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  1. Turbotom

    Mad cap wheels

    Tamiyabigstuff PM sent
  2. Thank you where did you post it?
  3. Just some of my collection!
  4. Showroom??? What that!!
  5. Where do I go to post them? Is it in my profile? Thank you
  6. I would like to share my growing collection on this site but not sure how to as I've not long joined...... do I need to pay??? Thank you
  7. Turbotom

    Mad cap wheels

    Mad cap wheels required to complete my restoration. Any condition considered. Thank you
  8. Turbotom

    King cab tyres

    Or does anyone know a equivalent?? My searching has found non lol. Hope you guys can help me.
  9. Turbotom

    King cab tyres

    Thank you for the response, does anyone know the part numbers for the replacement tyres???
  10. Does anyone know of any tyres that will suit the king cab? Trying to find something like the original. Thank you
  11. Turbotom

    Wanted tamiya vectra bodyset

    Thank you I will have a look
  12. 90s vectra bodyset and wheels required to complete my restoration. Any condition considered. Thank you
  13. Turbotom

    Tamiya ta 02 vintage racer

    Hi I've got a fully hopped up chassis and every spare part for these classics! I use to race it competitvely back in the 90s.......... I've recently got back into racing at my local club......... racing has changed lol. The question I'm asking is does anyone have a good set up for indoor polished wooden floor? Just some basics so then I can fine tune from there. The class I run in only allows tamiya brushed motors and nicad! Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!!!