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  1. MockTurtle

    New one for the growing collection.....

    oh my. that is pretty... and i just saw your other post with the rest of your collection. very very nice.
  2. MockTurtle

    terra scorcher restoration

    so am i... even if its just for spares availability. but if that happens i can rest the original one on the shelf, and i'll have a rere to bash with...
  3. this was my first ever hobby grade rc, bought back in the philippines back in 1990 when i was 11 years old. brought it with me when my family moved to south africa a year later. on that flight all i owned were a suitcase of clothes and a tog bag stuffed with a couple of comic books and this rc - my most prized possession. spare parts were basically unobtanium in the new town we ended up in. i had to make do with superglue, putty and hardware store fasteners. as time went on, parts broke and my one nicad battery died, the car became unfixable. i stuffed it in a box and life went on. so yeah recently went down the rabbit hole of youtube rc videos. ended buying a lunchbox. had a blast. discovered ebay/tamico, and realized i just *might* be able to get the scorcher running again. long story short - parts are on the way! still might have to order some goodies but i just have to start somewhere... how it looked like in storage. the TA03 corolla? that was bought back in 1999/2000 with one of my first paychecks... that's another project :-) popped open the gearbox/diffs. these haven't been opened since I put them together back in 1990... w i think i remember i *borrowed* the metal bearings to fit in the TA03. hence the plastic ones on here. the terra scorcher came with all metal bearings. here's one of my putty repair jobs... hey i was 13 years old... gimme a break! taking stock of what's missing... front gearbox is complete, rear gearbox... i'm needing some parts, did manage to find and order on ebay/tamico though. tires are bald, but in surprisingly good shape. rubber still soft and not cracked at all. the only bit i could find from the body. also still have the chassis cover with the driver figure. but i seem to have lost the original bodyshell :-( i do have an A parts tree though which i bought just for the A5. i think that's a spider egg sac there lol? I'll be using this when I re-assemble the gearbox. got it from a hobby shop back in 2000 same time I bought the TA03 corolla. the notorious A5. I only managed to get one (with the whole A parts tree above) when I moved to johannesburg. i think i'll be 3d printing replacements rather if i ever get the terra scorcher running. ...that's it for now until parts arrive... in the mean time i did get myself a blitzer beetle :-) oh yes i'm deep in the rabbit hole!