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  1. I’ve been waiting 40 years for this. I wasn’t disappointed. It was good on the grass but fantastic on the sand. Easy to flip over on grass but never flipped once on beech. Might have to get a second battery now.
  2. Yes I blasted it off at work. Wd40 is a good call. Thanks for the advice.
  3. This wet sand is a pig to get off
  4. Still got the driver and exhaust to do. Winter project.
  5. First trip out on the beech. Love it.
  6. Sorted. I undid the strut nut a tiny bit and pushed the shocks fully in. A very small amount of oil came out. Tightened the nuts and now the shocks feel good and have full movement.
  7. Hi, well I’ve just built up my standard shocks from the kit and filled them with oil but not sure if they are working correctly. I’ve stripped and checked and refilled a couple of times. All 4 are the same. I’m unable to fully compress them. Approximately 8mm left. They fully compress with no oil in. Is this normal ? Help appreciated, thanks.
  8. I see there is a choice of high or low ratio gears. I’ve went for low. Does it make much difference? What would most people go for ?
  9. Enjoying the build. Don’t think the motor rubbers will seal very well. Might add some sealer.
  10. Those shocks are a bit fiddly
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