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  1. The Hornet is great - easy to build, looks amazing and is super fun to drive. However, it has a showstopper design flaw in the battery slider on the underside of the car. Go over bumps and jumps at speed and it pops off and the battery is dragged behind the car which is disappointing. Yes there are mods you can do/get but they are not simple and can cost more money if you've not done any research or D.I.Y. minded. A more robust car for kids IMO is the Lunchbox - this has been a great runner for the last six months for my two. The stock motor gives it really cool wheelies. I'd also consider a DT-02 2WD like the Sand Viper or a Neo-scorcher for low budget fun if the buggy look and feel is important.
  2. I’m spending a lazy Sunday afternoon building my Schumacher CAT XLS Masami and found a nice technique for Step 10 where the axle joints are put together. This step is notorious for being a pain but I’ve found a nice technique that makes light work of it and thought I’d share: https://twitter.com/m_lave/status/1267093600317378562?s=21 hopefully this is useful! Matt
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