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  1. Thanks. I’ll source a replacement servo and we should be back on the road. thanks again for all your help
  2. I’ve swapped servo connectors around and steering doesn’t want to “fire up” . is that a servo issue ? Cheers
  3. Partial success. The MSC is now controlling but steering servo isn’t!!
  4. You’re a bloomin’ helpful bunch of folk . Thanks
  5. Smashing. Thanks. I shall give that a try.
  6. I do and I shall try. Is there an easy way to eliminate the battery holder being possibly damaged?
  7. Yes Twinfan, checked that and they match up. I have other crystals in another car, would it be worth swapping and trying them?
  8. The ESC works when I operate it manually. All batteries are fine . Just nothing when I attempt to power it up. Would battery leak damage to holder possibly cause this?
  9. That’s really kind , I’m up in Lancashire. Thanks for the offer.
  10. Many thanks for your replies. It seems the RC doesn’t have a BEC. The battery pack has been used previously. I have (I think) connected it all up as you’ve advised but still no joy. The battery pack had a a leaking battery and maybe damaged?
  11. Hello. Please could you help a complete amateur. Bought an old Blackfoot for my son . I’m struggling with the wiring . We have a few Tamiyas now but none have the battery pack for the 4x AA batteries. I’m unsure what the battery pack is for? I’ve hopefully included a photo. There’s a connector from the mechanical esc . A connector from the AA battery pack another from the Acoms receiver . Plus the switch connectors. Really appreciate your help. Many thanks J
  12. Hello, I've just bought a Baja King, TL-01B chassis in half decent condition . It's missing the 2 Battery Holders parts C4(?) Can anyone out there supply me with a pair or let me know a supplier. thanks in advance. J
  13. Thanks to svenb I’m sorted. only used this forum twice and both times members have been so helpful and generous.
  14. Yes that’s the one . I’m up in Lancashire. Let me know how much posted please. Thanks J
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