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  1. Search for HPI 3741 or 3743 26mm stock car wheels. The set you have listed are from the vintage series with a tall sidewall. The 3741 set uses standard touring tires. There’s still NOS for sale.... 1.9 crawler “wagon wheel” style are another option, but are made in heavy steel. Calandra Racing makes similar wheels, mostly for pan-cars.
  2. Dremel tool, starting with a pilot hole using one of these;
  3. Traxxas put their money into suing the companies that sponsored the big hobby conventions, which used to be a huge promotion of the hobby. Their electronics are garbage and I believe this alone necessitates their large customer support. Their vehicles can only be described as sloppy and fast. They do sponsor 1:1 vehicles in the X-sport circles which is a slightly redeeming quality, but only serves self-promotion. Overall, I see them as a detriment to the RC industry.
  4. 13.5 is relatively aggressive for either of those vehicles, particularly without upgrades. I suggest a 17.5 either in TBLM or Hobbywing. The gearing and shafts in those cars were designed in the brushed motor and NiCad era when the power of LiPo and 30k+ RPM was not a threat to non-FRP plastic drivetrain components. You’ll break far fewer parts with a tame-ish motor and still be able to kick up a respectable rooster tail.
  5. I been doing the same thing for the past few weeks; lurking. I have the itch for a new RC, but I don’t know what I want. Due to COVID, my frequent crawling expeditions have been limited to nil, but there’s enough aluminum spares in the parts bin to build a bulletproof Element Enduro. On the other hand, I’m obsessed with the TA07RR and the TRF bulkheads in the Hop Up category, but I’ve grown to despise trimming the thin Lexan of street car bodies. As such, I shall continue lurking The Club forums waiting for something to light a fire under my behind.... Here’s a gratuitous photo of the last crawl (and the last time I hung out with friends) from March of ‘20.
  6. Great. 2020 just turned 21 and is old enough to drink. We’re in trouble now.
  7. https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/articles/sports-cars/car-that-blew-the-others-away-racing-the-fan-powered-chaparral-2j
  8. I was befuddled by the lack of instructions in my boy’s Lego boxes as well. I opened all of the kits just to confirm the first was actually true. There’s a saying I keep telling myself; “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” I have to remind myself of this several times every day.
  9. I’m sure my neighbors love this album. I think they’re saying “turn it up!” and “Merry Christmas!” each time they open the window and yell....
  10. https://www.ebay.com/p/669028188
  11. Could I trouble you for the measurements of the deck and the brand? Is it appropriately sized for a M Chassis car or will the car look too small on the trailer?
  12. I’m in the US, but I do have brand new spares I’d be happy to give away.
  13. The best thing about SoCal climate is that these are my daily drivers, rain or shine...
  14. I generally use dish soap, 1 drop per 500mL, but it’s more about the technique.
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