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  1. I've got a lot of spares for this model but I can't find anything with that number on. Can you PM me a picture of the part or where it goes and I will have a look.
  2. Thank you any ideas where they can be found before I go searching in the wrong place!
  3. I'm trying to track down a pair of drive shafts, I have some cvd shafts on the top force but the dog bone part is excessively worn. YR70 is printed on the shaft. Can anyone shed some light on what I require? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm on the hunt for a trf 4wd buggy. Any condition considered. Hopefully someone can help me out! Cash waiting.
  5. Always used this many years ago, struggling to find one. Can anyone help me out?????
  6. Always wanted one....... now got one and don't know what to do with it!!!!!!! Just keep reading the instructions lol
  7. Omg........ My list is Dyna storm Running and racing Avante Running and racing Manta ray hybrid 100% modified carbon chassis..... my current racer Blackfoot Need some minor work Hilux monster racer Fully working but need the new ball diff fitting Madcap Restoring Bearhawk Restoring Blitza beetle Restoring Thunder dragon 100% restored Ff02 Restoring Ta02 Full carbon my 25year old racer restoring Dt02 Full trf restoring Loads more but my fingertips and brain are hurting!
  8. Omg how cool........ Great work!
  9. Does anyone know much about these?? Its like being at school working out maths.......... lol
  10. Tea time tuning........ First time for everything, not sure how it will go. Got to be worth ago.........
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