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  1. that also applies to shipping worldwide. if you order i'd recommend going for the high gloss finish and maybe get the vinyls window masks for the terra scorcher as well. ok they're never going to be as good as the originals (the MCI stickers are probably twice as thick). but yeah would have been next to impossible to restore my Terra Scorcher if they weren't around.
  2. ok might seem a stupid question but... are the tires glued? running brushed or stock silver i could get away with not gluing the tires... but not so for brushless
  3. thanks! it even came with purple hexes which was nice. its supposed to be a TRF TA03-RS. everything seems to check out so far. the cf battery plate and the shocks are not stock (though they are adjustable/threaded which is good i guess).
  4. some ebay auction stuff: ...and oh... yet another TA-03 chassis it came with this porsche body... gonna use it as a runner shell. bonus was the free shipping promo at the time so yay!
  5. Haha had to laugh at this. At this point "restoring" my old corolla TA-03 definitely has cost me way more than the XV-01. Ended up purchasing two used TA-03 chassis for parts (because hopups), culminating in a NIB TA-03R-S TRF kit. Now I have three unfinished TA-03R's on my bench Good news is the rere TA03 GT1 was announced for 2020, so the short belts at least *should* become available again.
  6. You're in for a treat. Just finished building an XV01 hopped up with the long damper stays and GF01 dampers among other things - everything off RCMart. I've barely had time to run it - for the wheel size - suspension turned out surprisingly plush. I think its gonna be my new favourite!
  7. one easy mod is to swop the front knuckles over (left to right) so the ball ends are at the bottom - this reduces bump steer. for tires i had pro-line dirt hawgs all round at some point, but have since switched to trenchers in the rear - they're a wee bit wider and fit the rear rims better.
  8. thanks.. its a great way of learning about the night sky and the cosmos. ...it all started with just a 200mm lens and taking photos of the moon. key piece of equipment is the tracking mount. once aligned it points your camera at the correct spot for long exposures. sensors do heat up and generate noise the longer the exposure, so multiple shots are required. ideally i do at least a hundred two minute exposures for a subject. cameras can take longer exposures, but light pollution, tracking accuracy, wind, vibration all come into play. the mount and camera is controlled via software on my computer whilst i sit indoors. so I do not to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. with the modest setup i have, most of the time what you actually see in the scope is just a smudge (due to light pollution etc), or just a blank piece of sky if the object is in an invisible spectrum (infra red). the magic happens when the photos are stacked and processed. dslr's have rgb sensor, so the colours are i guess 'true colour'. i do use a filter which cuts out most light pollution, and a secondary camera and scope for auto-guiding (it locks onto a bright star to guide the mount to a specific spot). of course one can always get A Bigger Scope, sturdier mounts, dedicated astro cameras... others end up converting their garage/house to an observatory, or even rent space in a remote location - all of which costs $$$. processing is also a skill, colours are enhanced, brightened etc. the 'artificial colours' come in when folks use dedicated mono cameras, where they can take longer exposures in specific wavelengths using filters... one can also just google for the photos - but hey what's the fun in that? :-)
  9. installed the xv01 hopups and i *think* the last of the gazillion stickers for the integrale. tomorrow i get to play with my new toy along with all the other kids and their new xmas presents.
  10. from experience... more expensive = more better?
  11. And Now for Something Completely Different... M20, M8 & Mars NGC3372 - Eta Carina v1 NGC3372 - Eta Carina v2 M16 - Eagle Nebula M42 - Orion Still learning - from our light polluted backyard just using a normal DSLR... and some other stuff...
  12. hmmm yer right... also no more items listed on their ebay store. maybe just closed down for the holidays?
  13. random pics of old kits/builds. most of these have since been lost/destroyed/damaged... yeah so that kinda put me off building statics for now. rc's are much more hardy...
  14. ^ say goodbye to those rear tyres... hope you've got spares :-)
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