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  1. Reminds me - this WAS my desk lamp - its now on my dad's workbench - I suppose he needs it more. Guess I'll just have to get another one...
  2. Agreed - recently been upgrading to brushless, I found 3000kv-ish (13T) just about right in most cases. Nimh for a milder flavour, otherwise I'd slap on a 2s for a little more pop.
  3. so the slowboat from china arrived - just a bunch of SS M3 hardware, and sensorless motors and esc's.
  4. my fastest motor is just 4000kv,... but it belongs to the lunchbox. stupid fun is the right description!
  5. oh sorry for the thread hijack but ho-leee cow! is this true? ...i just saw that on tamiya blog and they're gonna re-re tha TA-03RS (47443)!! hopefully the TA-03 hopups as well?
  6. agreed! and for just USD20 more you can get the dt03 black edition which includes full bearings, metal drive shafts, cva's, ht servo saver, torque tuned motor + esc. easily my best value purchase this year.
  7. when researching the xv01, @Scipunk's thread was most helpful ...and welcome to the forum! ...am sure there are lots more info here, the search function is your friend!
  8. haha, howd you manage that? i would get the same stock part. bumpers are supposed to absorb impact, a metal/alu one would just transfer the shock to the next weakest link... ie the bumper mount on the chassis...
  9. just showing off my almost finished xv-01 must say i really really enjoyed the build! its box stock at the moment. kit came with the integrale body, but this quattro shell also fits. also almost done - its older brother. the venerable TA03S. its got a shorter wheel base, but its also belt driven with a front mounted motor. i reverted back to the plastic tub for dirt running. but still, compared to the xv, i can see this is gonna be a mission to keep clean. its probably gonna be mainly a tarmac runner. also in two minds to run it as i don't have a spare belt - they're like hen's teeth! so just waiting for new electronicals for both...
  10. XV-01 so you will have both. I recently acquired a datsun 240Z rally body - and found out that the most TT-02 (but not the TT-02S) can be configured to the slightly shorter wheel base of 251mm. Now the plan is to get the audi a2 TT-02, use that chassis for the datsun, the audi shell will be a spare for the xv-01.
  11. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! ...doubt I'll ever get the chance to put together one of these... so it's really appreciated!
  12. Flysky FS-GT5 on banggood try coupon code AFFBG10 to get a further 10% off...
  13. nice! ..for the clear acrylic, one can also build a base with LEDs, then cnc'd/vcarved, and voila!
  14. have you tried the meguiars line? although meguiars plastx is the recommended product for clear plastic, i prefer meguiars scratchx. works a bit faster for me. gotta be careful though as you can polish through the clearcoat.
  15. From my 1/24 experience - if using hardware/automotive sprays I tend to decant and use an airbrush just to have control over consistency. But its just so much hassle. These days I just use tamiya TS straight from the can. The paint quality is consistent and the nozzle is great. Sometimes the cheaper cans tend to sputter. Sure it doesn't lay it on thick but I think that is by the design. Also the TS cans give out the least obnoxious fumes!
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