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  1. Hi there just wandering if it is possible to put some beefed up front tyres on the 🐸 re-re I have aswell as some better rear tyres (hotshot ones maybe?)
  2. ok ( i meant rough rider) so all i would have to do is drill the holes or something like that then?
  3. Just wandering of you can put a tough rider body on a frog?
  4. Alright I'll ask him but I think we'll dye them to start with and in the future get new wheels and tyres 👍 thanks for the info I'll definitely be keeping it for future reference 👍
  5. Thank you that's very helpful 👍I will let my friend know and we will probably dye them to the colour of the body (blue) 👍👍
  6. hello, my friend recently got a rising fighter and having built a few kits i am planning on helping him build it. However, he does not like the rising fighter rims and is wandering if there are any other rims that will fit the standard tyres. thank you
  7. Wow, thats an amazing build, i have spent the last 10 minutes looking at the parts and seeing if they are on the Bay but i cant find any of them in stock slightly overkill for what i was thinking but now all i can think about is getting my frog as good as yours .
  8. this is my first post on the forum and have recently completed my re-re frog and am wandering on a cheap and good upgrade for it (not ballraces please).
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