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  1. @geniusanthony I think I'm going with the box classic yellow. Boring, yes, but I like it, it's out of the box for me. The paint, alone, is going to cost me more than the car. Thanks @WillyChang! There's an '87 date on the front window as well. ...this was a find for sure.
  2. Thank you all for your comments. I live in the states and picked up the yellow can of Easy-Off. I figured I'd have, at least, a cleaner oven :-) I took the Easy-Off challenge and it worked out pretty well. I did 2 separate applications, toothbrush and rinse about a half hour apart. I "massaged" the Easy-Off through the clear cheap garbage bag. The silver color went away quickly, underneath, the silver, there was this brownish-yellow residue that wasn't too hard to remove. The green is a different story; I'll do more of the green tomorrow. There was no sign of styrene degradation of the body what-so-ever. If anyone ever suggested to put an oven cleaner on "plastic", I would have said "you are crazy". Thanks and see the pics!
  3. Hey all, I've enjoyed reading the many threads in the forum. This body has a copyright 1987 and an arrow pointing to PS (styrene), not ABS. I'd like some advise as to what to do with this body. On the outer shell, it appears that there is that "chrome" top paint that's sold that isn't chrome at all. And some really rough, to the touch, green paint on the inside. It looks like marking paint to me. I did some wet sanding on the outer shell and it's very smooth. My thoughts are to get the outer shell wet sanded smooth a bit more, not touch the inside, and prime it inside and out for painting. I've read about Easy-off and other chemicals. I'd hate to ruin this thing. Thanks for the input.
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