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  1. Will the prices be at rock bottom though? I think more people will be idly flicking through eBay.
  2. I was reading the “apocalypse preparation” thread and it got me thinking. What do you think this lockdown will do to the RC community? Does more time at home mean people are more likely to: 1. sort out loft, garage etc and sell on eBay 2. scour eBay for used bargains. 3. buy and build new kits. I’m just wondering if more spare time will benefit buyers or sellers ...
  3. Does anyone have a Blackfoot they don’t want any more? They’ve really grown on me lately, the issues related to the vintage have put me off getting an original or a Super/King/3, but a re-re 2016 sounds like a winner. I promise I’ll give it a good home. I’m not that bothered about condition, preferably without radio gear, but I don’t mind.
  4. And here he is driving the CC01 Bronco
  5. Finished. Sanded his pointy nose down a bit, gave him some stubble and a grubby white shirt. Would like to have made the eyes better but I think that’s the best I can do.
  6. That check shirt looks great, that must have taken a while?!
  7. Why did they make the 4x4 driver look like such an old man?!
  8. I’ve just bought a 54416 4x4 driver figure to go into a Bronco, but I’m a bit short on inspiration for what colours to paint him. Anyone got any photos of their driver figures?
  9. All suspension stripped and cleaned. New rear wheels and motor. Body currently undergoing surgery. So much fun to drive though, proper little scrabbler.
  10. So they do have tyres? That’s great, I need tyres
  11. I don’t suppose those Stadium Blitzer wheels have tyres on them do they?!
  12. I am rebuilding a loft find Blitzer Beetle and need rear wheels and tyres. Does anyone in the UK have any unwanted spares? They don't have to be immaculate, anything considered ...
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