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  1. My first kit from rcjaz, arrived 4 weeks after ordering. I was getting a bit worried but very happy now that it's here.
  2. I had the same trouble with my hornet rears. Put the wheels in the fridge/freezer to make them contract slightly. Then put the tyres in hot water to make them more flexible. If you still struggle then a little smear of washing up liquid around the rim of the wheels will help.
  3. I have this black alloy set not being used, I think its 3racing. I'm not sure when I'd be able to post it with things the way they are so unless you'd be willing to wait a while...
  4. I probably should be a bit more careful because it is an early model and very old. However, it is also now around 50% novafox so I reckon she can take it! I was after a technical suggestion for this problem so I will definitely be trying a firmer spring up front. Ta
  5. I have recently restored an old fox that was given to me. When I took it out for it's first run I noticed that when turning at speed it lifted a rear wheel in a sort of 'cocking its leg' type motion. I've got the suspension set up as per the original manual. My question is, is this normal? And if not, does anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks in advance.
  6. Well there are some cool looking Hornets here. I especially like the fluorescent orange and white one and the blue comical hornet above. Gives me an excuse to post mine, which was my first ever tamiya rc build, way back when (about 6 months ago really)!! This is from when it was newly finished, it does not look like this now!
  7. That's not bad, someone has offered a tenner for it already.
  8. Thanks everybody, it seems a few people recognize it but still not alot of info available. I've stuck it on ebay now to see what happens.
  9. As this is my first proper post I'll start by saying a big thank you to everyone for all of the information I've gained since I've been a member. Just reading all the old threads has been so much help in learning as I've built my first few tamiyas. Anyway, I was recently given a vintage fox. Or more accurately, I was recently given a bag of broken parts which used to be a fox! It had this motor installed and I cannot find any information on it. I'm hoping somebody on here knows something?
  10. Forgot to say, this includes original box and manual. Plus all the leftovers/spares from the build, including shocks, decals and motor. Open to offers before it goes on Ebay next week.
  11. Tamiya crystals from a finespec fm radio set. Number 2, red, 27.045. £10, posted UK.
  12. Tamiya crystal set from a finespec fm radio set. Number 4, yellow, 27.145. £10.
  13. Came from an xb model with a faulty receiver so I have a spare handset which is as good as new. £10, posted
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