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  1. TBG Terra Scorcher shell finally arrived!
  2. it's something to do with window size. if ever you encounter the 'shakes' when editing, try resizing the browser window smaller (or something to other than full screen), then it should stabilise.
  3. yup i actually started off the same! ..but then saw the prop joint... "hey what if i jam this into the drill press". thus the RCLathe 6000 (tm) was born
  4. hey you've got an airbrush now... you should give alclad metallic colours a try! ...i think you'll like it.
  5. i think you guys will enjoy this:
  6. imho give him something current with parts that are easy to replace. i've no sprogs of my own but my nephews get to run the lunchbox. granted its not a racing rig but parts are easier to replace and its a hoot to bash.
  7. well my tbg terra scorcher shell still hasn't arrived so... started my tt-02b neo scorcher build... learned a lot from the tt-02b build threads on this forum. one tip was getting replacement metal gears. but then hey have to be filed down. here's what would yanks term as the umm 'redneck method' to filing them down: yes i did put my safety squints on. and yes it worked a treat!
  8. well at least you got yours already... getting a wee bit worried mine hasn't turned up yet (shipped 20 Aug). i didn't get a tracking number either...
  9. yeah its been annoying me too. i'm guessing some compatibility thing for mobile devices... btw. thanks for sharing... really is shaping up like rc heaven.
  10. really? can i ask what computer are you using? 486DX? edit: ok edit seems to work this instance. on my older posts with images it still glitches.
  11. just wanted to add, first hobby grade was the terra scorcher, a few years later. (man this edit function needs to be fixed - still gives the shakes)
  12. nikko porsche 928 targa. just like the one below. i google for this image - seeing it again brings backs memories... got it for christmas, maan i really wanted a tamiya some or other, but i 'spose this was what my folks' budget allowed. was kinda disappointed when i opened the wrapping. but i really did have fun with the nikko. but yes should have looked after it. i did open it up just to see the insides. haha... that's how i usually wrecked my toys...
  13. Pardon the thread resurrection - have you more info regarding this project? Interesting to know about the TA04SS arms - would that be a direct replacement of the TA03 bits? Would love to know more, maybe pics if there are any... Currently looking at the porker bodyshells for the TA03RS, specifically the 934 and 911 GT2 like you've done here... not really keen on butchering the TA03 arms just to shorten the wheelbase...
  14. not sure what you mean by metal brace - do you mean that 3mm press nut?
  15. agreed. looks mint! the car came standard with ball races, cva's, adjustable suspension and steering bits. the terra scorcher was my first rc. i didn't realise how spoilt i was! when i bought my second tamiya rc a decade later it was a Whats that all about then? moment when i first saw those plastic bushings and how simplified the suspension was... ...you'll probably get your shell before i do. mine was shipped aug 20 and am still waiting. neighbour must think i'm nuts checking my postbox thrice a day... though the mci stickers have already arrived. impressive paint work with the driver! i doubt i have the dexterity. i need to update my thread... got a rolling chassis now.
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