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  1. OK wow that looks really different to what I have. Do you think the turnbuckle is helping there? For me the weak point is where the upper arms of the tower join the body - I was thinking of trying to have a turnbuckle on either side running vertically from the bottom to the top arms.
  2. Ah yes, good idea. I might be able to use the remains of the aluminium tower as a boss to attach the top half of the carbon one. I'll give all these things a go and report back!
  3. In case you're interested this is the broken aluminium tower. It's not a great design, the arm snaps at the point where it joins the body - also clear that the lower arms and upper arms are offset by nearly 10mm. Time to put those Liam Neeson style skills to good use ...
  4. Superluminal: I think you're right, the towers aren't quite in the same plane. Thinking about it, the reason the aluminium arms bend is because the point where the top arms 'kink' forward the metal also tappers down - so it's a real weak spot. I think what I'll do is this: Order up another set of plastic arms for the time being but in the interim I'll try to model up a 3D boss and arms. A few iterations on the 3D printer should get them sorted. Will then be able to get an metal boss and carbon arms made up (or go for broke and get the whole thing in titanium!)
  5. Both the plastic and aluminium break/bend at the weak point where the 'arm' of the tower meets the body. It might be possible to run turnbuckles from the top arms of the tower to the bottom arms. Would look a bit ugly but worth a shot. I also saw what looked like a DF03 carbon tower on eBay without the aluminium mounting boss. I even contacted the guy to see if he knew where to the get the boss from but he didn't. Based on the conversation above I'm wondering if I could get an aluminium boss CNCed up and use that.
  6. Ah interesting idea I hadn't thought of that - thanks. Looking at the examples of carbon towers for the df03 online, they all seem to be split into an upper and lower part which connect to an aluminium boss, which then connects to the chassis. Any idea why? My CAD skills might run to a single carbon tower but the aluminium boss would be pushing it!
  7. Hi - I'm a newbie here so apologies if I'm getting this wrong. I have a Dark Impact (DF-03) for general fun and running around in the park. As I'm discovering to my cost it seems rather fragile - 20 years ago I had a Hot Shot that rarely broke, the DI seems to spend most of it's time waiting for me to fix something. The main culprit is the rear shock tower. I cracked the plastic one that came with the kit and so tried an aluminium one that bent after a flip - while straightening it I cracked that too. I can see that some people have tried carbon/graphite towers which I guess might be a bit tougher. But here's the problem I can find anyone that still sells them - the 3racing ones are out of stock all over and look like they will never be back. Does anyone know where I can get one from (perhaps a tower that's comparable from a different body) or should I just give and go back to the plastic. I'm only running a brushed sports tuned with NiMH by the way, so it's not like I'm going crazy...
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