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  1. Great work Tim!, very nice additions you've made there. Keep up the good work. Kurt
  2. Cheers mate, they also do some rear duallies in the same style that might suit your trailer idea too. Very nice quality I must say. I'm going to pick some up a bit later down the track for this rig. Kurt
  3. Happy New Year everyone!, well I haven’t had much in the way of progress since late last year as the Revell model kit I have ordered to use as a reference, seems to have got itself lost somewhere between the USA and here. The model shop I ordered from has had to place a new order and it should arrive sometime in the next few weeks. Ahhh the joys of shipping delays in today’s world eh …. In the meantime however, my Lesu Dayton spider rims arrived! Very impressed with the look and quality of these. Just need to narrow them up now to get rid of the ‘lip’ on the inside so that they properly fit the narrow tyre. They will get a coat of paint and some subtle weathering as this is a hard working log truck, not a ‘show rig’ so needs just the right amount of dirt and grime . Have a great weekend all! Kurt
  4. Kamtec in the UK now make a nice dust/gravel guard for the TT02 rally cars. A little pricey but looks like it would do a good job of keeping things relatively clean and free of stones. Sorry I don't have a link but should come up in Google. Hopes this helps. Cheers Kurt
  5. That’s such a cool story about the RC Elf, what a legend! Just as cool that it’s gone to someone that really appreciates it too …nice to know there are still selfless people out there who simply want to make others happy. That’s really good advice about the Beier units, thanks! I’m never too sure where to start looking with the sound/lighting stuff as there are so many different units and combos on offer. What you’ve suggested sounds like a good option. re: the custom work, I think the KIng Hauler is an absolutely gorgeous truck whether completely bone stock, or customised. I’ve just been itching to make something custom for some time now, so decided to go all in! It’s certainly going to be challenging and not every bit will be smooth sailing….but hey, it should be fun along the way and hopefully I’ll learn a bit while I’m at it! ….that’s the plan anyway .
  6. @Carmine A, thanks for the info re: the sound unit. I’m glad to hear that it’s a good unit overall as I’ve seen a few vids on YT and like the gear shift simulation and the authentic sound. They are certainly not cheap but I guess you get what you pay for. Keep at it mate, I’m sure you will figure it out…then I’ll be able to come to you for guidance when I get stuck! …I’m sure my kids will enjoy a farting driver also he he… Your Merc sounds cool, what a cool thing for someone to do by gifting it to you. Sounds like it’s gone to a good home. I look forward to following your Smokey build. I remember this truck very well. While waiting for my Revell kit to arrive, I’ve been sussing out which bits I need to change/customise on the KH body for me to be happy with the end result (too darn fussy for my own good ). Just about every part of the body will end up being modified in some way to varying degrees. Some will just need some minor reshaping, other bits will be completely replaced with new custom parts. I’m (trying to be) very patient by waiting until the kit gets here for an additional reference before I start chopping/shaping too much….. Merry Christmas to you and all TC’ers and may your Christmas tree have many many truck parts hiding under it! Cheers Kurt
  7. @Carmine A, thanks for following along. I’d love to see your Smokey & the Bandit rig, such an iconic KW. ive been thinking about a Beier sound unit for my rig, what is giving you a headache with your unit? Id be interested to know. VERY cool you have a dump truck waiting in the works too, exciting stuff. I take it it’s the Merc? You have a fantastic Christmas too! Cheer Kurt.
  8. Hey Tim. Aha..... now that makes sense. I might have to do a bit of trimming before I get stuck in. Cheers! Edit: A few swipes of the saw and a new hole for the vacuum, she's now less than a 1/3 height it was. Can't wait to try it out!
  9. Well, while I am waiting on the Revell kit to arrive for me to use as a reference, I spent some time in the garage this afternoon and 'recycled' an old set of cube shelves into a vacuum former today. Really pleased with just how much suction it's got so I'm sure it will do a great job when it comes to vacuum forming the the guards, bonnet and cab roof. Now I've just got to make the frame to hold the styrene while it's being formed and she will be good to go! I'm pretty excited to get going on it and do some experimenting! Enjoy your weekend everyone. Kurt
  10. Yes! Thanks Tim that's perfect. BTW your KW build looks awesome. Cheers Kurt
  11. Nice Tim, I’ll be eagerly following your build as it progresses. It’s a great looking cab you’ve got there. Cheers Kurt
  12. Nice Tim! Bring on the KW builds! Do you have any pics of the rig you are basing your build on is it a custom build? Very nice looking cab mate. Your KW's make a nice pair. FYI I've just been in touch with Ric from Garden Trucking in regard to the Kenworth hood badges (on the side) that I need for my W924 and he mentioned that he may make some. I'm picking they would be useful to you too? Cheers Kurt
  13. Is anyone out there please able to let me know the diameter of the fog/spotlight lens that fit in the front bumper of the stock King Hauler kit and maybe post a pic? If they are the correct diameter I may look at ordering an additional set to use as headlights. Either that or I'll have to make a set from clear styrene. For those outside of Aus/NZ, the W series KW's in the mid eighties here and in Aus had slightly larger round headlights and were often fitted with rounded/convex plastic headlight protectors over the front of them also. I'm not 100% certain if they were like this elsewhere in the world but the photos that I've come across would suggest not as they seem to shift to rectangular in other countries by then (happy to be proven wrong if anyone wishes to educate me further 😊). From what I've read, this was seen to be an advantage in places like the outback where a pencil like beam could highlight animals etc a long way up ahead if they needed to slow a road train down in advance, also they were widely available from a practicality sense.....there's a dose of random trivia for ya! Cheers Kurt
  14. Thanks Tim, appreciate the heads up. I'll keep an eye out when I'm in town as getting a good chrome finish that is durable on something that isn't metal is certainly challenging. I managed to locate a plastic chrome plating company in Auckland but the item needs to be able to stand 70 degrees C for two hours...I'm sure the styrene itself would be OK but the smaller sections could potentially buckle so I'd rather look at paint or chrome bare metal foil. Always good to have options as the grille is such a focal point of the truck. Thanks again. Kurt.
  15. Ha ha, that certainly made me smile! I spose its got a good crumple zone! I'm looking forward to it, it's a bit nerve wracking cutting into a brand new shell but it's on its way now.....cheers for the vote of confidence 😁. Kurt
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