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  1. @Paulus welcome aboard, looks like youve got a real nice classic there and a good start whatever you decide to do. Its a great hobby and dont hesitate to reach out to the many experienced folk here on this forum for help if you need. All the best Kurt
  2. As far as im aware, its just the material. I used the orange ones recently in my Ultima Pro from BITD and was asking a similar question as the manual said use red o rings........couldn't get red ones anywhere and was told by someone in the know that orange will do the trick just fine...and they do .... Not sure if that helps as a comparison....cant tell you you anything about the clear ones sorry...ill be interested to know too. Cheers Kurt
  3. Welcome aboard @Gravyhead! Good to have you here. Looks like you are off to a good start mate, very cool car. Nice esc and transmitter you have there too. just my 0.2c, I'd certainly give the old body a freshen up, and see just how sound you can make it. Tamiya make a good polycarbonate cleaner that will help get the old paint off. From there, I'd decide which body to stick the decals on. Personally I'd keep the new electronics in it so it's a bit more usable (and a safer drive). You can always keep the older components safely aside to put back in one day if you decide to just display it. If you are not too familiar with lipos, have a bit of a read up online about the simple, common sense precautions to be aware of (but don't overthink it or buy into what sometimes verges on scaremongering on some websites)...treat em with respect and all will be fine..I've used them for years and love em. (If you're already familiar with them...ignore this part).. At the end of the day, it's yours so do what makes you happy! ..... Look forward to seeing how she comes out. Oh yeah....make some more room on the shelf, it won't be your last I betcha.....but you're in good company here. cheers kurt
  4. Go the Ultima mate. Light. Nimble. Quick. Stable...oh and looks super cool too .....you know you want to!
  5. ....cheers mate...she's getting there eh. Now that's a whole lot of engine right there! Yikes!
  6. @Re-Bugged, you'll be pleased to see that you motivated me to get my hinges completed once and for all as I'd procrastinated on them for too long....she tips now! Just needs a Cummins 450 in there now ....
  7. That's freaking cool! Love the engine in front too........more ideas .....there's some seriously nice rigs there. Cheers mate, that's awesome. Kurt
  8. Looking good there mate. Nice work. Different motor makes all the difference for sure. Cheers Kurt
  9. Nice truck mate. I have a soft spot for the R620.
  10. @gogsyfinnie that looks simply amazing! Lovely colour and great job you've done with the BF. Totally understand your statement about sitting down with a cuppa and admiring it....do the same myself with my models! Enjoy driving this mate, it's a fun model. Took mine out tonight for a blat too. Nice work.
  11. @gogsyfinnieHi mate, no clear coat on mine. Just base coat. I'm guessing you'd need to be a bit gentler not to rub through the clear but this would depend on how many cleat coats you did. The fine compound is still pretty gentle. You'd just have to be very careful not to rub though, particularly the edges. If you do rub through anywhere, you can touch the paint up quicly without worry as there's no wax etc in the compound. It just a mild abrasive. The key is knowing when to stop.... I masked and then painted the bed cover matt black. Took a couple of coats to get a nice uniform result but looks nice. Also painted the roll bar and spotlights semi gloss black to give a bit more depth/variation. I reckon in you could certainly spray the bed with Matt, that would be the way to go. It'd also make the large Ford decal on top matt which is what I did to it and it looks way better than having a matt cover, with a shiny decal in that area. I think so anyway 😁. Yours is looking great mate! Cheers
  12. @Nick-W when you don't know what car to get next......get a 1:14 semi truck! .....I'm sure my suggestion will be extremely helpful ....
  13. Cheers mate. Let us know what you think of the polishing compound and post some pics of your Blackfoot when you have worked your magic on it. I found that you had to keep rubbing the compound until it changed from a slightly abrasive sound and made a squeaking noise instead, and it went completely clear in colour.....don't worry, it may sound strange now but it will make sense when you try it ...... Cheers Kurt
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