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  1. I replaced a TBLE-02S with a TBLE-03S in a TT-02B running a Torque Tuned motor. I have configured the TBLE-03S to Brushed mode and set the High point etc. The motor keeps cutting out. Accelerating/reversing slowly is OK but hitting the High point cuts the motor out. Seems like Overload Protection is triggering. Anyone know if the Torque Tuned is compatible with the TBLE-03S? I have a Super Stock which I might try out soon.
  2. Had a quick look in the TT-02B manual and the turnbuckle shaft measurements listed are 3x32mm (rear) and 3x23mm (front).
  3. I just received this Hop Up and noticed that it's 'Not for Use with TT-02S or TT-02B'. Does anyone know exactly which part/s is incompatible specifically with the TT-02B? Was thinking to save a bit of dosh getting this set instead of separate Hop Ups but apparently that ain't going to happen... Thanks.
  4. Another option is the MuchMore Professional Electric Driver... https://youtu.be/PdlwX_0JZLE http://www.muchmoreracing.net/product_view.php?pidx=1520 About US$60.
  5. This is what I thought and was quite surprised. Oh well, I found a replacement pair for 5 quid so not too bad. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. The rod is definitely bent. I am planning a set of DF03 shocks in the not too distant future. Hope the DF03 piston rods are tougher! :-) I just like to run the car stock as much as possible for the first couple months before the upgrades...
  7. Thank you. Found the part : Tamiya 19805917
  8. After taking the car to the track this weekend, one of the piston rods bent probably from a bad landing. I can only find replacement CVA Mini shock piston rods but this one looks longer. It is from the rear shocks of the TT-02B. Thanks.
  9. Just a follow up on the TT-02 heat sink install (I ordered one a couple weeks ago on impulse ). I removed screws MA2 and MB4 and clipped on the heat sink. Personally I don't really like leaving screw holes open. A 3x8 screw can replace MB4 (3x12mm) but couldn't find a suitable screw to replace MA2. I guess normally one could just leave those screws out since the plastic motor covers has been uninstalled.
  10. Just curious - is it common to reuse damper oil? Not really (years) old oil, but say when trying out the different weights...
  11. If you do the 'drop test' by dropping the buggy on the bench say 10 or 20 centimetres, does it still bottom out/or bounce with the Tamiya yellow shock oil on the rear with the DF03 shocks? I'm in the same situation and switched to 750 in the rears with the stock CVA's. Higher than 10cm it bottoms out for me. I also used the lower inner most mount point.
  12. I used Tamiya non-scratch long nose pliers 74065.
  13. I was planning to run a Super Stock BZ in a TT-02B with a Tamiya 54571 heat sink. It appears the heat sink is only compatible with the 540 Sports and Torque Tuned motors. Apparently possible short circuit if used with other types of motors. So my questions are: Are there any overheating issues with running aa Super Stock BZ using the standard D7 and D8 parts? The manual does recommend running a Torque Tuned or Super Stock BZ, then later it recommends the heat sink 54571. I guess they must have only been referring to Torque Tuned plus heat sink?
  14. I picked up a TT-02B MS kit but not too fond of the Dual Ridge body. Does the Neo Scorcher body fit on the body posts of the TT-02B MS? Any other body options? Also does 'MS' stand for the Tamiya TRF driver Maezmi Satoshi? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for clarifying. I might fit some other suspension arms instead then. From Tamiya site: From Tamiya's description, I guess this will improve power distribution to the wheels only. I haven't seen any comments of this Hop Up on the forums, probably not frequently used.
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