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  1. I run it as a basher...not to race. You can probably see some of my recent damage. Could you share your 3D printing gearbox holders? Maybe upload to thingyverse? Best, Ben
  2. I really like this build, it reminds me of my carbon RC-10 chassis from back in the day. I went a different route to stiffen the ABS tub, it has 8 points of attachment and makes the frame super rigid for not much weight. It is a pain to get on and off though
  3. Is there any reference to Phoenix parts online? I can't find much.
  4. There were 12 pairs at the store. I bought a set to see if they were indeed the right size. They slid right into my boomerang. They have a really nice build quality and there is almost no play in the universal. I know that others have said that the originals from Tamiya were not so good, it would be interesting to see if anyone here has experience with these.
  5. I found these at the local hobby store in a box of misc. parts. They are clearly original from "back in the day". Any Japanese speakers want to translate? Any information or previous experience with these parts would be appreciated. They look to be stainless and fit the vintage Tamiya Hot Shot series gear box dog bone cups, not the ReRe smaller cups. Would anyone be interested in purchasing them? -Ben
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