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  1. im in need of the diff out drive cups for the front gearbox to finish off my restoration project. Any help appreciated.
  2. New or used also any other parts considered. Thanks guys
  3. I will have a look when I get home. I think I may have some new in the box.
  4. I've raced many tamiya rc models hard, the best I've come across are the top force evolution, egress and dyna storm. Yes I know they are the top end of the market but its like buying a real car you can buy an Audi s3 or get the rsq3! If you get what I'm saying. You have to start somewhere. Anyway it's just my opinion lol
  5. Hobbywing xr10pro 5.5t brushless........ wow that will go some! I've tried it in my thunder dragon and I must say it was great fun!
  6. Just need a plastic bathtub chassis for a madcap restoration I'm doing. Hope you guys can help me out. Thank you, stay safe
  7. Thanks people's! I've ordered some alloy ones! Great stuff thank you
  8. Worksop rc club this Sunday. Look on Facebook at the track. I will let you know how it goes !
  9. Look on worksop rc club at the track for sunday..........
  10. I'm trying to find some hub assemblies to restore an ongoing project. The super astute has different rear hubs.
  11. I love buying old 90s tamiya rc cars, parts, spares, job lots...... then I look through my parts and build rc cars! My collection has grown massively. I even race them too. Life is for living (as my wife says) so rc cars are for having fun with and in my opinion racing!. I just hope everyone has fun which ever direction they take in this hobby.
  12. Well honeycombs fitted, new hobbywing xr10pro fitted 9.5t motor installed......... savox Steering servo in and round stick lipos fitted! 300 Damper oil in the front and 400 in the rear. Set for the vintage racing at the weekend!
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