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  1. FWIW I wrote them a few weeks ago. They are willing to ship to the US, but you need to e-mail them the list of items and the shipping address. They then generate the shipping costs. The process is a little awkward, apparently due to restrictions from the shipping companies and Covid. As a result their website can't generate the quote automatically. I have not yet ordered via this method, but they were friendly in explaining it via e-mail.
  2. @salvine what color are you going for? I can't tell which sprue is J, seems to differ on the various TA-02 variants. But the red parts are available as blue and dark silver. https://tamiyabase.com/chassis/55-ta02#all-ta02-variants
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdLHeplYtmI&list=LLNglDX8LXaDlQiU6UswVgrA&index=55&t=0s
  4. Might check out Toyota Land Cruiser take on GF-01, has larger diameter wheels. Also the wt-01 wheels look very good on it (with Monster Beetle tires etc).
  5. All this talk about various models... you know what Tamiya really needs? A working website. Honestly it's 2020 and the main Tamiya website and all of the regional sites are just embarrassing. And what's with the regional distribution model? They're still making parts and distributing them in some regions but pretending they're discontinued in others. Look at the parts comparison between Tamico and tamiyausa.com as an example. And ugh... tamiyausa.com... what a trash heap that place is. They must be running it from a first gen imac in some guys basement. phew.. ok I feel better now. </rant>
  6. I bought one off eBay a few weeks back here in the US. But one of the front knuckles is broken, haven't seen any available yet. I didn't realize until after bidding the KBF tread is wider than the original BF/MB.
  7. The WR02 chassis is crazy fun. But a 2wd jeep will never make sense. Deep in your heart you will know it is wrong, and it will gnaw at you. Then your mind will try to process a 4wd beetle ... and ::POP:: Personally I think the best option is to grab the cheapest GF01 variant you can find, then throw a willy body up top. From examples on the forums it's just a matter of modifying the area under the seats & willy's legs.
  8. Do you guys think this would work out for the full case bodies? Specifically the GF-01 & G6-01? Would you fill the whole body? Then how do you run the motor for that long? Attached it to a DC supply?
  9. @Vanspeed how did you go about shortening the clod chassis? I've only ever seen the racers extend them (often somewhat comically). Your's looks great.
  10. The Hobbyking clerk was mostly wrong. If both motors have 0 timing then sure they'll work fine. But if the timing is nonzero (which is often the case for fancier motors) then they have to be matched, but opposite (like 5 and -5). I don't run a clod so I can't offer much beyond the general theory.
  11. I'm a big fan of Crawler Innovation's CWR-3013 foams, but sadly they, like the Prolines, have been discontinued. Thanks for the recommendation @•Axle
  12. Ahh, I apologize, I didn't look close enough on the phone screen to see the threads were only partial. @Lee76's diagram is the closest thing I see so far.
  13. The 2.76mm is the standard for M3 metric screws. Looks to be machine threads in the photo. The length is typical measured without the cap, so measure the length of the threads only. In the US our fastest option is McMaster-Carr, you can search the website and they'll shop right away. The website is a little daunting at first, but worth the effort. If your have an ACE hardware nearby they're good too for individual screws, plus you can hold the old one right up to compare.
  14. This package arrived from Japan a full month before the scheduled delivery date I thought the tracking info had to be wrong when I got the update on my phone. Packaged quite well all things considered, 4 full layers of tape and bubblewrap gave me quite the struggle. But I won out eventually, and was well pleased with the result. Lo and behold, it's the real thing in 2020:
  15. Great minds think alike! I too am working on a GF-01 (dump truck) build. Something about the small, boxish frame just does it for me.
  16. @•Axle can you elaborate which step screws you mean? I can think of three places: (1) Those funny 3.74mm (or whatever they are) screws that mount the upper suspension arms and shocks on the 'cheaper' models. For those, part 58221 "flanged tube" is excellent. Note: there is a nearly identical flanged tube sold in 5-packs that is not a good fit, it's slightly too big and prevents rotation. (2) The steering knuckles. For those I have no option (3) Some go crazy and get custom step screws for the 3mm rods at the suspension joints. I confess I am part of that some, as I dislike e-rings. I have not found these in titanium. I get them in stainless through McMaster-Carr in the US. That's all that occurs to me.
  17. As far as I can tell they're not taking new orders to the US still as of 7/14/2020, just filling open orders from before the lockdowns. They've removed the US from the list of countries on their website, so you can't set it as the destination address.
  18. As an added thought, I'm worried how the developing crisis in HK will affect the hobby. Granted in the scheme of things the loss of personal freedoms is vastly more important. On a selfish level though I wonder how it will affect the RCMart / RCJaz / WahWah etc. sites that previously enjoyed HKs privileged import/export status.
  19. The stuff from Japan is especially high, I'm not sure if it's (1) exchange rates (2) greed/desperation. As far as I can tell, most of the suppliers have kept prices steady - they're just out of stock as demand completely overtook supply during the lockdowns. Individual sellers (and a few weird actors) on eBay have jumped into the void, hoping to cash in on otherwise unremarkable sets. I wish there was a way on eBay you could 'react' to the postings, then we could just or at all the crazy listings.
  20. I keep looking at this Ko Propo model. RC Mart has them in stock atm: https://www.kopropo.co.jp/en/products/view/80710
  21. With the txt-1 wheels discontinued I think it'll just get scarcer. After feedback by others in the forum, I picked up some adapters from rc_loverr on eBay to mount clod wheels.
  22. I use a hot nail. It's a trick my dad taught me when I was a kid and it's worked quite well over the years. Pick a nail with a head larger than the bodypost, hold that in clamping pliers. Heat the head over a flame (we just used the stove), and press through the body. Doesn't need to be glowing or anything, just a few seconds over the flame. The result is a melted edge with no microfractures. It's those microfractures left by most cold tooling that will lead to splitting when the shell is stressed.
  23. Does this hold up under use? Maybe not rock chips etc, but does the flexing/bending cause it to peel?
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