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  1. Can the tires be fitted to the standard lunchbox wheels or are they pre glued?
  2. Looks like it would take alot more work than finding suitable tires for the wheels you want to use. Do you plan on running these wheels and tires or using them on a shelfer?
  3. In order not to destroy the plastic or put really deep scratches in it i would wet sand with 400 grit. It is going to take a while. You can sand it dry too. Itll be a little faster but scratches will be a little deeper. Then prime really good after a really good cleaning. If you are feeling froggy you can start with 180 and work your way up. The trick is to let the sandpaper do its job and not dig or push into the surface. It will get the paint off exponentially faster but i do not recommend if you are not experienced in auto body repair. The scratches will be very noticable and will take some time and work to get out
  4. Only thing i can really think of is silicone contamination. Like someone mentioned above, where did you spray?
  5. Dumb question but did you completely open up the tack rag and then scrounge it back? Also was the surface completely dry before you tack ragged it. When i used to paint 1:1 that could sometimes cause fish eyes from the tack material. But other than silicone contamination it looks like you probably went pretty heavy on the paint with the solvents releasing mold release agent through the primer.
  6. Ive had pretty good results with a set of skyrc 1/10 set up wheels, a camber gauge and a cutting mat to set up my cars. You can turn the camber gauge on its side and use it adjust toe angle aswell. I line up the chassis with the lines on the cutting mat and go off of that with the gauge.
  7. For some reason the quicrun1060 are all backwards for me no matter how i hook up the motor cables. Just reversing the channel does the trick like stated above.
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