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  1. Finished my Blitzer Beetle. Have to say I enjoyed the build very much, partly because I opted for non OEM esc+motor combo and went brushless and partly because I just love hard bodies and all the painting and detailing involved
  2. So I crammed all the electronics to the tub and despite my terrible soldering skills I somehow managed to solder all the wires with just a minor casualty in the form of sligtly melted battery connector. Then I found out that motor leads should go through hole in the shock stand so decision was made to cut it from the bottom to get that **** leads through the hole
  3. Im not sure its because the virus. Mine is stuck for over a week and I think its mainly due to chinese new year. Its expected to get moving next week hipefully
  4. Started to build my brushless Blitzer Beetle. Just need to get longer motor-esc leads
  5. Lipo alarms could be annoying as mentioned - I was driving my stock neo scorcher yesterday with 2200mah 2S lipo with the alarm plugged and it started beeping about after 10mins of driving even when the voltage was 7.9 when standsill. The problem is that the alarm will trigger whenever one of the cells voltage drops below the set threshold (i believe 3.3 as default, could be altered) and wont stop, however this could and will occur momentarily on full throttle/on load. Anyway, I unplugged said alarm and drove the buggy for another 10-15mins (not so vigorously), got home, plugged to charger and the battery was spot on storage voltage. In the end I think it might be good to carry the alarm along and plug it in for time to time to check on the voltage if unsure
  6. Painted interior for my scx10 and Neo Scorcher shell, was not really feeling covering half of the body in white decals so I painted it instead. PS-16 metallic looks fabulous!
  7. Drove through a puddle and installed (finally) wipers & new side mirrors
  8. Right now I dont feel I would like to mess with the body but on the other hand lifting the body would raise CG and Im not sure I want that either. I will test drive it and decide later
  9. Installed new wheels & tires ... aaand it rubs. At least I have an excuse to buy a dremmel
  10. Love those chrome rims!
  11. Well of course I do! But it would be tricky to convince the wife I need another kit right now
  12. Finished my Neo Fighter! Those decals..well for some reason I thought it will be the easy part.. quite wrong I was. I believe there is some method to get them centered, maybe just patience
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