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  1. Which cars are the diff's and gears compatible with the TL01? I just picked up a used TL01 that is mostly complete, but, the servo is missing, and the driveline seems sloppy, so, i plan to take it apart and see what may or may not be broken or worn out in it, but, i am trying to see what parts will interchange with it just in case. Here in the states, im not finding a lot of driveline parts available for it.
  2. I don't have much choice, since, if you look at the pic i posted, that is the only area we can run RC cars at anywhere near us. This area is more into bike parks and skate parks, and we aren't allowed to use them to run our cars on, so, we are limited to strictly the area out back of the house. Its covered in grass, weeds, gravel, tree stumps, and rocks.
  3. Everywhere i have looked, the Maverick cars arent available anymore though. That was my first idea, when i started looking into this, until i found that noone carries them, anywhere.
  4. I am purposely keeping the budget very small, since i know that it wont be used much, and, im not one to throw money at something that will sit on a shelf, especially given that i have multiple SCT's, buggies, truggies, and monster trucks from Arrma, DHK, Losi, Kyosho, and Team Associated, and, since they do get used quite frequently, i would rather keep money in the budget for those vehicles. As for the Traxxas, and this is just my personal opinion, but, after seeing how often they break, from friends who have them, and how often they need to be repaired and upgraded, i personally wouldnt own one. I have looked all over Ebay, and the only WRX Bodies i find are 1/10TH scale for the 200MM on road cars. Ive never seen a 1/8TH body anywhere, except the one a friend of mine has, that he has had for almost 6 years, and isnt available anymore.
  5. FWD More than likely wouldnt work where i run, since RWD barely does, and neither do any of my "converted" FWD SCT's (i say converted, but what it really was was a Redcat racing Blackout, as well as an Exceed RC Racing Terrain) that blew the rear diff, so, until i could get parts, i ran it on just the front diff). I wonder if i could get longer body posts for the TT-02. That way, i could raise the body, and use the Exceed RC's smaller 1/10th "SCT" wheels and tires. For anyone that doesnt know, the Exceed SCT wheels and tires are basically rear buggy wheels on both the front and rear of the truck.
  6. I mostly phrased it that way because i saw a few different Tamiya chassis with Subaru WRX bodies that said they were rally vehicles. My ultimate goal would be to convert a 1/8th SCT, like someone else i know did, but, the body he used hasnt been available for quite awhile, even with how popular the WRX is, so im trying to come up with something she would be interested in, without spending a ton of money. Ive done a few Exceed RC conversions to run out back in the area in the pic, but, everytime i break something, its a struggle to get parts, and even those are converted from on-road cars, since the only bodies i find that arent outrageously priced are the cheap ones from China, and they only fit 190-200MM chassis.
  7. Find me one for under $150 new. The cheapest i have seen them is in the $300 range. I can find TT-02's for $150 shipped, and have even seen them for under $120 shipped on Ebay.
  8. When i say not smooth terrain, its rocks, gravel, tree stumps, big jumps in places, and my SCT's are perfect for it, but, she wants a rally car, and i cant find a cheap 1/8th Subaru WRX body anywhere, or i would just build her one using a DHK Hunter or Crosse chassis as a starting point. I attached a pic of the area i play in, so you can see what i mean.
  9. I just found an XV-01, and they are way above what i was looking to spend. The cheapest i have found so far is around $300, and, the reason i even started looking at Tamiya cars is because i found a whole bunch of the TT-02's for roughly the same price as what i pay for Exceed cars, while doing a search for something else. I also found a couple MF-01X's, but neither of those come with the WRX body either, but, they look like they may work for what im trying to do.
  10. I have a pile of buggy, on -road, and smaller SCT shocks, mainly from Exceed RC, and the shorter ones i have all fit the Exceed Drift King i modified, so that part isnt as much a concern for me. What is, is after looking at several different posts on different forums strictly about the TT-02, that even after i mod it a little, i wont get the needed ground clearance, no matter what i do. I found one post where a guy modded a TT-02, and to get more ground clearance, he cut off the limiters for the hubs, but, i think he was only able to get a maximum of 17MM clearance. I also have at least 20 complete sets of Rally Blocks, since i use them on all my buggies, so, i always buy them in sets.
  11. I dont mind if it isnt actually meant to be a rally car, but, from this and other forums i have been on, it seems the XV-01 and TT-02 are the best bets. Im looking into the TT-02 because that comes with a Subaru WRX body already, and i havent found an XV-01 with a Subaru WRX body, and, her only requirement is that it have that body, but, those bodies are way pricey from Tamiya, and, having never messed with the newer Tamiya stuff, im not sure if any of the cheap Subaru bodies i found on Ebay will fit either Tamiya chassis. Im not looking for total realism, as in how it drives and handles, since it just something for her to bash around with, and chase my SCT's with, but, she has RC drift experience, so the TT-02 might be easier for her to get comfortable with. I am also looking more at the TT-02, because they also make the TT-02B, and since i am big into buggies (i already have 6, but a few more never hurts), it would makes at least stocking some parts easier, i hope.
  12. I am looking to build a 1/10 or 1/8th scale rally car, but, due to budget constraints, as well as personal reasons, i would prefer to not spend the money on the way more expensive stuff, so, i started looking into Tamiya vehicles, and all i did was get lost, so, i figured i would ask here. What i am looking for is a chassis or vehicle with the following requirements. 4WD, able to run fairly decent in grass, decent ground clearance, durable, reliable, wont break the bank, able to handle a brushless 2S system. After doing a ton of research, as well as looking at different forums that highlight mods that can be done, i have narrowed it down to the TT-02 Subaru Rally car, the XV-01, the DT-03 (to convert to a rally car) (this is the one im leaning most towards), and the DF-03. What i am basically looking for are personal opinions and pros/cons of each vehicle, as well as what might be the best vehicle for what im trying to do. I run in grass, mud rocks, and basically very unsmooth areas, so i need something that will get through that kind of stuff, and since my wife prefers rally cars, i figured i would build her something she could mess with. I tried a Redcat, as well as an Exceed RC vehicle, and neither one really did what i wanted. So far, the only Redcat/Exceed stuff i found that kind of works, is to get one of their cheap SCT's and convert it to a rally car, but, its breaks an awful lot, and parts are typically out of stock, so, im looking for something better. My research has shown Tamiya stuff has better parts and aftermarket support, and seem to be better overall, so, i figured, why not see if i could find something that would work. The last Tamiya vehicles i had were an original GrassHopper, an original Frog, and i have a pair of 20 year old semi's, but i haven't had a new Tamiya in more than 20 years.
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