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  1. Bought this motor today. Is it plug and play? Or will have to do something to the gearbox first? Also do know if any shocks that will fit that are not black / standard looking? I am going to buy ‘the frog’ hex adapters so I can get some more modern wheels. Thanks Kit
  2. First time on a track. Few mishaps. Few good lines. Possibly the slowest video ever posted on this forum.
  3. Thanks everyone. Having a tinker on the kitchen table. This RC stuff is a lot of fun. I got a 5300 battery but it only just fits, so can’t close the hatch properly so rubber banding it - a bit of a bodge but will keep the hatch from coming loose. The bigger battery is wedged in but fine.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. This is my ESC, https://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/mtroniks-viper-eco27/. Will it work with a 540? Thanks Kit (no news on the wheels?!)
  5. Thanks. Just bought them. Any idea if any aftermarket wheels would fit? Again links welcome! Kit
  6. Hey. I have just got a new longer lasting battery (5300, 7.2v) for my grasshopper II. For best results do I charge it out the box or use it till it dies then charge to full? Also, what are the best upgrades for my RC? Any links welcome. Thanks. Kit
  7. Been a long time since I thought ‘nice day to play with the RC’. Defo think it needs a suspension upgrade one day. Out of interest is that the best upgrade to improve grip on turn in? Thanks. Kit (more used to the lifesize racing cars)
  8. Thanks for all the messages so far. I still have my old Super G but don’t want to raid it for parts as I would like to keep it as a time capsule of that time. Is it not the done thing to spray a white pair day-glow yellow?! (I very new to RC cars as have been busy with the real size ones since my first Grasshopper 2!) I didn’t know the new cars had a braking function via the ESC’s. Will give it a go. Thanks. Kit
  9. Hello, I finally got round to building my grasshopper 2 re-release so thought I would join up and say hello. In the mid-nineties my original grasshopper 2 Super G was the first expensive present I received. I loved it but eventual it stopped working. Delighted to have this one up and running (shame it’s not a super G with my orange and yellow day-glow wheels) but still brought many memories back. A few questions... what aftermarket wheels would fit? Is there anything I can do to make it go into reverse instantly once moving forward? I swear my old version didn’t have delay when engaging reverse (maybe the bigger motor helped in the super G?). Pics of the old and new below. Thanks, Kit.
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