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  1. Right now I dont feel I would like to mess with the body but on the other hand lifting the body would raise CG and Im not sure I want that either. I will test drive it and decide later
  2. Installed new wheels & tires ... aaand it rubs. At least I have an excuse to buy a dremmel
  3. Love those chrome rims!
  4. Well of course I do! But it would be tricky to convince the wife I need another kit right now
  5. Finished my Neo Fighter! Those decals..well for some reason I thought it will be the easy part.. quite wrong I was. I believe there is some method to get them centered, maybe just patience
  6. Finished DT-03 chassis, now just the decals
  7. Painted DT-03 Neo Fighter shell - the wing was kinda tricky and I end up aplying to much paint here and there. After that I started to build the chassis.
  8. I actually thought that the trx4 defender is hard body but it seems that all of them are lexan bodies
  9. Maiden run with my YJ, everything seems to be working properly, did not loose any bit. Still learning and it was awesome
  10. Trimmed my first lexan body, quite rough, hope I could smoothen it with sandpaper
  11. My first Tamiya arrived! Not much but Im really excited, hopefully one of many other tamiyas to come (my wish list is filling at quite a pace)
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