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  1. All the best mate, thanks for you help on my projects and it's been a pleasure helping you with yours. Take care, have a break and see you soon!
  2. Hi, what's your budget for a mint example with box art body? If you're serious send me a pm.
  3. Do you have a part number? I may have some new in packet. I'm in the UK but don't mind posting out to you.
  4. Hi, thanks im in the UK so maybe the postage would be quite high? Do you have any idea on postage? Thank you 😊
  5. Any condition as long as there a set with tyres and round!. Thanks people!
  6. I might even have a new body in the garage @Hairyjon313. I will check over the weekend mate
  7. @Hairyjon313 your more than welcome! Keep up the good work, If you need anything else just ask!
  8. I have a 7 month old cockerpoo little girl, she was the same....... but has now settled down. All I can say is it does get better! We buy her old cuddley toys of market place, you can get bags and bags for £10 and dogs love a 'baby'. She has now turned into a tamiya rc dog as she loves to chase my cars around the garden! It give me practice and wears her out at the sametime. I did the same with our golden retriever, now he just watches lol!. It does take a lot of time and patience but it's worth it in the end.
  9. Think I may have one.
  10. Do you still have this? Pm if you do please
  11. Does anyone know what drive shafts fit this? Or any after market drive shafts? If I have to change the hex over to a pin/hex that's fine. Thanks
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