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  1. Tamiya G.Era

    Hello....I am ( Tamiya Era ) Back and....

    all well here..thnks ,,,been very busy with actual life heheh...and didnt touch my collection since then..... i am still Avante family fan really hopping my issue with main account will be sorted out cheers
  2. Tamiya G.Era

    Hello....I am ( Tamiya Era ) Back and....

    Hiiiiiii my dear old friends.....................yeaa im back....miss u alot! so tell me...did Tamiya remake Vanquish?! loooool
  3. Hi Guys, Hope all well! I am Tamiya Era as all knows me. I have created this new account cos i dont know wat happened to my old account. trying to post and write to Admins but no reply and the post does not get posted. I hope to get back to my old account with your help Mates. CHeers