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  1. Too bad that I can’t get it shipped to the US
  2. Assuming you did some significant trimming for it to fit? I was able to find one in the US and it arrived yesterday. Much longer than I thought it would be.
  3. Tamiya 50746. I have 2 sets waiting on the kit build. Also ordered the YR kit shown above. Hoping it gets here in the next few days. 4 part video on the Mercedes Cabrio body on this chassis. The shocks he used are not right though.
  4. https://www.tamiyausa.com/hop-ups/32888/B71
  5. I am ready to start my build but am still waiting for the Yeah Racing suspension kit to arrive. Also need to order the rally interior then source driver heads that have an open face helmet. at this rate I might finish by thanksgiving
  6. What did you use for the interior?
  7. Yeah, so, um, I may have also ordered some hop ups at the same time. Many of them are sold out so I will have to go to the secondary market. i recently bought a rally beetle along with almost every upgrade I could get including the complete Yeah Racing suspension kit. At least I didn’t go nuts on the G-Wagon......yet.
  8. This was more of an impulse buy. I have liked them but didn’t really need them. My next planned hit will be the TC-01 Formula E that comes out in August.
  9. I hit the button too. $31 in tax, thanks CT. now I will have 4 NIB kits plus 2 1/2 restorations to complete.
  10. Crazy part is I am thinking of buying both the D90 and the G Wagon. my problem is that I am addicted to Hop Ups .....$$$$$$$$
  11. Thanks, now I just need to decide if I want to pull the trigger or not. Also considering getting the Defender 90.
  12. I am in the US. I have ordered from Big Boys with Cool Toys and Zoom Room with good success (shipping can take a little while but that is because of the pandemic) I just bought my Rally Beetle from Horizon Hobby on eBay (still trying to figure out how they are selling Tamiya kits) and had it in 3 days. GravesRC in FL has been good. be careful of small shops as many times their online inventory does not match what the physically have. I got burned by Visalia Hobby back in the end of February. you can also buy direct from Tamiya.
  13. I just got my kit. I ordered all of the upgrades that I want at the same time SI I am just waiting on them to arrive so I can start the build. as for the 959, a lot of people are building the MF-01X Jimny and putting the 959 body on it. Gavin from RCKicks did the build on YouTube a month or so ago.
  14. What is the difference between the CC02 G- Wagon 58765 and the G-Wagon 47441 other than the painted body? don’t want to sound dumb but i if I do feel free to call me out.
  15. Zoom Room is great. They had a discontinued part for another brand and worked with me to get it paid for and shipped to the US. I would highly recommend them.
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