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  1. I´ve had great experience with these shops. Fast and tracked shipping. https://www.srcc-devils.de/GL-RACING-WORLDWIDE-SHOP.htm?a=catalog&p=1029 https://www.rcorange.com/categorie-produit/kits-et-chassis/kits-et-chassis-gl-racing/ http://gl-racing.com/store/ https://www.facebook.com/GLRCRACING With micro receivers to run any radio of your choosing, I run my T4PM Futaba as all my 1:10 chassis. My chassis is the first generation GLR ( RWD ) chassis, 5300kv motor, ceramic ball diff, stock electrics, unsensored. ( Programmable ESC with hobbywing box module ) Since then there is a imminent V2 chassis release of the GLR, sensored electronics ( there´s many brands to choose from if you want options ) and far more powerful motors, over 10,000kv, even with 5300kv I run out of space before the braking zone arrives. My local indoor club runs GL Racing on equivalent mini z carpet track, there´s a 12-20 people, only one has a AWD version, check your local club what suits best. Incredible! Actually as funny as it sounds, it feels just like 1:10 touring, the cars might be far smaller but they react and drive equally good. It just feels like their further away haha
  2. Quick photo session before anyone woke up in the house ( tad dark still, and it´s winter. ) of my GL Racing 1:28 chassis and P1 Lexan runner Highly recommend checking GL Racing if you haven´t already. Incredible what´s possible in this scale, about the size of a smartphone.
  3. 2019 3 years have passed since i seen the chassis, buried at the bottom of life logistics and a storage unit I unwrapped the chassis one afternoon and started by just having it out on the shelf for display. Soon after I decided to get a new radio system to kick off the next chapter, a more permanent one. So I went with a Futaba T4PV that could store 40 receiver models. ( hint on what’s to come in near future ) I enjoyed a few street side bashing sessions and after one suddenly there was only a vibration sound under throttle but no forward movement. I started by thinking it was the differential, I disassembled the chassis and opened it up it was fine, as was the internal gearing. Next up the motor, I gave it power and no go, it vibrated internally but no shaft movement of any kind. I started making a list of to do’s the more I looked the more I wanted to change. Most will know how this rabbit-hole goes and a few weeks later we had goodies arrive. Keeping it budget friendly and not very spec ( I’m far from starting to race, I don’t have a consistent enough schedule, or spare time ) at first I went with a 9T / 4300kv GoolRC ( catchy name..) brushless combo off eBay. Incredible value, the esc was not tiny. Nor was its sensorless startup forward movement / low speed cogging, but i enjoy learning and this was more then enough to continue the journey. I put in a new equivalent sized Tamiya pinion that was already in there that wasn’t chewed up. I cleaned up the shocks and topped them off with oil no one ever uses, Tamiya kit oil. Or do they? Having not really finished the Mini Cooper body, ( I feel like a shell isn’t finished until it’s decently documented and photographed outdoors ) I tinker with it a bit and took it outdoors, better photos to follow but we are here right now. Freshly packaged Sweep wheels and tires were glued together and I finally had something I felt was done visually. I like having multiple projects / tasks going at any given moment as there’s always some delay or reason something doesn’t allow you to move forward so here I was already fitting up a new lexan body I had from RCMart - ABC Datsun 240Z fairlady 210mm. Key items have arrived that I wanted before heading to the local track for the first time. ( Along with a longer list of things i wanted to try out next ) Mylaps Transponder - RC4 Hybrid Savox servo - 1257 TRF servo horn - 25T Track Reflection - Incredible fun, and incredible grip. This was my first onroad carpet experience. Addicting and challenging, i love having some accurate data recorded to know the laptimes however slow they might’ve been. It was really rewarding seeing laptimes, and speed for the first time. I´m the type that can enjoy improving alone, timed trails, so this was incredibly exciting and motivating. After this track session continued to plan and collect parts for a larger rebuild to make it my own.
