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  1. Hi, these were available back in the 90’s as a ltd edition release from Tamiya 😎
  2. I have had an email too in response to a wanted advert
  3. TS21 Gold on these too for my Subaru Impreza builds
  4. First off was a coat of PS21 Gold then the outer rim done in chrome, then some flat black, a cocktail stick and a steady hand. Very happy with the result and really lifts these 2 piece wheels
  5. Spent this weekend upping my wheel game 😎
  6. I have 1 set of 2 wheels but need another set to finish off my build Would look at a used set if they in great condition but would prefer new I am based in the UK Thanks in advance :-)
  7. You can just swap over the top deck with servo and msc and then replace with top deck that comes in the kit. im not 100% sure the servo/ MSC parts are on the new spruces but they might be.
  8. Was built using 95% new parts and the other bits have only had a couple of packs though. £340 including UK postage Tamiya 58157 TA02 Racing Special Chassis Kit Ltd Edition This was the pinnacle TA02 chassis and the forerunner of the TRF Touring Car series. This was Tamiya’s first attempt at a race bread chassis with a whole host of Hop Ups included in the kit. The was no motor or body in the kit. The Hop Ups included in the box are: Front one way diff Aluminium King Pins Shaped Front Tyre Inserts Stainless Steel Suspension Shafts (Hinge Pins) Front Universal Drive Shafts Rear Universal Drive Shafts Speed Tuned Gears Lightweight Rear Diff Pressure plates (Top Force Evolution) Hard Prop Shaft Rear Anti-Roll Stabiliser Bar On-Road Tuned Springs One Piece Racing Wheels with Wide Rears This is listed as used but has been built using nearly all brand new parts and hardware and rubber shield bearings throughout - but wanted to be completely honest. It would be easier to list the parts that weren’t new and these used parts have only had a couple of battery packs through if that and are in almost new condition. Used parts in the build: Front and rear universals - almost new Prop shaft Front bumper Front Blue Springs (as the new ones are a different shade of blue) This is probably worth more in parts but these are so hard to find these days and a great addition to any serious collection. Happy to answer any questions or send pictures of the build etc or any specific pictures you need. The manual is a photo copy of the original.
  9. worth some further investigation - might be a weekend project to drag out some built chassis and do a comparison :-) Thats the great part of the early TA series, there are so many different options available by swapping out parts between them.
  10. This worked an absolute treat so thanks for the heads up - had to go to the pharmacy counter at Boots to get some pure acetone First just put some on a lint free cloth and tried to rub it off but didnt really work then remembered watching my wife removing nail polish and used the same method - soaked a small piece of cloth in acetone, put it over the effected area, wrapped it in tin foil, left it for a few mins, removed and wiped with a clean cloth and hey presto - superglue gone and FRP undamaged :-)
  11. If you swapped the entire TA01 front end over wouldnt it be the same width as the TA02 - i think it is, but I'm not sure as I think the arms are shorter and the knuckles longer on the TA01 and the other way round on the TA02 - is that correct or not? I will dig some out tonight to compare as I have each variation built up :-)
  12. My mistake, I should have put my comment into context depending on what wheelbase you needed :-(
  13. Hi, You dont actually need anything nore than the actual chassis tub and the TA02 prop shaft that are both easily bought from anywhere such as TTP Models, all the other bits from the TA01 chassis will swap right over Its £7.99 for the prop shaft and £16.99 for the chassis tub Then you can just buy the body you want.
  14. Great job on this and the Supra, they both came out really wel. I had the same issue with Taisan decals in exaclty the same places although one side of the red stripes went down with 'crinkles' in them the other side went on first time with no issues at all - go figure :-(
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