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  1. We will see. I bought the last one he had listed and it arrived in good shape. It is indeed cracked and not in a spot that can be easily repaired.
  3. Scott_CT

    Too many controllers

    You are leaving out one variable in your insurance
  4. Scott_CT

    Bringing my Striker back to life

    Soooooooo... I am at my parents house picking up my old cars (thanking my lucky stars that mom didn’t throw my stuff away years ago) and discovered that I was not nearly as organized 25 years ago as I am today. The good news, I have 3 useable chassis and 2 usable bodies. I also discovered why I put it away all those years ago. I must have wrecked it hard and broken both the chassis and the shock tower. I must have ordered the parts tree that contained the shock tower from MRC but what they sent me was the one for the Sonic Fighter and I did not have usable front shocks at the time. So more good news, the chassis and body that are currently assembled appears to have never been run. Shock tower and lower control arms are brand new. The bad, wheels and tires are in rough shape. I am pretty sure my radio will work but it is old school crystal type. thinking I might be investing in a new radio. This restoration is already costing more than the car did when it was brand new and I haven’t even turned a screw yet. i will sort through everything in the next few days and figure out the next steps. parts are starting to arrive but some of them may take weeks as they are coming from overseas.
  5. I picked up a cheap digital caliper today and put it to the test. My axels are measuring at 4.95mm so I think it is safe to say the 5mm hubs are the way to go. *Edit*. I decided to go with the blue ones like that you have as the silver ones are too pricey once I factor in shipping. As an added plus I ordered a full set of alloy wheels from the same seller.
  6. I should be able to find a micrometer pretty easily and will measure the axle shafts. Once I have my answer I will order the appropriate ones.
  7. This seller has them listed for both large and small shaft
  8. Scott_CT

    Bringing my Striker back to life

    I really want to go a nice dark satin blue with silver and grey. already ordered a bunch of parts that started to arrive yesterday. Will lay everything out once I have it all at my house but think I might be able to build 2 when all is said and done.
  9. Scott_CT

    Bringing my Striker back to life

    I will be heading to NJ this weekend to pickup all of my RC stuff (I have an MRC MT10M also). i have been out of this hobby for so long that it is becoming abundantly clear that there are a ton of things that I no longer know. Things I can already see me needing advice on Batteries— (last time I had the car running we were still using nicad. I doubt they will even take a charge at this point. Motor.—I have the stock 540 and a 540 Sprint. My plan is to have a good looking runner not a shelf queen. Not sure I want to go ESC yet. Bearings—. I am seeing a variety for sale with a wide range of prices. Paint—. What kind of primer and paint is safe for a Striker body/chassis? I have a color in mind and am pretty sure Tamiya does not offer it. i am pumped to get this going over the next couple weeks.
  10. Quick question regarding these hubs. I am seeing them offered for bot a 5mm shaft and a 4.2mm shaft. Any idea which is the correct size? starting to think I am going to need to order a micrometer
  11. Has anybody given any thought to filing/grinding down the metal plate on the CRP front bumper so that it better conforms to the shape of the a Striker chassis?
  12. Scott_CT

    How has the hobby affected your relationships?

    My Mrs has put up with my main hobby, sports memorabilia, for as long as we have been together. Sometimes she accompanies me to expos but not as often since our daughter arrived. She doesn’t mind because I never spend money that I don’t have. She is not yet aware that I am about to start a restoration on my Striker that I have owned for close to 30 years and has been parked for over 20. I am sure she will not have an issue since I will not let it interfere with family time or professional life. interestingly I still catch crap (in my 40s) from my father about my hobbies as he always makes comments about how much they cost. As my income level is my business I just shrug it off rather than throwing a bank statement at him so he can see that I can more than afford the what I do for fun.
  13. I know you said UK only but there is a nearly complete Striker for parts or repair on eBay USA right now.
  14. Scott_CT

    Bringing my Striker back to life

    IF I can make the project work I already have some ideas for the color. i want to say that the dog bones and axels came out of a friends wrecked Falcon.
  15. So a couple weeks ago my parents were visiting and my father mentioned starting to clean out their house as they are getting a bit older. He mentioned the 2 shelves of R/Cs that I have in their basement and asked what I was going to do with them. I have not touched these in close to 20 years, possibly longer. That inquiry led me to this forum. Now I have a crazy itch to bring them back to life, especially my first car, the infamous Striker. I have a pretty good recollection of where it stands but started checking around the web for the availability of parts even before I have it back in my possession. Found a NOS chassis on eBay the other day but lost out at $50 usd. Good thing I am pretty sure the chassis I have is in good shape. I will be making the trip down to central NJ in the next couple of weeks and will bring everything home with me to start the resurrection. I am not a highly technical builder but am going to try to make a real attempt to build a really good looking car instead of the stock white. Some parts that I can think of off the top of my head that I had on it when it got put away rear tires and wheels off a Fox front tires and wheels Sand Blasters off of a Brat metal dog bones and axels i threaded a second set of springs inside the stock springs to assist with the too soft front suspension. Thats all I can think of right now. I will update once I have everything at my house. Let the journey begin.......