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  1. Quick question...... what chassis is it? Is the body blue by any chance?
  2. Im in need of the whale tail spoiler from the original run of escorts. Can anyone help?
  3. One on ebay £160...... maybe a deal to be done there! Good luck
  4. Get rid of the tamiya cab and get a light weight one. Make sure it's well lubricated as it's very close racing in that category. Good luck!
  5. Wow what a revival! More to come when I get some sleep! Dyna storm did me proud so did the top force evolution. No damage to repair....... very competitive! It was great to meet @Mad Ax. Now I need to recover to my bed!
  6. Sure will! Mine are in the original condition, box art as people like to say! It will be my first time meeting a tamiya club member face to face! Thanks look forward to meeting you. Regards Tom
  7. Is anyone racing there in September 2022? Im racing a dyna storm and a top force evolution.
  8. I will send you some pictures of another trf I have if your interested......
  9. Yeah it sold for £450 without electrics. It did have a few alloy upgrades fitted to it.
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