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  1. Thanks for the tips! What about battery size, what fits as far as the DT-03 goes? And is a 17t pinion the pinion of choice with a sports tuned and 2S Lipos?
  2. It was the Nissan that seems to come with the 104. I emailed and asked now but if it does I'll probably get the Neo for 70 euro from Tamico.
  3. Appears to have TEU-104BK. According to tamiyausa: The TEU-104BK is intended to run the included 540 motor (27 Turns) found in most of Tamiya's assembly kits, and can handle up to a 25 Turn Tamiya Torque Tuned motor. I don't know what to make of that, and in a way it'd feel better to have a 02-S in case i want to go brushless at some point. I find it weird that the Neo fighter is 30 euro cheaper in Tamico given this but there might be stuff I'm missing.
  4. Turns out my daughter think life's unfair with me just getting One car so I'll have to get one more. Think I'll try and use my sports tuned in that one along with a lipo battery to keep things simple. I want to get the rescented Nissan Titan but according to Specs that ESC wont handle sports tuned or an I wrong? If so I'll have to go for something with the 102 esc in the kit. Maybe Neo fighter due to it being cheap or perhaps an aqroshot. Not a fan of the look of the latter though. Im welcome to suggestions. Also, is it preferable to use a steel pinion with sports tuned? Thanks in advance
  5. It's 40 dollars for me, so a little steep unfortunately. Unless someone in Europe sells the exact same thing.
  6. I feel like learning so I am at least gonna try myself and see how it goes. If I fail I'll get some assistance. On a good note, the lunchbox runs again. I used to have the shock mod with an extra shock but that one was broken with the transmission so I assembeled without it. Problem now is that when I hit the throttle the engine kind of flips back a little so that it touches the shocks. Could it be those springs that the transmission rests on thats been worn out? They look pretty tired.
  7. Yeah me too, feel a little stupid for not looking inside the box but figured I'd wait until I got ahold of Tamico bit eventually I gave in. My biggest problem with buying an ESC would have been the extra soldering. If the plasma Edge works out I can see myself getting a Neo fighter or something as well so that I can race my son. One thing at a time though!
  8. I'm gonna get som pins tomorrow! Noticed that the wheel started spinning when i applied som pressure so it might just run again
  9. Okey, so turns out I shouldn't be as hasty as I am. It says on the box that you should complete it with an ESC so I assumed it was nothing there since it was sealed and I didn't unseal it if I were to return it. I decided to bite the bullet and break the seal and when roaming around in it there's an ESC in it and a note saying that and a torque tuned motor is included. So, in my defense it wasn't obvious that there would be one in there but in the end it's me that's in the wrong, not Tamico. So apologies ot them! Back to my other dilemma of sorts with my lunchbox. As a disclaimer, I know nothing about gearing, engines, tranmissions etc, I just follow instructions to the best of my ability when I build anything. That being said, if I only have one backwheel mounted on the car, should it spin when I hit the throttle? I would assume it should but since it doesn't I'm hoping that there some logical explanation to it so I don't have to tear it apart again. The drive shaft spins on the other side but the one wheel I have is not moving. I'm gonna get one of those little pins for it tomorrow so that I can mount the other wheel as well. If it should move, I'll gladly accept any guesses on as to why it isn't moving the wheel. Thanks in advance and thanks for all the responses, you guys, and potentially girls, are fantastic!
  10. Yeah I am gonna give it a try and see what happens.
  11. It's seeled, says in the box to complete it with battery, rx, tx and esc. I.e not what it says on Tamico.
  12. So I got my kit from Tamico. A little bummed out that the ESC is NOT included like it says on the page. I assume their competitive prices come from the fact that things are not inlucded as it says. Sending it back will set me back as much as it costs to buy an ESC so that kind of sucks. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-47366-Plasma-Edge-II-Black-Metallic-TT-02B-Bausatz I tried to piece my old lunchbox together that my kid broke the transmission on the other week. He somehow managed to lose one of the tiny metal pins that keeps the tires in place so for now I can only put one of the back wheels on. It looks fine and spins without the wheels, when i put the one wheel on that I have it doesn't spin at all. I'd assume I have done something really wrong along the way but since is spins fine without the wheels I'm not quite sure what I've done. Any ideas?
  13. Okey, thanks! Thought I was missing something Does hobbyking or someone sell boxes with m3 screws? I always tend to lose screws when I do stuff due to constantly being interrupted by kids etc. Would need a box with m3 in the most common lengths. I only have none tapping ones I bought ages ago.
  14. Since this hade turned into me asking semi-stupid questions I'll throw in one more. Gear mesh on a lunchbox, how do I best det that? Seeing as I cannot quite see anything when i fasten the motor till the gearbox.
  15. I was thinking about these for example. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hxt-4mm-gold-connector-w-pre-installed-bullets-10pcs-set.html I guess what I am asking is that it does not matter if you have the female or male on the ESC as far as bullet connectors go and with these HXT you basicly have one of each?
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