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  1. My bets are on the Falcon making a return. It is conspicuous by its absence so far and with a few basic improvements, will make a great retro runner....bring it on! Cheers Kurt
  2. Yep, had the same problem. I’ve discovered ‘foam tac’ glue from Motion RC in the States. That stuff is magic and glues just about anything to anything else . Will never be without it from now on....... regards Kurt
  3. Absolutely stunning! My first rc and still one of my favourites. Cool to see a colour scheme that hasn’t been done before. Cheers Kurt
  4. I hear ya Accel! .........yeah I thought it looks pretty good too. I thought there might have been a few peeps out there that own one but not yet........ I’m just trying to decide between saving for a bit longer or grabbing one of these and it’s cousin the light set, or saving up a bit longer for a trailer. Decisions decisions.......Either way, I know I’ll end up with both at some point ..... Will definitely post a vid whenever I get it and install it. Catch ya Kurt
  5. Hi all, well I’ve just built my first Tamiya Rig (Scania R620) and love it :). Now I’m looking at sound systems.......slippery slope I know... I’ve looked at the Tamiya MFU system which is nice, but It’s pretty pricey here in NZ and looks bulkier than some other systems. I’m sure it works well though. The Lesu 3T system has peaked my interest as it seems pretty compact, has the Euro V8 sound and can be built up with lights later on which is a bit kinder on the wallet. YouTube vids confirm it seems to sound sweet. SO......anyone have experience with this unit? And secondly, any reasons why it could be problematic when used with a Spektrum DX6? Comments and suggestions requested/welcomed. Cheers Kurt
  6. I've used regular alcohol based hand sanitizer gel to remove permanent marker from clothes. Read it on line and was sceptical but it removed every last trace of it like magic! Worth a try....
  7. ..that’s funny!....the dust ain’t so great when you have hay fever! There’s actually a rally cockpit kit in there but the drivers can’t see where the heck they are going! All good fun anyway .... Cheers Kurt
  8. Well, this thread hasn’t seen movement for some time so time for some pics :)....great morning today to get out and stir some dust up! Took a few piccies during the roadside service for this rally stage :)....my son was driving the Landcruiser and me, the Quattro. Great fun and very dusty at the moment as it’s been super dry.! Only have the Fuchs wheels on one side at the moment as I’ve been too distracted by my RC aircraft the last few months so haven’t quite got to the other side yet....all in good time so they say. Let’s see you running pics guys and get this thread moving again Cheers Kurt
  9. Please Mr T, bring back the Falcon! Here’s a pic of mine that I’ve lovingly restored over the last few years with parts scoured from across the globe. Im one of those that has a very strong connection to this car. It was my first Tamiya back in the day. I find it interesting that the Falcon was not as popular worldwide as I thought it was as there were a tonne of them here in New Zealand in the 80s, was definitely a popular car here. I just love the looks and the colours of the Falcon, it simply screams 80s :). As far as performance goes, I think they actually perform pretty good overall. Used to give my mates Fox a run for its money from time to time on the track too. My original ended up with Fox gold rims and tyres along with Technigold. Was probably a bit too powerful for the chassis but was fun all the same :)... Yep, they would need to do something with the chassis and the driveshafts but is that really such a big deal in the grand scheme of things? I would also hope that it comes out with softer springs than the original as they were a bit stiff which never really gave the suspension a chance to do its thing and probably didn’t help with the front end cracking that was experienced. Other than that, never ever had an issue with the gearbox on mine and it was run on dirt, grass and asphalt. While it’s got a lot of parts that are unique to this car, so does the Fox. Going back some years now, I remember people saying that there was no way that they would bring the Fox back....but.....they did :). I agree that it’s a matter of when, not if for this bird of prey to make an entrance again....in the meantime, I’ll wait patiently..... happy driving all! BMK
  10. Hey bus driver. I've just used some Selleys brand version of shoe goo on the inside of a polycarbonate body. Be careful if you do as my glue ate into the tamiya polycarbonate paint which meant I had to pull the magnets back off, scrape the glue off and repaint. I then put a bit of silver aluminium air conditioning ducting tape on the inside to act as a barrier to the paint and re glued. All ok now. If you are gluing to polycarbonate, test on a scrap piece first I'd say. Regards Kurt
  11. Well, I started on turning the rally legends wheels into Fuchs today. Have cut out some styrene parts and have mocked them up a small per the photo to see what they will look like before I glue it all together. I think they should pass pretty well for a set of Fuchs when painted....got to find something to use as faux wheel nuts next ..still more work to do...... hopefully I’ll finish them before someone 3D prints a set and make it look all too easy .... Catch ya, Beetleman.
  12. Yes! Ordered this kit from RCJaz website in Hong Kong today as I got an email saying it’s now available....now the wait begins..........
  13. Cheers Raman36, good info. I very nearly purchased the Protoform ones and am glad I didn’t now. Especially when converted to NZ dollars and shipped all the way to NZ. Not a cheap excercise so good to know that the HPI ones are good quality and worth the money instead. I’ll go in that direction once ive finished making some Fuchs wheels first! Regards Kurt
  14. Awesome, thanks for the info. Can’t beat personal experience! Appreciate the heads up. Regards Kurt
  15. Mmmmm.....these Protoform VTA 26mm 8 spokes would look pretty tasty on this car for tarmac. Pretty darn similar to the HPI examples previously posted in this thread but I guess all 8 spokes should look pretty much the same if the manufacturer is doing their job properly ....apparently these particular tyres screech on tarmac which would add to the fun factor. It will be interesting to see what offset looks good on this model as I see this crowd also does a 31mm Tyre with a deeper dish rim. Bring it on I say! regards Kurt
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