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  1. seconding @J@mes, they are the same part, just different anodizing on a few bits.
  2. For our devices at work I put circuit breakers around every piece of external equipment. It's the only way to allow world labs to try sourcing local components, or provide reliability for the replacement components we ship out. As best I can tell the RC world is the wild west of electronics. There should be current limiting in every component-component interface, but there rarely is. It's a race to build the cheapest solution. And there seems to be little reason for them to do otherwise, as long as components work most of the time they make a profit. When the components fail enough to generate bad publicity they just rebrand. But to answer on point, I'd echo sosidge. A device can certainly allow more current through than the source circuit is expecting to deliver. To the viewpoint of the source circuit this is the equivalent of a short. If the source circuit has no current limiting then it can very easily be damaged.
  3. When you do light, fast coats - how do you deal with tape? People recommend removing tape as soon as possible to prevent damaging the paint if it is removed dry. Those two pieces of advice confuse me. I drove my original Thundershot unpainted back in the 80s, with no internet I wasn't sure what do do. Used Krylon paints for decent affect on my original monster beetle.
  4. @nowinaminute that looks like it has the 3D printed arms from your post in 2019. Any thoughts on them since then? I can't tell if the AmPro mods are compatible with the Madbull/Fighter Buggy.
  5. I preordered two of the fighter buggies rx memorials from Tower in the US with the intent of converting the over to Madbulls. Madbull shells are also sold out most places, but the shops I wrote to are expecting supply in April. Though the original fighter buggy shell that @nowinaminute runs looks great too. I have to think with all the other re-releases (especially the fighter buggy) that a special edition madbull is on the way in the next few years.
  6. These technical discussions are all well and good but we're missing one key point: however bad they may handle, Madbulls look awesome doing it.
  7. Hack-a-day has a small write-up on a simple circuit for visualizing the behavior of a brushless ESC. Seemed worth sharing: https://hackaday.com/2021/03/18/visualise-esc-problems-with-leds/
  8. In the US they are my go to source now that Tamico is no longer shipping (technically you can special order from tamico, but you have to email them and get quotes etc).
  9. Have you considered the GF-01 Heavy Dump Truck? It's a pretty tough little thing, and ... it's a dump truck ... put a dinosaur in the back and it's a little kids dream come true. For a young kid I'd pull the top speed down pretty low and maybe put the wheelie bar in the lower position. Taffer's suggestion of the G6-01 is good too - unless you deliberately try to flip it you'll be able to zoom around just about anywhere without issue. I lean more towards the Konghead, but the Bus version might make the transition to real school easier as well.
  10. FWIW there is a post back in December from @OldSchoolRC1 that addresses portals w/ the bigger WW2/KongHead style tires. They scrub with 4ws https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/96765-a-prime-dynahead/&do=findComment&comment=836696
  11. Sorry, what is the TT-02E model? I'm not coming up with anything on google or tamiyabase
  12. Trying to imagine an outing where everyone has box art... seems like a recipe for madness.
  13. Link to the GH2 manual if you haven't come across is yet: https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/58643.pdf
  14. With the portals can you do 4WS with the larger lunchbox style tires found on the konghead etc.? I was worried the rears might end up too close and rub together.
  15. From a development side I think they're awesome. That's where you see the big tech leaps for driver safety and performance in "real" vehicles. From the racing perspective I imagine it sets up an arms race that really limits the small players. I was under the impression most if not all aids were banned in organized races to keep the field competitive. To some extent the punch or impulse settings on the ESC act as a crude launch control. I've wondered about speed-sensitive steering. I'm surprised we don't see more crossover from the arduino/maker crowd for RC controls. Maybe it's out there and I just don't google well.
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