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  1. The way you suggest is the correct method I feel - I have taken the easy option to avoid some tricky masking! I have brush painted the acrylic paint and it seems to have adhered well - just have to spray now with the PS.
  2. Received my Terra Scorcher last week and planning to start build. Just contemplating best way to paint driver/chassis cover. I was thinking of painting the driver with acrylic brush on paint from the inside and then spraying the entire underside with black PS paint directly over the acrylic. Just wondering if anyone has had bad experience with PS paint in direct contact with acrylic paints? I understand that PS paint is designed to etch into a surface. Any comments much appreciated
  3. Thank you for the reply -much appreciated. I attached the assembled front gearbox to chassis and the differential performed as it should.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I should add that if the spur gear is held the drive cups rotate in opposite directions. It is just when the drive cups are turned with no resistance to spur gear they rotate in same direction. Is this correct?
  5. Just got to step 14 of the Top Force build. I’ve noticed that the front differential doesn’t seem to be working correctly in that both drive cups rotate in the same direction. The rear differential doesn’t do this. I’ve taken the front ball diff apart to check that it is correct and all seems in order. Any suggestions on what might be the problem ? thank you all
  6. Thank you Saito2 - some very useful feedback here.
  7. The issue of plastic deterioration has been discussed in the past on this forum so apologies if the below points go over old ground. I have several questions for those familiar with the restoration of vintage Tamiya RC namely: 1. Have any members noticed any change in the plastics used in re-release kits to those used in the 80’s? I am wondering with the changes in technology whether newer plastics will exhibit similar deterioration in 20 plus years time just from the passage of time. 2. Besides the usual precautions of minimising UV exposure, fluctuations in temperature/humidity, are there any tips on treatment or storage of plastic to prevent drying out and brittleness occurring? I tend to store my collection in plastic storage boxes in the spare room. Any feedback much appreciated.
  8. Interesting to see Baddon’s photos of the Thundershot series buggies. I was wondering in the conversion of a Terra Scorcher to Thundershot the amount of alterations required to the body to make it fit? Another TC member provided some useful information on the main differences and noted the twin front shock v mono shock - do alterations have to be made at the front of body?
  9. Thanks - appreciate the feedback
  10. Great news!! I have a question for those familiar with the Thundershot series. I am still hoping for a re release of the Thundershot at some stage. With the pending arrival of the 2020 Terra Scorcher, would it simply be a case of buying a new repro body shell and decals to convert a Terra Scorcher to Thundershot (or even Fire Dragon)? Is the chassis identical in every respect with no extra parts or bodywork alterations required? Feedback much appreciated.
  11. Have to say that the Thunder Dragon in that orange looks stunning as do the box art versions above. Really hoping for a re-release of at least one from this series in the near future. I am new back in to this hobby after a gap of around 30 years! Do any of the long timers know when most re releases get announced? Is it the yearly Nuremberg toy fair? The stock levels of a lot of re release kits seems to be dwindling recently.
  12. Is the glue that is commonly used to fix a bike tyre suitable? This is the only product I can find that is referred to as ‘rubber cement’. Have any members had success using such a product? Also wondered whether a thread lock would suffice.
  13. What has happened to the Boomerang? It seems to have ceased production. Would also love to see a return of the Thundershot.
  14. I’m looking to acquire a re re Wild One but have read so many reported problems concerning the gearbox. Is this really a problem if kit is built exactly to the instructions?
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