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  1. a different horn may be stronger, more precise and yes give you more ‘turn’ but kits are usually limited in how much the wheels can turn anyway, the kit servo saver is vastly better than the grey p part given in things like the DT03 etc it’s quite strong and precise, people swap them just because and they link bling! i normally use a kimbrough small servo saver but in this case stuck with the kit one
  2. the std one with the bbx is fine i dont think it needs changing , only thing you may want to do is replace it with a solid arm if your servo is good enough
  3. thanks i like that idea, so how do you change the steering servo location?
  4. thanks for the reply was worried no one did anything to this truck ! what are they ? are they the 54945?
  5. looks great! why the different diff though? i’m about to build mine and if there is a good reason will def swap around
  6. Hi all - first post for aggggeesss ive got a bargain cc02 defender to build (kit was £150) 1080 esc, 1’55 and 1.9 tyres with beadlock wheels on the way from aliexpress, ive got some questions and hope someone can offer advice, 1.servo anything that can be done about mounting position? 2. i was looking at the YR under body protection, is it worth it? 3.any upgrade parts worth it for the build? i see the shafts ‘twist’ so not sure if i should get the YR ones or the upgraded tamiya ones? 4. diffs! will be running slow ‘up the woods’ so mud/trail driving, locks the diffs or fill them with ceramic grease? any and all advice welcome please! thanks!
  7. Hi all just got a lunchbox mini coming in the post for my little girl! first RC car too ! for safety in the house i want to run it on AA battery’s but not sure what ESC i will need that will support it ? i see the tamiya ones need more than 6v - and recommendations for something that will do please?
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