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  1. Trying to imagine an outing where everyone has box art... seems like a recipe for madness.
  2. Link to the GH2 manual if you haven't come across is yet: https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/rcmanual/58643.pdf
  3. With the portals can you do 4WS with the larger lunchbox style tires found on the konghead etc.? I was worried the rears might end up too close and rub together.
  4. From a development side I think they're awesome. That's where you see the big tech leaps for driver safety and performance in "real" vehicles. From the racing perspective I imagine it sets up an arms race that really limits the small players. I was under the impression most if not all aids were banned in organized races to keep the field competitive. To some extent the punch or impulse settings on the ESC act as a crude launch control. I've wondered about speed-sensitive steering. I'm surprised we don't see more crossover from the arduino/maker crowd for RC controls. Maybe it's out there and I just don't google well.
  5. oh agreed!, I think it is just the wheels & maybe the tires. I had just never seen a firedragon on a dt03 chassis before. Maybe its a thing I missed, but googling didn't bring up much.
  6. I started rebuilding my thundershot a year+ ago and, as happens, stalled out about three quarters of the way through the build. At the time I didn't do anything with the diffs besides adding the ball bearings I couldn't afford as a kid. I want to build this up as a general yard runner. Mostly grass, no monster jumps, only on tarmac sporadically. I *do* love to run in the rain however. Am I correct in thinking a mostly open front diff, and mostly closed rear diff is a good way to go? I was thinking Tamiya anti-wear grease up front, with diff putty or high viscosity diff oil in the rear. A year or so back '3RAC-6503' ultra high viscosity gear diff oil was suggested by several people on various builds. I know there are a million threads on thundershots and setups, but I didn't want to hijack one of those. Plus I figure maybe it pertains to more setups in general. Thanks in advance.
  7. Disclaimer: This is not my sale, I just found the item on eBay. I have no association with the item or seller. This build looks awesome to my eye. Its a Firedragon body on what looks to be a DT-03 chassis. Wheels are WR-02 bolted in to CR-01 beadlocks. I've never seen anything quite like it. And honestly it's the first time I've ever seen a Firedragon look 'right' on a model. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Tire-For-Wr-02-Wheel-Cr-01/353393916087?hash=item5247eb38b7:g:a2YAAOSwcSlgMMS-
  8. AFAIK all of the other foams for lunchbox/GF01/G601 etc wheels are now off the market. I bought the last few sets crawler innovations had when they stopped production. This is an excellent find, and they're not pricey at all.
  9. AFAIK you won't need the extra battery pack. As Fabia mentioned it's largely for nitro cars where you have no main battery, or for situations where you might run the main battery down too low and lose control. Running the receiver off the main battery will be called 'battery elimination circuit' (BEC) in most documentation.
  10. Many will suggest some variation of the gearbox mod. It comes in many forms, all of which feature updating the front mount of the gearbox to limit movement. Older variations are the '5th shock' mod you'll find googling. Newer variations are largely based on the update found in the Madbull: a hard mount point that lets the gearbox rotate without slapping against the frame on hard acceleration. The cheapest implementation uses fishing line, probably the most robust is AmPro: https://www.shapeways.com/product/G72GAY3NL/transmission-brace-for-tamiya-rc-cw01-lunchbox As to wheelies specifically: the wheelie bar has two mounting options. The standard 'up' position allows the vehicle to wheelie freely. The optional 'down' positions will hold the vehicle down. That down position will also cause the wheelie bar to dig in to the ground and limit movement offroad, so it's probably something you just have to try in your driving conditions. It's easy enough though, just rotate the mount with one screw. You'll also see weights attached to the front of the chassis. These are often automotive weights intended for tire balancing. They are generally quite cheap and have adhesive backing. The lunchbox is much loved on this forum, I imagine you'll find many suggestions. If you have not already done so, you'd probably get a lot out of perusing the showrooms for ideas: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/userrides.asp?id=663
  11. Questions about washing: are we taking off the electronics? do we then block off the motor hole? are we disassembling the whole chassis down to parts? Post-washing: how are we caring for bearings and bare metal bits? My ancient thundershot's driveshafts began rusting only moments after I'd puled them from soapy water last year. I put them in a baggy with just a few drops of singer sewing-machine oil and that seemed to restore them.
  12. I think you've summed up the challenges and experiences of many. Extrovert is to good as introvert is to bad has been a prevailing association for as long as I can remember. Extroverts by their nature tend to group together, giving them the influence of the mob. Lone introverts meanwhile become easy scapegoats. Extroverts would seem to make excellent conscripts, be it for war or assembly line manufacturing. I think those two features - they seek out association, and tend to avoid depth, have put them at the core of our societal advancements for thousands of years. The 'grumpy loners' are difficult to work with, so we don't build as many associations and don't benefit from that social network. I think introverts have started coming in to their own, perhaps in large part empowered by the internet. We can reach out about topics we care about, post a detailed comment or two, and another introvert can find it later and build on it. And moreover I think society at large is starting to realize that intro/extro-version exists on a spectrum, with unique strengths throughout. Personally I find it helps me to stand back and take a 'Simcity' view of the situation if you will. It lets me appreciate the value in the extroverts association, and in the introverts desire for depth without distraction. There are plenty of nice extroverts out there that understand not everyone is like them (and the same is true of introverts). I think the problem is with the simpletons on both sides - that genuinely can't seem to fathom that other people want/like different things. Those extroverts are particularly irksome, while those introverts are particularly withdrawn (so they don't cause much of a bother). As to what you do as an introvert. Well posts like this are a fair start: you help yourself and others by relating challenges and experiences - at a minimum we know we're not alone or broken. I find it helps me to view the extroverted simpletons as needy houseplants: give them a bit of attention and then get on with your day. For the pandemic deniers - oi, I dunno man. I think a lot of us are just baffled by them. I have co-workers that have lost multiple family members, and other co-workers convinced it isn't real. The denial is so deep, and confronting reality means abandoning much of their worldview - most just aren't up to the task. My best advice for coping is to remember that by interacting with them you are helping to humanize what they see as 'the other side' - perhaps over time it will make them less extreme.
  13. I think it cripples the hobby when manufacturers don't make this information readily available. To me it's totally baffling - it should be the first thing you tell people. The other dimension is wheelbase for the shells, why would they *not* list that. The only manufacturer I see do it reliably is Proline.
  14. Notice the prices tamiyausa set for their 'sale' are the exact same prices as Tower. Tower (or Omni or whatever the real company is) has a stranglehold on the USA market. I avoid them if I can find a different supplier, but they do have good deals (when they choose to carry stock).
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