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  1. thanks for your help anyway monk3y, yeah could be a difference in the interior angle of the servo mount (or something?) in the truggy vs buggy) but those instructions certainly helped clear things up a lot and it was good too for the practice I got on the servo parts - certainly wouldn't have got anywhere without your advice and help - and for helping with my very obvious and glaring mistake with me trying to put the steering rods through the servo-screw hole ...doh.
  2. ahhhh...that's better, have swapped the ball thingys over to the other side and steering working now - have to use the trim on the transmitter as not going in a straight line - might play/shorten the steering rods a little one side that I lengthened during the refitting process - will have to look at that link you sent monk3y
  3. ok.... thanks Thunder nice one... I was telling of lies when I said that.... Just put the servo back on and steering is really weak -hardly turns to the right -left also weak but not quite as bad. Looking at it the front end (the whole front wheel area) lifts about when moving left and right and both left and right steering is weak, - poor turning circle, very poor . any ideas what I have done wrong. I'm starting to think that the ball joints should be the normal way round and that the angle of the stering rods are too steep to the servo (steering rods to servo) ? (I've played about with the length of the steering rods also but to no effect.
  4. cheers guys - thanks for the info. Promise no more naive newbie(ish) questions.
  5. monk3y, do the steering rods still have to be 50mm each (as per the tamiya manual) or did you just lengthen/shorten yours to fit? sorry if this is silly question, I'm just going to go with 50mm unless I hear different.
  6. Yes... I've checked page 15 and can see the orientation - specifically the ball connectors are other way round.... will swap that tomorrow. Brilliant advice and well spotted with the ball connector thing monk3y thanks again! Must buy you all a pint each if you're down devon way chaps - that's going to be some expensive round of drinks (with all the help I've had off you all) cheers.
  7. Ahhhhhh monk3y.... you are a spiffing fellow thank you - the most elementary of errors by me there? - I've been messing about with the steering rods on and off for a week or two so I should be used to putting them through the side holes and not the hole near my thumb on photo 2 - jeez?!! ....bit of a muppet today I am...too much sun maybe? WIll take a look at those instructions too. thanks to you for your help.
  8. oops...... frisky jim not very frisky - remember what I said about not the sharpest tool in the shed, more like a teet short of an udder. "Dime bar?" Here's the reason for my self deprication (before anyone else does it) Today I have mostly been........Putting together the new servo saver bits (as per the instructions ( got the hi-torque saver bits) Now, upon fitting, the servo mount and servo/steering don't go through 'ole!!!!! The mount no longer slots in place inside the chassis and the whole thing just won't slip in (oo-er) Aghhhh - I could crush a grape tommy!! See pic 1 - for servo bits on, pic 2 for steering rods that don't go through hole in tub anymore pic 3 for instructions. It's the Tamiya Hi-torque servo saver part no: 50473 (SP-476) - white version of part 51000 As per instructions with the hi-torque tamiya parts - i've used part Q1,then put all 3 metal rings onto part Q1,(TamiyaFutaba) - then used part Q2, then part Q4 onto Q2, joined the whole lot up and screwed to servo, then attached steering rods. As you can see from pic 1 it's probably the whole size of the bits that are stopping me mounting the servo in the chassis. Any ideas (apart from get my son a new hobby?) Thank fellas. Upmost respec......
  9. absolutely first class advice lads, many many thanks, the info you supplied with photos really sets your mind straight if you are on a (steep) learning curve like me (admittedly - I'm certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to RC) but learning fast. thank you jugglar and the rest of you. I got the hi torque servo from tony (tonystamiyaparts975) on ebay (good chap too) Tamiya Hi-torque servo saver part no: 50473 (SP-476) - white version of part 51000
  10. cheers chaps, great advice - I got the tamiya p6 white part on and it worked for a while, , took it to a local RC shop/chap here in devon and he said 'it's not the right part' he then put something else on it (don't know what) and that servo saver bit just snapped off after a not so heavy collision with some shrubbery. Where I'm struggling is (yep I'm struggling all over the place) ...but what my mind is struggling to understand.is, what P part is it that is supposed to fit onto the carson servo that I have, and also, which specific tamiya 'white bits P parts' do I put on the Altum servo specifically? (which I will probably buy) Sorry to be a ballache with all these questions, and thanks again.
  11. Hi boys, Is there an aluminium or similar hop up to the plastic P parts that come with the racing fighter dt03, or what parts are best toconnect to carson servo. Part P6 didn't work properley after all. Is a futaba part - if anyone might be able to advise that would be great thanks. Also - on a different note - whats the best hop up to the carson - what can take alot of bashing - a race servo - if so whats your opinion and advice - which servo - don't mind buying one as long as it's bits don't break from smashing about. cheers
  12. Yes!!! Well done boys - wouldn't have got there without your help, all working now:) Used the p6 you mentioned Juggular, the p6 wasn't on the previous one, but on this one now - great knowledge there, infact great knowledge from all of yer!! Thanks again. Phew - Off for a ciggy now.
  13. yes Surrey it's the carson reflex stick 3.1 it's got the ST/D/R knob/dial at the top right of the face of the transmitter - it's presently halfway
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