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  1. Wow ! Thanks for replying so late at night ! and thanks for the info. Assuming I get my Lunch Box going again, which looks promising, maybe I’ll put a new body on it cos mine is pretty well battered. And a final thank you for your kind comments about the ZX. I built about 6 of them and it was one of those that JC used in the filming - some of them have gone to the great model graveyard but I’ve kept the least damaged ones ! and yes, they were all Kyosho. Cheers Julian
  2. Take a look at this - and, if you don’t like Clarkson, skip to the last 15 seconds or so. I built that car
  3. Hi folks, That’s brilliant - many thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions. I’ve now realised what had confused me ! In the WW2 instructions, they suggst a CPR unit like Wooders 28 mentions ( adspec GT-1) so I could only see one unit inside the model. Anyway, as suggested, I’ve managed to get the WW2 working with one of my old TX/RX sets and, pending me painting the body properly, I’ve managed to loosely fit one of my WW1 shells to the WW2 mechanicals. However, bearing in mind what Juggular has said, I’ll get the WW2 body ready as soon as possible. Re the Citroen ZX Rally Raid, I reckon that part of the reason it looks like the Peugeot is because of the colour scheme. Those were both in the original Camel colours and I actually got the chance to briefly drive one of the real cars which, with 330hp, was pretty exciting ! Later, they changed the colours to Citroen’s new corporate colour of red and I’ve got a couple of shells like that: One other question, if I may ? Is the current (recent ?) Lunch Box body the same as the original ? Thanks again to everyone Cheers Julian
  4. Nah, don’t believe you. I reckon you found some brand new parts ........... Only kidding ! It’s amazing what you’ve managed to do - your repairs really do look like brand new ! I’d not come across either plasticard or Mr Surfacer before so that will be helpful, thanks - having said that, I’d only ever bashed my cars in the past and never got round to trying to repair them. Well done again, cheers.
  5. Thanks for your reply and for your welcome what had confused about esc and receivers was that all of the ‘ready to run bundles’ appeared to show a transmitter and an esc but I couldn’t see a receiver so I thought maybe now everything was incorporated into just one unit ! Cheers
  6. Hi Jonboy, That is absolutely amazing, CONGRATULATIONS ! I’m new on here and have just done my first post in the general discussion section about my Wild Willy. I’ll be needing to do some restoration work on that and if it’s just a tenth of what you’ve achieved then I’ll be happy. My question though is how do you manage such brilliant repairs on things like the grille and how did you manage to get the damage out of the bottom of the tub ? Do you sand components down and then re-polish and, if so, what do you use to do it ? Once again, congratulations on such brilliant workmanship and attention to detail. Cheers
  7. Couldn’t work out how to include pic with original post but I’ve taken a photo of a photo on my phone and it works !
  8. Hi there, new to this forum and after some help if possible so I thought a short introduction might be worthwhile. I had 2 Wild Willies & a Lunch Box & 3 (sssh) Kyosho Citroen ZX Rallye Raids back in the 80s that all ended up in the attic.Ten years ago I bought a Wild Willy 2 but never got round to building it. Fast forward to today and grandchildren are old enough to appreciate them all so I’m trying to build the WW2 and restore one of the WW1s. However my RC knowledge - not great even back in the 80s - is now totally out of date so help would be much appreciated. I only just heard of BECs back then ! So, today I see ESCs are the norm but, dumb question here, do they replace the receiver or do you need a receiver as well as an ESC ? Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see that several of my dozen or so old batteries still have life in them so and one of them appeared to recharge ok with my fast charger but would it be better to use a trickle charger ? I’ve still got 6 Futaba Attack SR & Acoms Techniplus transmitters which, luckily, I seem to have stored ok and they look like they’ll work ok. Is there any reason for not still using them ? What would be 5he advantages of using a modern set up instead. Ok, that’s all of my questions for now. I’ve got quite a few spares for my original WW so if there’s anything you’re after, just ask - who knows, I may be able to help ! Cheers
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