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  1. awesome thanks so much for your help! this forum is the best!
  2. Ya, I'm running the 6cell 7.2v 3000mah battery I did order a replacement RX last night along with the ESC i mentioned above - but with the new ESC installed will I still run the risk of blowing another RX? Lots of changes it seems in the hobby since I was last in it - these things I haven't had to worry about, buy a kit, radio system, battery and charger and voila your in business. But really, I think my problem starts with using old and new together. Old radio was toast so silly me thinking I can just buy a new one and plug it in - would have been better off maybe just buying a new kit - but the Pumpkin & Lunchbox - come on! - love it lol Good thing I've left my original blackfoot on the shelf for now while I manage this learning curve...
  3. I found these on eBay: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/382504003230 from what I can tell, they might do the trick without buying a new ESC. just have to figure out how to wire it correctly - or maybe I'm competely off track and this solution wouldn't work
  4. Thanks for the reply - definitely been scouring the internet tonight - back when I last was into it - this wasn't an issue, the Futaba RX had a built in BEC with the AM system. but your right - the trend has been to move that to the ESC... learned the hard way tonight that the older Tamiya ESC units do not have the BEC... You can't just plug in a new 2.4ghz RX & TX and expect the fun to last very long... Is this QuicRun a decent replacement? I'm not racing or anything, just want something to work and play with in the yard etc. I appreciate the help and advice!
  5. I'm wondering if this would be suitable to solve the problem - HobbyWing QuicRun 1:10 Waterproof Brushed 60A ESC I'm not looking to hop up these - I'd really just like to run them for fun again with my boys
  6. I've searched the forums and google but honestly the info and variations are all so confusing not to mention overwhelming. Here's what I have and hopefully someone can point me in the direction I need for a proper setup. I'm getting back into the hobby after over 10 years being away. My original set ups are as follows: 2005 Lunchbox with a TEU-104BK 2005 Pumpkin with a TEU-101BK Both had old style AM radios with BEC built into the RX I'm using 1800mah + 3000mah NiMH batteries Fast forward to a week ago. I bought a Spektrum STX2 2.4GHZ radio with RX and a HK-GT2E with RX . Tonight it seems the Spektrum RX is toast - it seems to be because there's no built in BEC anymore - but my problem is how do I rectify this so it doesn't happen again? Can't seem to figure that part out... Also I just got my Blitzer Beetle kit in the mail and now I'm afraid I bought the wrong radio system for that one... Advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Small plastic washer 🤦‍♂️ That’s a big no. I’ve been scavenging screws the last two times.
  8. I’m baffled hoping to find some fresh advice. I have an original Blackfoot, 2005 lunchbox & pumpkin. Recently the pumpkins servo saver comes loose while running it. I’ve changed out the servo. Reset it several times. Trimmed the steering settings on the controller. Doesn’t seem to matter what I do, after a bit I’ve lost the steering, screw is gone and back to the bench. My lunchbox which I built in 2006 has never had this problem. Still runs the original setup. So strange. Any advice? Thanks
  9. Any chance you have a link for those recommendations? I’m having trouble finding the sss 3650 7.5D motor. Thanks for the input!
  10. Thanks for that perspective WillyChang 😳 certainly requires some more research! But ya buying something off of the bay - may be your getting a cheap PETG body?
  11. Wow that’s awesome Wow that’s awesome! I’ll have to check that idea out. Also good mention on the PETG, I’ll try that rather than Lexan, besides the project of making it these are going to be used as runners for 3 boys (10-13yrs old and their big kid dad, haha) lunchbox, pumpkin, Blackfoot and Blitzer Beetle - this Mold or one like it could easily fit all of those Chassis’ with a bit of modding. a fun project that will get them away from the gaming etc
  12. For sure - totally agree - I’m not looking for easy & cheap as much as doing the project for the sake of doing it. + I can make the 3 boys battle bodies they can swap and wreck. Lexan Bodies here in Canada run $60 a pop.. i appreciate the input though!
  13. I couldn't find any answers with the search function - forgive me if this has been discussed before: I have a 2011 Beetle Blitzer kit coming in the mail. I would like to make my own lexan body - for my own use, not interested in the bay etc. It's hard to find a replacement body here in Canada + my 3 boys will inevitably wreck the original body. Question: Is there a way I can mold the body that came with the kit so I can reproduce it with Lexan? I'm sure someone has done it - easy to reproduce an already made body using Plaster of Paris, but I was hoping to copy the body that came with the kit. Thanks for any advice!
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