has a lot of battery. Petrol is a lot lot lighter for the same energy output.
  11. My wife might not be happy with me if that happens as I would be rather tempted! It would go well with my M1A1.
  12. M1A2 Abrams full option tank for me.
  13. I would buy paint from a local model shop if possible. If you buy over the internet you will find the shipping costs will be high as paint is classed as a dangerous good and has to go via a courier.
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