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  1. I do have a spare set of NIP dampers from 3racing M4 build last year. They are aluminum (bronze color) with springs I believe to be too firm, but the price is right. If it’s worth the holiday postage wait time from SoCal, I be happy to send them to you.
  2. I suggest one of the Tamiya CVA sets, most likely one that can be built to 55mm. The YR aluminum sets are nice but the stiff springs are better suited for carpet. For outdoor and asphalt you’ll find more traction with the softer kit-supplied springs.
  3. Brilliant choice! That’s a fantastic platform. Drivetrain and suspension are buttery smooth and the 12.3” wheelbase makes it very stable. Aftermarket support is excellent. There will be no disappointments.
  4. Do you s’pose one of the Traxxas LaTrax battery packs would fit? I can measure one up for you tomorrow if need be. It’s been awhile since I had my paws on a GT-01 and I’ve long since forgot it’s dimensions…
  5. As it turns out, Gecks, I found another frame in 9/10 condition and built on that. Most everything is retro parts from the mid 90’s to ‘08. The Animal was just donated to a friend who owns a local bike shop, where it will be hung as a display. Just a few more parts and this gal is ready to go. Just a few more parts and Ol’ Sup shall return to RC.
  6. From my experience he is not particularly communicative, but he is reliable. His parts are very high quality. Global shipping remains a mess and there’s a lag posting shipping status. The odds are in your favor that you will receive exceptional parts in a somewhat reasonable time.
  7. Yes, sir! It's a 1995 ProFlex Animal that is about 90% OEM. Hydraulic rim brakes (Magura) came standard on it. This one's getting a Manitou 4 and Shimao XT & RaceFace retro components and a hydrodipped frame.
  8. I do miss driving a GT-01. For a 2wd they handle exceptionally well on the street. The RR layout adds magnificent realism to its behavior. The upgrade that made the most of my car was a set of 3racing aluminum oil dampers. One of several I regret selling…. I do have an aluminum pinion gear in the parts box which I’m pretty sure is the only momento left from ol’ Sup’s GT-01. Photo is the pinion beside a 18t 32p for comparison. I can’t confirm or deny it is for this chassis, but I’m 80% sure it is, as I had acquired the Tamiya pinion kit that was offered for it. I’d be happy to send it to you if you so desire.
  9. I indulged in another retro hobby by prepping parts to rebuild this ol’ girl.
  10. There's a good chance that RJ Speed's Legends parts are compatible. I believe they purchased the parts and designs from Bolink. Calandra Racing Concepts makes rubber tires for running it on asphalt.
  11. Replacing the engine will be quite simple and minimal cost since nitro is becoming obsolete. Almost any .12 or .15 engine will fit right in. It will have to be anything other than a bump-start engine. Pull start is ideal as the electric start mechanism is Traxxas-specific and the connector plug tends to wear quickly. .12 engines tend to yield higher RPM but slight less power (speed). .15 will yield more power but less top speed. Be cautious about buying used engines, as they lose their "pinch" as they wear out. OS and Picco are exceptional engine manufacturers. RPM brand A-arms are among the best upgrades for a Maxx.
  12. What does it have for diffs? Ball, fluid, gear/grease…?
  13. Yup, those are OG Bruiser axles. Do you have the rear axle collars? A handful of 5x11 bearings and the collars would make those 99% complete.
  14. I’m really diggin’ the yellow with matching wheels. Nicely done!
  15. Tamiya GB-01 Chassis Aluminium Front and Rear Damper Set For Tamiya GB-01 - Light Blue Color - 3Racing GB-06/LB (3racing-parts.com)
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