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  1. Got an email from Shapeways that they're having a cyber Monday sale. No details on the amount or anything in the email.
  2. Dunno about the Twin Detonator. Tony seems to have the Wild Dagger available via eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-58231-Wild-Dagger-Sandshaker-TT02T-1825188-1825852-11825852-Body-Shell/392328555913?hash=item5b589aad89:g:MSkAAOSwBp1Z4f-c I've seen a few cool looking Amorok builds too.
  3. The offset is slightly less. You'll increase your track distance about 1cm total. I like the look. I haven't tried them on the G6 chassis. The only issue that pops in to my head is that you might have trouble with the rear stearing. The tires already come very close with the stock setup. The rims also come in white and silver (though you'd probably just use the tamiya silver instead).
  4. Very interested to see how the dyed arms turned out when you get some time @Mokei Kagaku. If you want to go brighter it's worth considering 3D printed arms on Shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/product/VS627YQB9/hd-thundershot-arms-x4-tamiya-terra-scorcher-d1?optionId=62206279&li=marketplace He has standard and heavy-duty variants. I bought the HD in black PA12. They turned out pretty well. I think his CAD designs are spot on, but the through-holes don't turn out perfectly when printed. Good enough for a shelf queen, time will tell how they hold up on a runner. I got distracted midbuild and haven't had it out yet.
  5. C'mon... don't tease, put the spikey GF-01 / Lunchbox wheels on it. Wheelbase should be ~260mm, little short of the madbull's 284 but it should look good.
  6. I bought the block-style ones on the far right in the above ad. Here it is side by side with a stock GF-01 (same as WW2 rear) wheel. Inner channel where the rubber of the wheel is held is 7-8mm difference in diameter.
  7. Just a heads up, those tires are not the same inner diameter as the GF-01/WW2 wheels. They work on wheels they ship with, but are *very* loose on the GF-01/WW2 wheels.
  8. I'd thought about getting a Dynahead and using the portals to build a lifted Dump Truck, then using the Dynahead as a regular Kong. This 'GF-01tr' variant will shortcut that process. Meanwhile I'm more excited about: https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-monster-beetle-2015-2/black-edition/ I'm hoping this means we'll get a black ORV chassis =D
  9. Disappointed with the wheels/tires. I think they built the platform first without thinking it through. Then slapped a Lunchbox design on it to take advantage of nostalgia. If they're goal from the onset had been a true homage to the original they'd have never accepted those tires.
  10. The new in-package body arrived for my Thundershot resurrection project! Unfortunately I seem to have missed the part in the description where it said '4wd MiniRacer' It may take a fair amount of dremel work to make this fit.
  11. I've been using Fusion 360 off and on. It's free if you register as a student or hobbyist (less than $100k USD per year to qualify). Bit of a learning curve as it's my first time in CAD but very powerful.
  12. Thank you for the fantastic suggestions. Most of the people that responded are the same people whose posts & builds I've been perusing for the past month or so, so that was pretty cool. I put in an order for the M3x18mm step screws @nowinaminute, I had never come across them in my searches, so thanks for pointing them out. I agree on the 50593 Flanged Tube @WillyChang, I can't tell if it's exactly right, but it's worth trying. Ordered a bag, and I'll post measurements when it comes in. On a related note, the aluminum hub carriers arrived in the mail today (Tamiya 54661) for this same build: And sure enough they have the exact flanged tube needed: Here's a closeup in the front upper suspension mount: So they're definitely out there. Here are the measurements from this part: Inner Diameter: 3.07mm, Outer Diameter: 3.77mm, Total Length: 6.10mm, Flange Thickness: 0.47mm, Flange Diameter: 5.52mm
  13. Those are good suggestions but I haven't been able to make them work. The brass/copper tubes are generally 4mm outer diameter and won't squeeze in to the 3.78mm hole on the chassis. Same with the shock eye bushings (at least the ones I have), they're at 4mm as well.
  14. I'm trying to upgrade the attachment points for my GF-01 and as far as I can tell the 3x14mm step screws are unique to Tamiya. I did manage to find the side-grade component (OP-1409 Tamiya 54409 3x14mm Low Friction Step Screw). In a move that is fairly baffling, they have molded the 3.78mm in to the chassis components - requiring a bushing/bearing/flange/eyelet/adapter (call it what you will) to keep a standard M3 screw held firmly. The more common 4mm (id 3mm, od 4mm) are too big for the molded holes. I know these components must exist: I see them in some of the member builds and I see them in GPM and other manufacturer ads on ebay and aliexpress. But I can't seem to find them anywhere. My goto location (McMaster) doesn't carry that non-standard size. Does anyone know a good source for the 3.78mm adapters needed for mount 3mm through rods (or screws) in place of the existing 3x14mm step screws? Flanged/flangeless it not particularly important to me. Any info is appreciated, pictures attached of the screws, usage example, and screenshot of mystical flanged bearings in the wild.
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