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  1. For me, its all about what I want/ get out of the hobby as a whole. I really enjoy building kits, sourcing and fitting hop-ups - its the process and time spent relaxing and enjoy something away from the pressures of work and the daily grind. I beat myself up for not driving cars, then have to rethink what I enjoy, and this hobby is about enjoyment - collect, build, race, bash or just spend time 'tinkering' or just looking/ admiring your collection. I am fully bought into the hop-up world but mostly because it gives me an excuse to take something apart and put it back together again. Do they make the chassis faster or handle better? - Yes, No and maybe at many levels - go your own way and enjoy the experience :-)
  2. Please accept my apologies for neglecting this thread. I have been building in the background and taking pictures to document and need to upload on here. also need to finish off posting the TA03 mega build too.
  3. Yeah, thats the thing, I bought a chassis at the same time, complete with oil filled dampers fitted and had that shipped but had an email saying they couldn't put the sets of dampers I bought into the same box????
  4. I am learning that myself :-( I have found someone that has kindly offered to help, which is whats great about this site. Great community spirit and I have myself sent the odd part to members for free so i guess thats my good Karma coming back to me!
  5. Hi, I really need some help........sorry if this is in the wrong topic thread. It seems that Buyee has changed its stance on shipping dampers to the UK. In the past, they have just removed the bottle of shock oil and posted them no problems but they have recently changed their stance and wont ship Dampers/ Shocks at all. I tried to point out that without the oil, they are just bits of metal and plastic but that didnt get me anywhere The problem is that I have purchased quite a few sets for my builds/ upgrades and have been given 2 options: 1 - Post them to someone in Japan 2 - Throw them in the bin If there is a member that lives in Japan that I could have them sent to, and if they would then post them on to me, I would cover any costs incurred and be forever grateful :-). Is there anyone out there that can help please? Please drop me a PM and I can arrange. Many Thanks in Advance.
  6. I too have looked into this recently and you really dont need that much adhesion under normal driving condition to keep the tyres on the rims. I found a similar product in UK 'pound shops' thats easy to apply without sticking your fingers to everything, wipes off the tyres quite easily when applied and then when sets grips uite well but peels off quite easily when you want to remove the tyre.
  7. Just has a quick google - see here https://www.rcjaz.co.uk/tamiya-84358-110-rc-open-wheel-body-type-p-90063285.html Deff the Jordan 191
  8. They actually did the bodyset as a re-release about 10 yrs ago (maybe longer) but just sold as 'open wheel racer' or something like that from what I can remember. I have a couple of the originals so didnt pick any up at the time but wish I had now.
  9. Sorry to jump around but been working on a few chassis projects. This one is a TA02 with lots of non-Tamiya period correct Hop Ups installed. It has lots of Tamiya goodness too but I wanted to build something to showcase what other manufacturers were putting out at that time. Cross front and rear carbon shock towers with integrated stabiliser bars Cross arms Square front knuckles unknown prop shaft (was in the packet but was missing the header card) but it’s a thing of beauty - have you seen anything that looks as good as that? non Tamiya lower and upper deck Tamiya universals front and rear, Tamiya shocks, Tamiya front bumper, Tamiya one piece racing wheels with shaped inserts and Tamiya black nuts, speed tuned gear set with front one way plus lots more….
  10. Hi, If you still have the CLK DTM ones, I would like to buy them please.
  11. Hi, Will add pictures ASAP or can send you specific pictures if you like :-) All are original Tamiya items (unless stated otherwise) Most of these parts are used but in great condition and only show signs of very light use. All are listed on Ebay for more money (with pictures) if you wanted to check them out - username tasminwithey - loads of other great stuff on there so happy to ship for free to TC Members at the listed price. All prices include UK Second Class Recorded delivery (insured up to £49) - International Postage will be charged at actual cost (I'm not here to make money on shipping :-)) Piad via Paypal Friends and Family (or cover costs). Used TA01 TA02 FRP Shock towers (front and rear) with fixings (pretty much what you get in the packet from new) Set #1 - SOLD Used TA01 TA02 FRP Shock towers (front and rear) with fixings (pretty much what you get in the packet from new) Set #2 - SOLD New in Packet Tamiya 50423 TA01 TA02 DF01 Gear Set (the one with the 2 Aluminium Gears) Set #1 - £27.99 - (the plastic TA02 version is better for running but if you are doing a vintage resto then these are the ones you need) New in Packet Tamiya 50423 TA01 TA02 DF01 Gear Set (the one with the 2 Aluminium Gears) Set #2 - £27.99 Used (very lightly) Tamiya TA02 TA03 53310 Universal shaft (silver) - SOLD Used (very lightly) Tamiya 53115 Universal shaft - will fit TA01 front and rear and TA02 rear (fitted on the TA02 Racing Special) SOLD Used (in a 'shelfer') Tamiya 53164 TA01 TA02 DF01 Carbon Gear Shaft Set - includes new rubber sealed bearings and end caps. - SOLD Used (in a 'shelfer') Tamiya 53275 TA03 Motor Heat SInk - £34.99 Used (hardly) Tamiya 53143 Rally Car Skid Guard Bumper - £35.99 Used (hardly) Tamiya 53285 TA03 Rear Body Mount Support - £24.99 New in Packet Vintage MIP TA02 Universal Drive Shaft - Front - SOLD I have lots more to add to the above list or if there are any specific TA01 TA02 or TA03 parts or hop ups you are looking for, there is a good chance I will have them somewhere - not saying I will be able to find them though ha ha!! :-) I have traded with a few well known members on here so can give references if required ;-) Oh yeah, one last thing - no scammers - to be fair the scammers on here have been pretty rubbish at their job and stick out like a sore thumb so dont waste your time typing out the email!!!
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