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  1. Post pics of the lot of your car and TX. That could be caused by several things- Sloppy servo saver Unequal length tie rods Toe out 1 damper/suspension binding Drive line drag on 1 side Glitching radio gear Bad pots in the servo Broken gear in the servo
  2. I got this dusty old TX sitting around. It’s got low mileage and is in great shape. The RX can easily be pulled from a shelf queen. Cover shipping and it’s yours.
  3. M07 and M08 have the same diff and internals, but the M07 has higher viscosity oil.
  4. Several years ago I decided to paint a Sidewinder with that Candy Root Beer, ‘cause it is gorgeous. I painted the body with can and was shocked to see how transparent it was. So I ordered 2 more cans and painted it. Still transparent, So I ordered 4 more cans. 6 cans of paint on the body and it finally occurred to me to check the Google, and I found that it’s supposed to be sprayed lightly and backed with silver. Dammitall. I’m sure you’ll have a more positive experience, Eric.
  5. Packed a box of stuff for Carmine. He’s lurking somewhere nearby. Shhhhh. Don’t spoil the surprise.
  6. Savox sells replacement servo gear kits for the price of 1 Futaba bottom shelf servo. Well worth the investment to have replacement parts available with the speed and precision of a quality servo.
  7. It looks like a gun from an 80's Transformer toy...am I close?
  8. All of the Kyosho re-re buggies thus far have fine tooth gears and a slipper clutch. There are offerings of ball diff upgrades for the re-re's as well. It's likely that a full re-re set of gears would fit your OG model and get it running.
  9. HPI M/T wheels and tires may fit. They use a wide 2.2 wheel with a tall tire. Geolander tires are regarded as an "all-purpose" tire.
  10. Wow! That paint turned out fabulous! Don't forget your camera. It's over to the left on a big rock.
  11. Black socks make your feet stinky, ya know.
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