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  1. Years ago, my dad and I had a Tyco track and a bunch of cars. We learned that if 2 drivers were going and 1 driver let off, there was a voltage spike. The spike would cause the remaining driver to go into a corner too fast and flip. Does yours do that too?
  2. That is lovely! Got more pics and a parts list?
  3. It went into the wife’s Wraith last night with a 21:87 pinion:spur. The ESC was zapped with the USB link to adjust the throttle and brake to doubling curves, drag brake response set to “fast” rather than “instantaneous”, zero punch, 15% drag brake. It’s smooth as silk. I think you’ll really enjoy yours, especially if you use the USB link. Do you know if we can get the Revolver wet or run in water?
  4. That looks really sharp! I’m quite interested in hearing how the system performs.
  5. The speed of a brushless motor is dependent on the turns or kV rating. The greatest advantages to brushless are longer run time and lower maintenance. Anything under 15t will be more powerful than what most non-TRF cars will reliably handle. Get the TBLM is you are trying to keep everything brand-specific and want to support the company that supports the hobby. If you have a shallow pocket or diminished sense of loyalty, look for a HobbyWing or similar. I purchased 3 TBLM02S motors last year for use with TLBE02S speed controls and prefer them in comparison to 27t silver can brushed motors. I try to keep them tame by using higher turn motors 21.5 and 17.5. Run times are great, the throttle transition is smooth, top speed is such that the car doesn't shatter in crashes, zero maintenance, easy to clean, speed matches the cars ability to grip.... Edit: I just saw that the original question is about the 01S as opposed to the 02S. If you come across a good price for the motor + ESC combo, go for it. The TBLE01S is a nice unit, though disco'd.
  6. It's been 30 years since my '86 Hornet was a runner, but we used to either use a strip of black electrical tape to hold the door on or heat the tab on the door up with hair dryer and slightly bend it so the clip would catch on the chassis.
  7. Those angles look great, but it is hard to really see from just a few pictures. If it is set up according to the manual, settings are likely "neutral". Give it a run and then determine of the handling characteristics leave anything to be desired.
  8. If you use a servo saver, the Futaba will be okay. If it’s a servo you want to last for a few generations of RC’s the Savox will do you right. Above all, never buy Traxxas servos.
  9. It would be wise to select a car that your local shop has an abundance of parts for. It will reduce downtime from broken parts and keep the boy's interest.
  10. At first glance, the speed control should be plugged into slot #2 in the reciever.
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