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  1. Timr100

    Motor choice again

    Good afternoon as you I am a complete newbie, my mate has given me a brushless motor not sure of the make but it's a 10t 3450kv max current is 63 amps and 250 Watts sensored, would this be a better motor than my tamiya tuned motor, I no its not a cheap one he paid 90.00 for it. Many many thanks again.
  2. Timr100

    Advice on motors

    High as some of you no I am complete newbie so after someone to explain about motors, when it says about motor turns like my tamiya sports tunned says its 23t does the lower the number motor number mean the faster it is because I seen some at 55t and some as low as 6t any advice would be amazing thanks so much
  3. Timr100

    Motor problem

    Right thank you guys I have decided to go brushless I have read you can run them on nimh battery what would you advise I am going to save up to get lipo in the future. I can change the pinion gear to suit, any advice on what motor to get, I have tamiya brushless speed control or would you advise changing that too many thanks Tim p s. Its on a TT02 chassis
  4. Timr100

    Motor problem

    Hi hope someone could shed some light on a problem, I put this or orion core modified (please see pics) I put it in my new lancia on TT02 chassis the problem is it runs for around 2 minutes then cuts out and the speed controller and battery and motor get very hot ounce it has cooled it fine again for a couple of minutes. I am using a 7. 2 volt 2100 mah battery and a tamiya speed controller, advice would be much appreciated
  5. Timr100

    Grasshopper suspention

    So whilst messing around with the front suspension I came up with an idea (ALOT of free time on my hands at the moment) to stiffen the front shocks up I inserted some springs from a biro pen inside the original springs on the front and the difference is unbelievable. Quick and simple. Bit of bodge job but as test really pleased.
  6. Timr100

    Grasshopper suspention

    Many thanks for the advice.
  7. Timr100

    Grasshopper suspention

    Hi all I am a complete newbie, after many many years I have bought my first tamiya the grasshopper, so I am asking for a little advice, I have fitted it with a 540 motor and a Robinson 18 tooth gear as well as bearings does fitting oil filled shocks make a big difference to its handling I noticed on ebay you can also get an anti roll bar link and shock mounts any advice would be much appreciated many thanks Tim. Oh and any tips would be much appreciated too