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  1. Hotshot ll Boomerang Dyna Storm Super Sabre
  2. Thanks - another good brand to look out for (made in USA) I believe
  3. That’s great - much appreciated
  4. Just wondering if pinions from different manufacturers have the exact profile/shape of teeth? I need a 0.6M pinion and I’m wondering if it is good practice to use say a Yeah racing or Schumacher pinion for Tamiya. Is it best to stick with Tamiya pinions to ensure the profile is identical? any feedback much appreciated
  5. Many thanks for tips - yes I was thinking that the top plate would have to come off which also involves servo disconnection - not a huge task but a tad fiddly!
  6. I’m not sure it is that easy to remove the centre ball diff on a VQS as you would surely have to remove the drive shaft to access it? This would involve quite a bit of disassembly. Cloud be wrong but it doesn’t look to be as straightforward as just removing the screws to the top cover.
  7. How easy is it to remove the centre ball diff in the Avante/VQS once assembled? If the central drive shaft has to be removed to allow diff to be removed then does the front or rear part of buggy have to be removed from chassis?
  8. Thanks for taking the time to explain this. Guess I’ve been over cautious about not over-tightening the diff as stated in the Tamiya VQS manual
  9. Thank you for the advice - much appreciated. Also wondering now whether I used too much of the supplied ball diff grease. Perhaps this is not allowing balls to make enough contact with pressure plates??
  10. Just wanted some advice following assembly of both an Avante and VQS. Most of my Tamiya fleet has geared diffs so I’m a little inexperienced with ball diffs. During assembly I’ve tightened the central ball diff to what I think is the correct amount. Initially the differential seems correct when I turn the wheels by hand with one wheel turning the same amount as the other and in opposite direction. However even after a short test run the wheels seem to slip a little when I manually turn them. Is this normal and to be expected or should I be taking out the diff and tightening? Seems a bit of a hassle to get to the diffs in these models. Any advice much appreciated
  11. I have never managed to get the Bigwig body to fit well at the front despite following the trim lines - it seems you have to widen this section considerably so the body will sit low enough
  12. It certainly looks that way!!! Tamiya HQ are listening. We just need the Top Force Evo to be released as well.
  13. It seems that Tamiya is on a bit of a roll with re-releases including the recent Terra Scorcher and VQS. A topic that has been repeated before but interested to see what would make a top 5 re-release wish list going into 2021 including those that have already been re-released and deserve another production run: To kick off: 1. Egress 2. Top Force Evolution 3. Thunder Dragon 4. Thunder Shot 5. Boomerang
  14. Interesting .. wondering if this will be the trend going forward with re release kits - pre-cut and pre-painted bodies. How does everyone feel about this - good/bad/indifferent?
  15. Does it really come with a pre-cut and painted body? I now the VQS is getting this treatment but is the Fire Dragon too?
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