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  1. Make offer/ factory sealed trf414. Amazing trf piece. The only trf IMO better then this as far as collecting would be the 414x. Around 1000 of these made sold to the Japanese market. It is in great shape. The plastic itself is in great shape. Has a tiny tear in the plastic on bottom side. So small it is almost impossible to photograph. Picture 3 is a small glue stain i believe but very small does not break the platic.The cardboard itself Is nearly perfect. A bit dusty and may smell old and smoky. Will ship with drier sheets. Will clean and sanitize thoroughly. 20 year old piece of TRF history. This is a must for any trf lover. Not sure what the price should be so $1000 just make offer. Prefer lower 48 sale but will ship internationally.( just remember due to covid shipping inter will be severally delayed) PayPal only. Any questions ask here or pm. Thanks guys
  2. Mailman was good to me today. new in plastic from japan. crazy good price. now i am just trying to figure out if i should build her or leave her new. also got a set of limited edition "tamiya premium bonus goods" translucent blue 24mm touring wheels.
  3. i run a fan and use a cheap nimh pack. with or without the fan, notice no difference honestly
  4. i don't have much input besides wow. that is some fine work fellas
  5. did not know that. i will check. as far as i know they are not re release. thanks.
  6. Hello. i have started a trf collection. i have been having a bit of trouble finding some of the older trf models. i am interested in anything trf. but i am mainly looking for trf414 variants and 415 variants. really interested in the trf415 msx mre or the trf 414 world champ replica kit. if anyone has anything trf with box and manual in good condition, pm me. thanks for your time. P.S. must have box and manual. as long as it is in good condition, i will consider pretty much any trf besides the f1 models because i can get them at a good price from tamiyausa.
  7. Hi everyone. i have never really had anyone say anything negative that i can recall. honestly, most people that do see my cars are genuinely intrigued. Piece of advice, if someone asks about your cars, always tell them the top speed and potential speeds of these little guys first thing. usually helps the conversation. But in my case, for the most part, the rc hobby is a more personal thing to me. i like being alone to build, i like being alone to run them and i guess in general like being alone. haha. so i have not had too many cases were i had to explain why i love toy cars so much
  8. yes it second hand from the usa. i asked the original owner he said he was not sure. From what I can tell it seems everything else is legit. Don't mind the missing spur gear. Need a new one lol
  9. Hello. My first post. Just signed up. Thank you all. Glad to be part of the club. Okay, I purchased a TRF417 and quickly noticed the chassis did not resemble the typical 417 chassis. After further investigation I came up empty handed. My best guess is that it is a exotek chassis. Can anyone help me identify it? Thanks for your time
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