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  1. AshRC

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Cut out my first Lexan body today. Easily the most stressful and least enjoyable part of the build
  2. AshRC

    Build problem - dodgy nuts

    I had some similar screws, so put the nut into a 6mm socket and used the biggest screwdriver I could find. Worked perfectly, that thread is almost as good as new now. Thanks for that, I wasn’t sure if it would just seize everything together.
  3. AshRC

    Build problem - dodgy nuts

    It does go in part way, but then it properly stops. I was hoping I could maybe re-tap it a bit but no luck. Think it might be worth forcing it a bit more???
  4. I started building my CC01 today and just ran into a problem. Quite early on in the instructions there’s a long screw MA1 that attaches to a ball nut MA11 but I can’t get one of the nuts onto a screw. Both screws fit happily into one nut but I can’t get more than half a turn into the other. Advice needed ... is it worth contacting Tamiya, or the retailer, or just try and find a replacement ball nut somehow?? (apologies, photo is upside down)
  5. AshRC

    TamiyaClub discounts?

    That’s awesome, I didn’t know about either of those discounts
  6. I'm about to buy a CC01 Bronco, so I'm hunting around looking at prices. Does TamiyaClub have any discount schemes with anyone? I know there are some forum sponsors, but I don't see any mention of club discounts. Wonderland is currently the cheapest, but there's so much choice in the UK I thought I'd see if anyone can help.
  7. AshRC

    Half-built Wild One

    This build has a restricted budget, so it's going to drag on for months. Sorry I've just bought (most of) a Wild One re-release, and am in the process of sourcing the missing parts. I thought I was being clever and buying a part-built one, but I think it will end up costing the same as a new kit. Ah well. First priority is gearbox, then suspension, then electronics. I'm planning on putting a slower motor (55?) in, so my youngest can learn to drive it. Fingers crossed she'll enjoy it, then I can get another one for me If anyone has a spare set of rear Wild One shocks, please let me know ...
  8. AshRC

    Wanted: Wild One parts

    I’m quietly hoping that someone will have a spare inner or a roof. If not, I’ll have a go at making them. Full bodysets are expensive
  9. AshRC

    Wanted: Wild One parts

    First day of Tamiya ownership ... already doubled what I paid for the car in new parts
  10. Hi everyone, I just bought a part-built "spares or repair" Wild One re-release on eBay. Looks pretty good too ... wheels, tyres, chassis, body etc all look new. Not sure if it lived on a shelf or just got abandoned halfway through the build. I have a list of missing parts, but I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any unwanted Wild One parts they don't need. Here's what I need Front steering ball connectors (BA16) x2 Front adjuster rod (BC6) x1 Roof Body mount (BA7, BA18) x2 Interior (driver) & head Gearbox & gears Rear axles Drive shafts Motor & pinion Rear shocks x2 Rear arm holder (left) (BB8) I live in Dorset, there aren't any model shops nearby, so is eBay the best place to get spares? While I'm thinking about it, do parts bags come complete with all screws, nuts, washers etc, or do they need to be sourced separately? Many thanks, any guidance would be most appreciated