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  1. Thanks for identifying the pins Shodog. So if I’ve got this right, they are in fact from an MIP trailing arm suspension kit and not for use with the stock A-arms at all! I’ve got no plans to try and source a trailing arm set up so would be interested in a trade if you are. I will check this weekend as I’m sure there were 4 of these. Thanks for the input on the shimmed arms too, that makes sense, I know about the CRP rear A-arm bushing kit (1540) but this is obviously something else altogether.
  2. Thanks Darryn. This is the only shot I have before I stripped it down. You can just see the pins holding the A-arm on. The gearbox has been modified and had part of a Thorp/MIP ball diff fitted. (see my other post) Box and arms are both Mk1.
  3. Another mystery I’m trying to solve folks. These rear arms were attached to a modified SRB gearbox in my stash with the pins in photo 2. They appear to have been sleeved with a brass like material and the pins are an unusual design (only had 3 fitted) Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I’ve managed to pick up some NIP Thorp ball diff parts which has allowed me to compare them to these parts. The 2 axles are definitely Thorp right hand axles, part# 4445, but the pressure disc is not a Thorp one and as it fits the aluminium gear perfectly I’m assuming it’s a MIP ball diff one? So a bit more of the puzzle solved. Next decision is do I sell/trade the MIP parts or try and find the missing parts to complete the diff, I suspect option 2 could be a challenge!
  5. Thanks Shodog. That’s a nice piece of kit there, I’ve seen some of the stuff you have collected, very nice. I agree about the aluminium gear being MIP but looking at the axles they don’t have the 3 tapped holes like the MPI ones. Can I ask you, do both your MPI axles/outdrives have tapped holes, either internally or externally? My axles have no holes. I’m still leaning towards them being 2 right hand Thorp axles. As for the pressure disc, not sure. The black plastic/nylon counter shaft gear is another mystery! and as for the “input” shaft/gear (last 2 pieces in the far right in the photo) god knows what they were thinking, I don’t know what it’s from but it wouldn’t work in a million years!
  6. Thanks for the info. I’ve had a bit more of a dig around and I don’t think it’s a Nodis gear, that diff is quite a different design. Don’t know if you’ve seen this but some good Nodis info here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/article.asp?id=186 I think it’s more likely to be a MPI gear. Again some good info here on tha MPI diff if you haven’t already seen it: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=43754&id=5475 I still think the axles and pressure disc are Thorp however. Photo of a MPI diff gear for reference (not mine).
  7. Thank you, looking at the parts list I may have a pressure disc, part# 4442 and 2 right hand axles, part# 4445. Possibly.
  8. Hi folks I stripped down a SRB gearbox today that I’ve had sitting in my parts box for years. Inside it were these parts from a ball diff. Can anybody help me identify what they are? I have no idea what the aluminium gear is from but I think the 2 axles and pressure disc may be Thorp items from the SRB ball diff (4435) but I can’t be sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated .
  9. That would be great if you could, you can’t get enough photos of SRB stuff!
  10. Hi Cooltoys I checked out your SRB stuff, very nice!
  11. Thanks for the recommendation I’ll look into it. I’m not in a huge rush.
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