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  1. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique 70

    Full reportage from Historic Minardi Day in Imola https://www.facebook.com/pg/FenixRacing.it/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2254399911318717
  2. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique 70

    Lotus 49 will be out in about a month (in the pic the approved 49 next to the "normal" Fenix Classique. Plan is to go first over the 78 and then the 72 Plus, I'm trying to get all the necessary relations to go over different F1 teams.
  3. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique 70

    Thanks for the support. This job was done with the full support of Mr. Andy Gilberg, owner of Teknacon. He was so kind to scan his March 761B-2, which was the first 2-4-0 (the non-working press version) About the 240... is definitely the final target. Plan is to release our Fenix Classique with a special chassis with the rear 4 wheels. It will be as the original, 2 wheels steering, 4 wheel driving and 0 differential About the 70's bodies. We're having a deal with Classic Team Lotus to reproduce all the F1 handled by CTL. It's a big task and will take some year to be accomplished fully. Meanwhile plan is to get in touch with car owner/right owners to reproduce the F1 the most of us love. Best way to be informed about our releases is to follow our FB page https://www.facebook.com/FenixRacing.it/
  4. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique 70

    In Fenix Racing, we've been asked several time to do something for the 70's F1 fan. Really happy to share with you the first test of our new body: March 761 1976 Pretty happy with the resuls. Major role in this adventure has been played by real owner of 761 March (beside some other 1/1 toys) which scan his personal car... Body will fit F103 - F104 and our Fenix Classique as well
  5. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique

    Hello guys It's a pleasure read your comments. if you want to see some action just check here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDZqN09hr2EaI7qHCMjUcjQ or https://www.facebook.com/pg/FenixRacing.it/videos/?ref=page_internal
  6. Fenix Master

    Fenix Classique

    Good morning everyone Would like to take the chance to show my job to all of you Rc Enthusiast and collectors. Not Tamiya and not Vintage…. at the same time very Tamiya e very Vintage. Extremely proud to show you the prototype of the 1/10 Lotus 49 and I’m waiting the “OK” from Classic Team Lotus to get their approval for the license. The Lotus 49 will be the second model in the Classique line, which with the Type 1, depict a 60esque F1 (hence the vintage). Classique is using the Tamiya F104 front end (hence the heritage with Tamiya) but the chassis is purposely made in order to achieve a proper scale appearance with 250mm wheelbase, under the hood the model is full carbon fibre and titanium. Plan with Classic Team Lotus (and other F1 manufacturer) is to offer rc models based on cars covering the late 60 and the 70. I hope you can find my job interesting and this post not too far from the Group guideline. If it is interesting for you, just look for Fenix Racing on FB, a new "like" is always welcome. https://www.facebook.com/FenixRacing.it/ Thanks for watching!