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  1. 1. No, front wheels can be as wide as the rears. On the tt02B MS they’re already the same width, it’s just that wider wheels equal more force needed to steer them so you will maybe need a stronger servo. 2. Not all hexes will fit. 12mm is 12mm, so they will fit in the wheels but some have 5 mm holes which don’t fit on a tt02B wheel axle (which goes from 5 to 4mm where it’s threaded). When they’re specifically for Tamiya, they most likely will fit. 3. I use wheels from AliExpress, 15 euros per set of 4 (or something like that). Standard 1/10 buggy 4WD wheels with rims, lots of sellers on AE have them. The profile are small lines perpendicular to the direction of rotation. Good grip on asphalt, shallow dirt, sand and dry grass. On my TT02B MS with 10.5 brushless they even squeel like a little pig under braking, hilarious!
  2. I know... 163 pages is a lot to filter out the important stuff... looks like original parts are hard to come by.
  3. Use a TT-01 heatsink, those will fit the Super Stock motors just fine. Also a lot of other manufacturers make heatsinks that fit (yeah racing, 3racing, AliExpress-brands etc). They’re not that complicated to engineer and fabricate so there are plenty of options.
  4. Hi, I recently bought a TRF801Xt in near new condition with an electric conversion set. These machines were designed and built in the USA by Tamiya USA in an attempt to enter the highly popular 1:8 truggy market and racing scene in the States. Here in Europe however, it didn’t catch on and maybe wasn’t even ever released officially. Anyhow, I got one and it’s huuuuugggeee! Haven’t run it yet, still waiting for the ESC and motor, but in anticipation on those parts I began a hunt for spare parts. Tamico do have some official replacement parts on stock, but that’s about the only supplier in the EU it seems... However, because the design is very much based on other existing, sometimes very succesful truggy designs there may be the possibility of interchangeable parts amongst types and/or brands. I already found some tips online; - The arms are of the same dimensions as the Xray XT8 arms. The hubs will not fit however, so you need those as well. The Xray arms work with the standard CVA driveshafts apparently. The Xray arms are much more durable. - With the Xray XT8 arms you can use the Kyosho ST-RR hubs apparently. - The shock bladders are leaky and not up to the task. The Losi LOSA5430 bladders are a 1:1 fit and are far better. - The shockboots from Losi also seem to fit. No part nr known to me. I’m still looking for some other interchangeable parts, like: - spur gear (center diff gear) - shockshaft o-rings (3,5 mm?) - bodies - skid plates - shocks in general There are so many truggies out there that SEEM almost exactly the same, so there MUST be some interchangeability amongst them. Who can help make this thread a go-to place for every TRF801X(t) enthousiast who’s looking for a reasonably priced way to keep their truggy running?
  5. I use the Feetech FT5478M low profile servo on my 2 TT-02B’s and it’s a decent, strong, digital, fully metal geared servo which is also programmable using the Feetech connection unit (or whatever it’s called exactly). Bonus: they’re cheap af. Downside: standard rotation direction is opposite of other brands/servos. So you’ll need a tx that can reverse the channel.
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