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  1. Schumacher do a lipo shorty universal kit, in carbon too!........
  2. Im looking from 1987 onwards please thank you
  3. Im trying to rebuild my original collection, Sadly lost a lot of rc cars and guide books many years ago in a garage fire. If anybody wants to sell any duplicates they have???? I would appreciate it. Let me know what you have please
  4. Hi, I've been racing rc cars for over 25 years on and off...... I race various tamiya cars trf417v5 and a tt01e truck on road and a top force evolution + egress for off road (also astute and dyna storm in 2wd) My best advice for when starting out ie a new car or track etc is put the car back to factory settings, turn the timing down on the motor and then have a practice lap. You will get a feeling for the steering and on off power first. No point changing the suspension until you know how the car turns in, then dial the understeer/oversteer. Yes take advice from other racers but remember they aren't driving your car so it might not work. As for tamiya being expensive or a lesser car in my opinion they are as good as the person driving it. I race against x Ray and schumacher top end touring cars and it's always in the top 5. At the end of the day have fun, that's what it's about. Hope this helps you
  5. Oh yes!!! My wife does listen to me 😆
  6. Hopefully my wife gets the hint and buys me a vanquish!...... Other that that I will be at work and rebuild what I already have. And possibly finishing some projects if the post ever arrives 🤔
  7. One of the best out there....... The body posts worked then mate!
  8. That's what I need! 😊 thanks
  9. Does anyone know of any stronger front hub carriers and front yokes? They just seen so weak even tho the are carbon reinforced. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Whats the price on both? Inc delivery UK thanks
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