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  1. Great drive shafts, absolutely perfect. Thank you
  2. You can copy these if you want mate? Let me know. 👍
  3. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? maybe some cvd shafts that I can use with a pin and hex conversion?
  4. If you are racing with a brushless motor, I always use the hobbywing xr10pro 160amp. There are so many options to use with it.
  5. I tuck mine under the chassis if I've got a undertray fitted. Otherwise zip tie or a very short mast. Modern day radio gear is so much better than back in the day!
  6. Started in 5th and finished 3rd not bad against xray and schumacher cars! I was pleased with my laps!
  7. Hi Dave, what sort of rc car are you looking for...... off road or touring car? Also what sort of budget do you have etc.....
  8. As so can see its ripped the ball stud out and taken a part of the chassis with it.
  9. I've repaired this before..... I will put a picture up in the morning. I'm thinking of putting a drill through the chassis and a longer screw with a nut ball stud. This is the only downside to this chassis. It competes against schumacher and xray touring cars with promising results.
  10. Has anyone encountered that the rear ball stud is prone to being ripped out of the chassis if the rear wheel is tagged?? Does anyone have a solution? Apart from not colliding haha!
  11. My astute in last years iconic rc revival. I was more than impressed with how it held up and competitive it was. Yes tamiya's do break easy..... but the more you practise the better you become and breakages become less and less! Just my thoughts! At the end of the day just have fun.
  12. 419xr 419x ta08pro Thanks
  13. Does anyone fill these out? Does anyone have any copies they have found useful? Or is it just go racing? I normally go kit setting and then tweek as I go......
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