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  1. Thanks for all the great info everyone. It's been quite some time since I posted, nearly a month. It took about 3 weeks just to get the car together, no snags in the kit, just wanted to involve my girlfriend as much as possible with the process. Aside from painting the body with plastic paint (oops!), it turned out pretty good, I'll definitely be getting an extra Plasma Edge shell, it's a looker. However there are a few things. The car doesn't track straight, at all. I'll admit, the Futaba 3004 servo isn't the best but, it all seems to come from the slop in the steering rack. That's going to be my #1 priority. If there's something I can do to fix this without spending money, great! If not, I do enjoy installing upgrades. It's also a bit too slow for my liking, not in the fun bouncy Lunchbox kind of way, but in a disappointing kind of way. Might throw in a sport tuned motor at some point, but still don't want to go brushless, I'd rather track down a DF03 in the form of an Ebay score or, better yet, the car coming back to market. Does seem as if they've all been discontinued currently. In any case, thanks again for all the info, I'll try keeping my eye on the diffs, I smothered them with the included AW grease and so far so good, but you never know.
  2. Hello Tamiya Club! New member to the forum, thought it best to join after buying a TT02B Plasma Edge II. As a kid I had some hand-me-downs, an old Midnight Pumpkin, and Falcon. I am not at all a beginner to the hobby, In fact, this isn't even my first kit build. I've been around the block a few times, so to speak, however, this is a completely new platform for me. I purchased it mostly as a 'yard' car, as most of my other models are fairly large, or quite powerful and require a fair amount of space, as well as something to introduce my girlfriend to kit builds, as shes been interested for quite some time. My question is, I've seen some fairly mixed opinions about the TT02B's durability. From my first impressions, it seems like a fairly nice plastic kit, but the differentials are apparently an area of concern, as is the drive train and rear c-hubs. I don't currently have any plan to upgrade the car to a brushless setup, despite the included TBLE-02 ESC (that was nice of Tamiya). Are there any issues with the kit with the stock torque tuned motor, and possibly the sport tuned motor. The car will be driven on a mix of dirt, low grass, and rough asphalt, So I hope in it's relatively stock configuration the differentials and drive train will be okay, but if not what will be needed to make this car into a reliable car? I appreciate help in advance.
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