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  1. I would repair the original grill & rollbar, use the LWB bulkhead (seeing as there's no difference between SWB/LWB) and to get a new re-re winch. The winch hasn't changed, so IMO it's not worth repairing.
  2. Was hoping to avoid sanding it off. I’ve never seen such resistant paint before.
  3. Does anyone know what kind of paint this might be, and how I can remove it? I stripped the entire body with oven cleaner, then tidied up the last bits with brake fluid. Everything has been cleaned off nicely … and this paint hasn’t even faded (apologies for the MS Paint quality obfuscation)
  4. Superglue worked I dripped a tiny amount on two sides of the nut and left it for a couple of hours, and the bolt came straight out. Thanks everyone. A new set of wheels is only £13 but I’d much rather keep the originals.
  5. I did try that, but the plastic deforms too easily
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove this last bolt? The nut is spinning and it’s in a recess so I can’t get needle-nose pliers onto it. I think the same design is used for all three part wheels so this must happen a lot. They’re vintage wheels so I don’t really want to cut them off
  7. First question … does anyone know what motor pinion it uses? I only have a 15 tooth and that doesn’t fit. The manual doesn’t say, and I found articles online saying 18 and 20 tooth … not sure which is correct though.
  8. A friend of mine had a Pajero back in the 80s and I always liked it. The rest of us had buggies, I think this was the first hard body I’d ever seen. He moved away and I kinda forgot about the Pajero. A while back I saw one again and all the old memories came back. Took a while to find one, but I bought this in the summer. I just got round to looking at it. The body is a bit beaten up, lots of random drilled holes and roll-over damage. The chassis is good though, and the gearbox should be ok once all the solidified grease is cleaned out. I don’t know that much about this chassis, I’ll put some new radio gear in it and give it some light running. It’ll basically be a shelfer though.
  9. Kyosho Pegasus? I had one of those ... the ball joints in the front wishbones came apart after a couple of months, I never properly fixed it.
  10. The Volvo and the Sinclair C5 need build threads of their own
  11. All the way from Netherlands to the UK
  12. That's a serious project This is mine - has taken a bit of work to get this far. I'm midway through replacing engine mounts at the moment, but my plan for the weekend is to fit this lot
  13. That's awesome. Couple of suggestions from me ... as well as "Build Thread URL" and "Showroom URL" I would add a "Photo URL" field with the URL of your favourite photo (on TamiyaClub or elsewhere). Saves you hosting the image yourself, and you could then use that image in the Active Displays page, to mock-up how the shelves will look. Secondly, I would use migration files for the DB changes. Anyone can then commit changes and you'll keep up-to-date.
  14. Top Gear's on again? How did I miss this?!
  15. That's some impressive masking!! Everything looks pretty good to me
  16. Great work. I think those small issues (the pimple on the grill, the wonky light etc) are part of its history and give it a unique personality. Seems a shame for a renovation to remove every blemish.
  17. Rookie error, thanks @Willy iine Embarrassingly, I did Google which way round they went, found plenty of photos of them fitted both ways. Obviously chose wrong
  18. Chassis finished, driver finished, body “finished” (still have to get a fuel can and repaint the spare wheel). The grill repair turned out really well, and everything else cleaned up nicely. I’m so pleased with the result, thanks to everyone for the moral support Well worth the time and effort.
  19. If the grill was more damaged I'd replace it, but the rest of it is (mostly) OK. Seems a shame to replace a 30-yr old part for one missing upright. Let's see how the repair turns out
  20. I know exactly what you mean, I spent hours concentrating on each tiny brush stroke. I just don't have the skill to make the faces look as realistic as I'd like, or the eyes as detailed. How you leave such a thin black line around the iris is beyond me. That said, I might buy another Willy sometime and have a go at camo
  21. Offcut from a Tamiya parts spruce cut down, shaped and glued in place.
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