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  1. Thank you! @ChrisRx718 Yes! I have some on order by Injora as well as some auxiliary goodies. We’ll see how much will be left of the liners with that much cut away everywhere haha. I agree !
  2. RC has taken a pause for me since basically a year ago but I´m back with a new project to kick start the motivation again. Others are on hold once the inspiration returns. And a few dozen are being planned in the background. It´s my first 1:10 crawler build. I was inspired by the Motortrend "RAD4" project they did a while back where they cut up and made a beast out of a little 3door Rav4. I loved the look of it and wanted to do something along those lines, perhaps a bit more OCD and cleaner.. . I started off by pulling off anything unnecessary on the used roller chassis I secured and brushing most of the filth off. I did a preliminary body cut and worked on the stance a bit. I´ve since adjusted the body to sit lower. It sits very nicely on magnetic body posts by Absima which i used to mount on the stock trimmed Axial posts. They sit securly with simply a bodypin to the chassis. It isn´t 100% Tamiya per se, but the spirit and passion is always Tamiya for me anyway. Project Start: 2023/02 Axial SCX10.2 Used Roller - 313wb Kyosho Rav4 Bodyset ( feels like a 1/9th or 1/8th scale body. ) Electrics - Holmes Hobbies 1800kv Outrunner V3 / Sidewinder 3 Paint - PS17 Metallic Green / PS63 Bright Gunmetal / PS41 Bright Silver Ambitions - Simply a cool looking Crawler / Pre Runner inspired Rav4 Auxiliary front and rear lighting IG - @scale_technics https://www.instagram.com/scale_technics/
  3. Great subject and work your doing 👌👍🏻
  4. Studied and contemplated a future project. I’ll need a 235mm wide rear, 210mm wide front chassis. It will either be a Roche P10W, or a Fenix Racing G56. I just love IMSA and these older generations of race cars. Livery will be a interpretation of either ones of these .
  5. Usage update. Mixed wet asphalt and hard packed dirt. Happy with quarter throttle performance at 47km/h! Couldn’t keep it straight. Looking forward for dry concrete runs. Temperature about 10’C/50’F 113T/37T pinion/spur. My current FDR is 5.65. Hobbywing 6.5T combo / Reedy Zapper 110C
  6. Super fun afternoon. 327 laps / Full 6+ hours of trackside carpet fun. Hot race foam are the national standard, the wheels are modified to have them fit. 6,5T modified 😀
  7. @Krustybus Thank you! it’s a good plan I think. Hope it turns out ! @Silver-Can Thank you very much! It’s always such a long process it’s fun sharing it helps with motivation. @Pylon80 Great tip, thank you! I’m new to really wide rims I’ll see where this takes me!
  8. Love this break down, priceless documented info 👌🏻👌🏻
  9. @FoxShot Thank you! I really hope so! @ThunderDragonCy Hey that’s a great tip. Luck and chance has it I recently got a full Taisam GT2 roller I can quickly try those wheels. Beautiful dish on the rears! Actually with enough luck could use the barrel of the wide rears and pop in a Strato-esque 5 star center. Not sure though. Trial and error will lead the way. @yogi-bear Thank you! Me too 😅 Best would be to have them active and motorized to pop up / down. But this is a ambitions enough project for my skill and time. I have motorized pop ups planned for a shorter “simpler” project that I feel will end sooner then this one. 😀 Since I like this car most with all lamps “up” all the time they will be static but in any case toggle-able & functioning. Hopefully crazy bright 😀 Night rally !!
  10. @naturbo2000 It’ll be purely visual scale points the mudflaps. The actual grunt work is done by the dirty inner wheel fenders and the lexan / rubber I’m about to go to town and glue everything to everywhere 😃😃😅 smoke and mirrors!
  11. Since this wasn’t a livery or even a common bodyset sold the decals out there are limited. I managed to piece together some decals however that already make up some key areas on the body that I want to have. It doesn’t have to be exact to the 1:1 what I care about it is the overall feeling. I don’t mind substituting with rc decals or other automotive ones. The pirelli decals are from CZ eBay and the Bastos were from UK eBay. Both look top quality. I also thought about buying 1:43 or 1:24 resin kit decals in order to scanning, scaling them up and finding a place to print. But I have not committed yet to trying that. Alternatively one could make the exact vector files for each decal missing and have them made of course, we’ll see what I feel is needed when the time comes.
  12. I want to go absolutely bananas with the front lamps setup. Controllerable by the third and forth channel or a external remote. It’s what makes the era and the genre look so special. Here I have the body parts cut out and mounted more or less where it will be. I will do detail cutouts on all the louvers and roof wing. I want to cut out all the vents on the hood as well but will judge structural rigidity first. There will plenty of fine tuning and gluing later on. I’ll have to fabricate a center light stack and light holders for the fog lamps. The headlamps have the same foglamp housing inside of the lexan. Overall it’s already taking shape, it certainly looks like a Stratos!
  13. I do not know if these are the final wheels but they looked pretty convincing and were of very low cost. The rubber tires feel accurate for the scale - Tamiya’s “rally blocks” and other 26mm tires feel huge. This is more appropriate for 1:10th scale. 24mm. Less cartoon looking. Still want to try to make my own wheels. Really meaty rubber maybe from an m chassis or onroad pan car. Good offset Stratos wheels. The bodyset is not of Tamiya standard for accuracy but it still looks amazing. I hope I can make it look good through to the end. Pop up lights are so good.
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