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  1. I do it like in the manual - some needle nose pliers with paper towel around the shaft to protect it. It works just fine and I haven't scratched a piston rod.
  2. Not really. I work out what the price is with all the correct tariffs and VAT added. If it gets through without attracting the fees or less fees than I was expecting I consider it a nice bonus. Some sellers may be naughty and declare lower values for the goods to try and reduce the duty you might be charged. If you want to look up the import & export duty for anything you can do so here: https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/sections. Just find the category the product you are look at fits into. once you have the duty add it to the cost of the goods and the postage. Then work out the VAT due (20% in the UK) on the price you just worked out.
  3. I have no idea what voltage rating they would have. Maybe try a AA battery? 1.5V shouldn't kill the motor but would hopefully provide enough power to get it to spin if it is OK. Hopefully the motor would have something printed on it which would help identify the specs.
  4. 2S LiPo is 7.4V. That is so close to the 7.2V NiMH that there is no problem with going to 2S LiPo and you won't break stock stuff with them.
  5. Try taking the motors out and powering them outside of the tank to see if they spin.
  6. Bought my first on road kit! Just got to decide what body to get for it now.
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