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  1. Just missing a rear plate and final photos now. I installed a exhaust via a sprue structure heated to shape with a lighter, tape panel gaps also added. It is not a wild build by any means but just aimed for a clean street build of a iconic car of the 90s.
  2. Couldn´t help but collect some inspiration for one of the next builds. Not sure if it will be the immediate next rally build but I want the inspiration archived. Volvo 242! Future scale 1:24 study will take place as well.
  3. Been a busy spring, I am panel lines and some rear detailing away from being done. Weathers gotten really good so here’s some dramatic summer feeling pictures of a near completed Tamiya Honda Civic. Pretty happy how this looks! It’s a simple TT02 roller with semi slick tires on RPF1. A lot of test fitting and spacing for the body height and stance to sit just right. The headlamps are layers of textured decals and transparent paint. Trying to hit that realistic target I’m always after - “is it a 1:1 car or a completely functioning rc!” Paint is metallic green backed with blue backed with black. Trims are painted from the outside in PS5 black. The Oem markings on the body and wheels are self made and outsourced printed at a shop.
  4. @Re-Bugged Love how the framed boxart look. Especially the graphical bodysets!
  5. Worked on the Honda project. Wheels, lamps, and oem markings. All a wip but going forward nicely. Expirementing with the rear lamps which to go, left is about half way to what I am thinking. Wildly different lighting conditions excuse the varying photo qualities
  6. Unoptimized quick photos show the wheels which got TS bright silver and with tiny enkei logos decals I made. The wheels got mounted onto a TT02 roller and started I started to work on the stance play stance which is a WIP. For the lamps I brush painted clear orange in 3 layers, and in the rear I did a few experiments trying to match the actual car. It´s still a wip but the left lamp shows two layers of vinyl film, one layer of tint to darken up the lamp from the outside, one red from the inside. The right rear lamp is taped in, looks good but is a bit too bright and has no depth. Once I am done I will mirror whichever lamp solution looks best. Overall I am motivated it will look quite good i feel finished. I also applied my civic / honda / vtec oem markings.
  7. Finished a long term project today!! Thank you everyone for the motivation and that contrirbuted with discussions!
  8. The final post ( of this body build. ) This ultimate XV rally thread will continue here afterwards. Tamiya XV-02 Chassis / Team C Subaru Legacy RS Large wheel hexes as the body is very wide, Yeah racing TA02W universal shafts in the rear Carbon Fiber XV-02RS front damper stay, with TRF419 dampers ( To have the body sit lower and more realistic ) 64p TRF Spur & Pinion Lamp Buckets - Yokomo C33 Rear / ABC Hobby Integra DC2 Type R Front Killerbody LED Controller ( Functioning brake lamps ) M4 low profile wheel nuts Generic magnet mount RcRacingLegends Tecnomagnesio wheels!! on Tamiya "Standard" TT02 kit tires Hobbywing Justock 13.5T ESC Combo, Sanwa 801X Servo with TRF servo arm The body is a one off with lots of effort to resemble the 1991/2 Colin Mcrae rally car Decals self drawn in Adobe and outsourced for printing on transparent glossy vinyl and metal / chrome. Lots of Paint, Shims, Material, mistakes, vinyl, tape, scale model parts and clean up work. The entire rear lamp look as well as the front are self made, no bodyset decals were used apart from the original bodyset window masks. Might be my most "complex" livery that turned out still pretty nice. It´s far from perfect of course!
  9. First set of wheels are painted, minus detailing. I love the colour.
  10. Made some wheels look more vivid with some paint I’m happy with for the Subaru and the Honda. Made small logos for the enkeis. Not perfect as I noticed an error but it’s enough to please the eye imo. Happy Friday everyone!
  11. Shot some Tamiya primer on RPF1 wheels for the Honda Civic build.
  12. Enkei RPF1s primered, which is my initial plan for the civic. Also considering spoon sw388 wheels.
  13. @Pylon80 with really meaty tires. I just sold two f1 rigs… I’m swimming in trf chassis which is where my heads at but I like your thinking. That would be special.
  14. Whatever the postman brings it’s an extra treat when it happens to include actual Tamiya boxes. The lesser seen cardstock ones. I just love the considered nice packaging. The contents were PS paint nothing to do with the outside. One of my favourite cars and rare bodysets came. I will build this into a speed run build.. first generation r8 gt3 car. One of the nicest modern day looking cars ever made in my opinion. I will try to make it exactly as seen in the press release photos, with a ridiculous low turn motor! 🙂
  15. Some great images were posted by prodrive on Facebook today.
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