  4. ( 2015-present ) I’ve been a TamiyaClub & Rctech site admirer, researcher and observer for decades. Finally I thought it would be nice to document my journey and the various chassis I enjoy. This is as much for some viewers to casually scroll through my process and humble learnings as it is for me share and digitize my untold journey 1990s / Toronto Growing up always I lusted after touring cars and particularly a Tamiya. Back in the day it was only grainy magazine photos and some Californian or Japanese address. It was always far out of reach, both the sun, rc tracks and the culture. In 1993 I was lucky enough to get and build a Traxxas Stampede with my dad as a kid in Toronto, Canada. Decades and many moves, continents, education, career, kids later I bought my first Tamiya. 2015 / Melbourne Purchased through Gumtree Australia I got my hands on a well built and well used M05 13T spec racer. Having had zero prior experience with Tamiya m-chassis or any in depth knowledge anything rc related I began to learn and appreciate the tasteful and useful upgrades the car already had at time of purchase from what I could gather : ———————————————————— Tamiya M05 Pro Tamiya Alu M dampers Tamiya Alu Front and Rear hub carriers Tamiya Alu steering assembly Tamiya Alu front suspension mount Tamiya Alu steering arm Ball bearings 3racing Gear Diff Yeah racing driveshafts Tamiya M chassis springs Sweep 36R tires Hobbywing EZrun 13T / ESC combo 4200mAh 40C Lipo M chassis compatible Futaba servo NIB Colt 210mm Mini Cooper body ( Loved that it came with a untouched lexan too ) NIB full spare M05 chassis kit plastics ( Was very happy this was included, even if not used for quiet a while ) ———————————————————- It arrived, as quick as I could open the box I stuck in a spektrum receiver at the time bound it up to my radio and quickly hit the pounding hot Australian courtyard pavement learning how much of a blast and unique the driving experience was of a fwd m-chassis. The power was ample, this thing moved but was not overkill. It had a quirky balance and a style of driving that needed a bit of planning. The cornering ability was incredible both off and on throttle. The car was enjoyed thoroughly at lunch and afterwork courtyard racing with work colleagues. Once a month it was experienced untimed lapping at Templestowe raceway (TFTR) in VIC, Melbourne with work colleague. Incredible fun, if I could I would sleep there. ( First track I’ve seen IRL, life changing and affirming. ) With the modern “bmw era” Mini Cooper body I went with a one-make race series look you might see cutting through the apex on three wheels in the UK or Japan, something I am really passionate about, Group A, improved production, one make racing. AUX mounted lights are never a bad look in my book, I disassembled a 1/10 roof rack made for a crawler bought off eBay and fabricated a simple lamp tray from styrene for them to sit on. I bought a set of Hot racing foam wheels in black off eBay on a whim, I was happy how they looked. Family circumstances made the retreat back to Stockholm, Sweden a reality and everything was archived, wrapped up, boxed and courier express shipped where it stood in a storage unit. From 2016-2019, passion glowing red at the moment i can dive in again. Best moment First sight Too excited to wait to finish shell Courtyard sprint with a workmate Small repairs here and there Front end of the shell I antipated a hinged clamshell static display of some sort, but didn´t end up taking it any further
  5. 10k diff fluid, replaced bearings, larger pinion 22T, thicker sway bar
  6. Great build, thanks for sharing. I have the white gearset (3racing) for over a year without any issues in my M05. Its ran at a indoor carpet track. 22T pinion, Ball differential with ceramic bearings, hollow carbon drivepin, and a ebay 9T brushless combo. So far it’s clocked at 51,96km/h 😁 I guess I’m quiet progressive with the throttle so it’s held together nicely so far
  7. While running Sunday morning errins fly this fantastic little drone. They cost nearly nothing, incredibly capable running on 1S lipo 520mAh. My first non wheeled rc.
  8. Peeled back the protective film on a Honda CIvic Type R3 body, making it look like the four door version as i prefer the grey trim from factory. Last picture is a pre production hard model by honda design WIP
  9. - Unboxed / unpacked factory TA06 runner. - Swapped driveline and electrics LRP/SKYRC TORO ESC/FUTABA - First time soldering Great fun
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