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  1. How many coats of the Translucent Red did you use?
  2. Many moons ago a member here posted pics of his Porsche 934 that he did in Translucent Red backed in black that gave it an amazing deep burgundy color. I can’t find the posts anywhere. anybody know who it was or have a link to pics of the car?
  3. Great news!!!! Chassis and towers arrived the other day. Now to find time for the build.
  4. I have those on order My plan is to attach my usual rare earth magnets in place of the ones supplied. i have rare earths on my crawler and can pick it up by the body without it detaching. (Rig is about 10 lbs with 4 magnet points)
  5. I got one of these. I am on the east coast and with shipping it was over $80 not cut or painted yet but I believe it is worth every penny.
  6. **UPDATE** Maxspeed has shipped me something. I assume it is what I ordered. Hopefully it is here by the end of the month.
  7. I got a response to my missing item case today. He is sticking with the “all packages to US and Australia were returned”. He is offering to send it DHL ground/sea. I told him as long as I have a tracking number that shows me that it is moving then I will be fine. It blows my mind that he thinks it is ok to just leave people hanging like that.
  8. So apparently I am not the only one that got screwed by maxspeed. I orders my chassis and towers in June and got the excuse about DHL in July and then early September. Because the purchase is so old I can’t even message him about it anymore. curious as to if he marked yours as shipped? Guess it is time to file a PayPal claim
  9. Too bad that I can’t get it shipped to the US
  10. Assuming you did some significant trimming for it to fit? I was able to find one in the US and it arrived yesterday. Much longer than I thought it would be.
  11. Tamiya 50746. I have 2 sets waiting on the kit build. Also ordered the YR kit shown above. Hoping it gets here in the next few days. 4 part video on the Mercedes Cabrio body on this chassis. The shocks he used are not right though.
  12. https://www.tamiyausa.com/hop-ups/32888/B71
  13. I am ready to start my build but am still waiting for the Yeah Racing suspension kit to arrive. Also need to order the rally interior then source driver heads that have an open face helmet. at this rate I might finish by thanksgiving
  14. What did you use for the interior?
  15. Yeah, so, um, I may have also ordered some hop ups at the same time. Many of them are sold out so I will have to go to the secondary market. i recently bought a rally beetle along with almost every upgrade I could get including the complete Yeah Racing suspension kit. At least I didn’t go nuts on the G-Wagon......yet.
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