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  1. I am 1000000% buying one - then immediately putting on the fatter, Comical-style wheels & tires on it. Thanks to everyone that posted images and videos. To whomever gets one first - can you see if those front knuckles fit in the DT02 or similar chassis? A native option for hexes on the older cars would be an awesome bonus.
  2. Sorry to be off-topic. @Willy iine is that PS19 Camel Yellow on your CR-01? What color did you back with? Looks gorgeous there. I'm hoping for something like that to sit alongside the Caterpillar Yellow of the Heavy Dump.
  3. Question @Nikko85 - can you share/show how you mounted the shocks? I think I've seen people using the regular screw whole (that holds the two halves of the arm together) for the ball mount location. But that seems to leave the ball arm screw (forgive me, I'm blanking on names) pretty exposed. Also does it put the rear shock at an excessive angle? I think it's a good idea, I'm just hoping to know what to expect when implementing it.
  4. Price point seems wildly out of touch with the current economic state in most of their markets.
  5. That looks *so* much better to my eye. Thank you sharing Cy.
  6. I dunno. I finally have all of the parts together (bevel gears arrived a few days back). But the engineering is just so painfully bad. Foam tape everywhere to keep dust debris out - with plenty of reports that it fails to do so. Overly complex process to open up gearboxes for subsequent cleaning - with plenty of reports at how easily the screws strip Painfully awkward steering / battery setup. Outright bizarre choice of fasteners - mix of 2.6 and 3mm for no real reason. Official titanium screw set leaves out many of them - even though they are sold by Tamiya for other models. Cap for adjusting the slipper is rubber-cemented in place (ugh). Random screws to prevent dirt from packing in to unused screw holes. Every time I open up the manual I just shake my head. It's just bad engineering at almost every step. Then I look over at the Arrma Typhon (ok admittedly it needs a better body shell) and think "these people have actual design experience." That's what I wish we had - Arrma etc designed frames with Tamiya body shells. Just let them both do what they're good at.
  7. Which GF01 variant is this based off of? I thought the Heavy Dump etc already had the MF01x arms.
  8. I'd have voted GF-01 as well, but WT-01 (with WR-01 upgrades as an option) seems a good fit, and probably better in the forest with 4WS and longer wheelbase. They're good and rugged if you come from the days of Nikko and Tandy (as I do). If you want to make the youtube highlight reels then I think Arrma is your way to go.
  9. Spent another day pointlessly googling 'Tamiya TD4 20T bevel gear' and assorted variations thereof in vain. So the kit and assorted pieces remain in a heap in the closet for the foreseeable future.
  10. @Nikko85 could you give a bit more info on attaching the suspension to the flipped arms? I think there is a screw there holding the two-piece arm together. Did you use a longer screw and ball-mount (I dunno the technical term).
  11. Looks good Trowa. Are those the TD4 hop-up servo mounts? Looking forward to seeing the body you choose.
  12. Ahh yes yes. I had the models wrong. It's the DB01 (Durga) I was thinking of. They're very quiet in the videos etc.
  13. Could anyone with a runner comment on how noisy they are compared to your other machines? Trying to decide between this and a DB-02. I was hoping the new gearcase on the TD4 might be a bit quieter than some, even if not as quiet as the DB-02 belt drive.
  14. I have no connection with this eBay posting financial or otherwise, and it's well outside of my price point. Nevertheless, it was just too beautiful not to share: https://www.ebay.com/itm/One-Point-Object-Full-Plating-Tamiya-City-Turbo-Wr-02C-Unassembled-/194688832503?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0
  15. Interesting wear. What kind of power were you running to cause that?
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