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  1. It certainly looks that way!!! Tamiya HQ are listening. We just need the Top Force Evo to be released as well.
  2. It seems that Tamiya is on a bit of a roll with re-releases including the recent Terra Scorcher and VQS. A topic that has been repeated before but interested to see what would make a top 5 re-release wish list going into 2021 including those that have already been re-released and deserve another production run: To kick off: 1. Egress 2. Top Force Evolution 3. Thunder Dragon 4. Thunder Shot 5. Boomerang
  3. Interesting .. wondering if this will be the trend going forward with re release kits - pre-cut and pre-painted bodies. How does everyone feel about this - good/bad/indifferent?
  4. Does it really come with a pre-cut and painted body? I now the VQS is getting this treatment but is the Fire Dragon too?
  5. Thinking of getting a Top Cat. Just had a query regarding battery. I intend to run it with a NIMH. The manual states a ‘period NIMH without end caps’. Not sure if my modern 7.2v stick NIMH fits this description. Clarification would be appreciated
  6. Hopefully it will be priced at or below the Terra Scorcher price given that it may possibly lack some of the TS upgrades.
  7. Looks like the cockpit surround is not painted in silver? Perhaps they will be a decal rather than original?
  8. Thank you for the above information- very helpful.
  9. More for those based on Australia did you have to pay any further costs on kits upon taking delivery, eg import duties? Guessing GST applies at checkout.
  10. Wondering if the pricing is reflective of production possibly shifting from the Philippine to Japan? I’ve been noting that some Tamiya kits have increased in price by upto 50% over past 6 months which is no doubt due to supply restrictions and high demand.
  11. Thanks for reply I must be unlucky with this one - it is my second Terra Scorcher re re - the other kit I built didn’t have this problem either.
  12. Midway through the build of the Terra Scorcher. I have noticed in my kit that the W suspension parts (front dampers) are a different shade of yellow to the rear - they have a slight orange tinge. Has anyone else experienced this?
  13. Great - would love to get one of these having missed out on the latest batch of re -releases. Is this a confirmed re release as I can’t see it on the Tamiya website ?
  14. Thanks again - I’ll have a look at those suggested parts.
  15. Many thanks for this comprehensive reply. I think I’ll go down the route you have with your hybrid build. I’ve picked up a repro body shell, repro decals and the black wheels. I’ll retain the dual front suspension (using Thundershot shock tower) and keep rear pretty much as the Terra Scorcher (using the Thundershot body posts)
  16. I’m about to embark on a conversion of a Terra Scorcher re re to a Thundershot. I notice the rear shock tower assembly is different on the Thundershot (narrower and taller). If I retain the Terra Scorcher rear shock tower does anyone know if the body shell will still fit alright? I might retain the front dual shock configuration of the Terra Scorcher as I know this was a hop up for the Thundershot. Any other changes to be mindful of besides the obvious like wheel colours?
  17. The way you suggest is the correct method I feel - I have taken the easy option to avoid some tricky masking! I have brush painted the acrylic paint and it seems to have adhered well - just have to spray now with the PS.
  18. Received my Terra Scorcher last week and planning to start build. Just contemplating best way to paint driver/chassis cover. I was thinking of painting the driver with acrylic brush on paint from the inside and then spraying the entire underside with black PS paint directly over the acrylic. Just wondering if anyone has had bad experience with PS paint in direct contact with acrylic paints? I understand that PS paint is designed to etch into a surface. Any comments much appreciated
  19. Thank you for the reply -much appreciated. I attached the assembled front gearbox to chassis and the differential performed as it should.
  20. Thank you for the reply. I should add that if the spur gear is held the drive cups rotate in opposite directions. It is just when the drive cups are turned with no resistance to spur gear they rotate in same direction. Is this correct?
  21. Just got to step 14 of the Top Force build. I’ve noticed that the front differential doesn’t seem to be working correctly in that both drive cups rotate in the same direction. The rear differential doesn’t do this. I’ve taken the front ball diff apart to check that it is correct and all seems in order. Any suggestions on what might be the problem ? thank you all
  22. Thank you Saito2 - some very useful feedback here.
  23. The issue of plastic deterioration has been discussed in the past on this forum so apologies if the below points go over old ground. I have several questions for those familiar with the restoration of vintage Tamiya RC namely: 1. Have any members noticed any change in the plastics used in re-release kits to those used in the 80’s? I am wondering with the changes in technology whether newer plastics will exhibit similar deterioration in 20 plus years time just from the passage of time. 2. Besides the usual precautions of minimising UV exposure, fluctuations in temperature/humidity, are there any tips on treatment or storage of plastic to prevent drying out and brittleness occurring? I tend to store my collection in plastic storage boxes in the spare room. Any feedback much appreciated.
  24. Interesting to see Baddon’s photos of the Thundershot series buggies. I was wondering in the conversion of a Terra Scorcher to Thundershot the amount of alterations required to the body to make it fit? Another TC member provided some useful information on the main differences and noted the twin front shock v mono shock - do alterations have to be made at the front of body?
  25. Thanks - appreciate the feedback
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