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  1. Installed the new chassis, the previous owner apparently installed a 415MSXX non-MRE chassis which did not fit 100% the same. eg: front bumper holder does not fit anymore. And while looking at this picture, its the wrong upper deck as well, it seems i will need to source tamiya item 14004053. This is tipping the point of just buying a new one to be cheaper Nothing replaces me actually have raced this baby though.. It was pretty cool to have removed the chassis and the car stayed in one piece (upside down, see picture) I have found the livery in a big enough image, ordered colours and an airbrush kit. It was long due that I tried that myself
  2. That is an awesome question.. I am already spending waay too much on Tamico, not sure if an extra discount will be benefecial for my wallet
  3. Not really, tamico is a bit cheecky it said 333 in the weekly sale. But when i logged in(last week) it raised up to 384
  4. Indeed that is the manual i have 😉 Did the mazda speed body already exist back then? It would be cool to have that exact body. incznt seemnto find a nice picture to get the color scheme either.
  5. No, that is the 415ms, after that the msx came, then the msx mr edition, then the msxx and then as last of the 415 line the msxx mre
  6. Today is came a step closer to restoring an avante 2001. Still have to redo the tires, wait for the paint for the driver to come in, put in the sport tuned, put on the new, but original, shocks.. and create some shelf space 😎
  7. Hi fellow tamiya enthusiasts, I just got my first trf onroad car back: the 415msxx mr edition. There is some work required to restore it, inshould be able to find all parts, im not worries about that. the plan for the car however is to make it a replica of the car which marc reinhardt won in 2007. I cant seem ronfind the exact specs on the body and colors, the pictures do not say enough. The electronics are not clear either. All i have to go on is ‘lrp tc and checkpoint motor’ any help would be greatly appreciated
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