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  1. Love it! Beautiful car and a good score. Looks like it's come to a good home and will be well looked after . Cheers Kurt
  2. Yep, just let it happen :).....it's the ever increasing fear of lack of storage space that's the worry, not the hobby! Get into it I say! The other important motto being when your wife ask how many more cars do you actually need, the answer is ALWAYS "just one more". Can't go wrong with that! My addiction is pretty generalised as my RC horde includes helis and heaps of planes alongside the cars/truck too so you've got nothing to be concerned about....... (yet).. Oh and welcome! Cheers Kurt
  3. Cheers mate, I thought that might be the case much appreciated!
  4. Hey all, anyone here built the Volvo Timber (logging) truck? Just wondering whether the chassis rails come predrilled to allow it to be built with an extra steering axle up front just like the Volvo Heavy Tow truck.....I know it wouldn't be too hard to drill em all out but even better if it's already worked out only requires some moving around of the fuel tanks etc to accommodate.... Cheers Kurt
  5. @Berman, I'm pretty sure I've got 3 of those emblems hanging around from my Verkerk Scania facelift kit if u need em? Let me know, happy to chuck them in an envelope for ya. Looking good there and love your K100 too!
  6. Welcome aboard J-Falcon! I have a Falcon too :)....was my first car so the Falcon will always be special to me. Yours looks to be coming along nicely. I'm hoping for a re-re at some point soon (gotta happen!). Enjoy your car and this forum, lots of great help and knowledge you wil find here. Cheers Kurt
  7. No problem. Mine haven't had any issues sticking so far (wiped the sidewalls with isopropyl alcohol first before sticking them on) but I wasn't a fan of the shiny look of the decal that screamed out it was a decal compared with the matt look of the rubber sidewall. The matt clear over the decal sorted that nicely. Hope it works well for ya and they last for a while. Cheers Kurt
  8. @Pylon80, couple of options you could try. 1). I use Calliegraphics from the States a fair but for Plane stuff. She makes things including stencils for a reasonable price and does custom work at the drop of a hat, or 2). You could brush some matt paint over top of the existing Tamiya decals. Makes them blend right in. I used a bottle of vallejo matt acrylic and it's hanging in there nicely. As you say the F1 tyres don't seem to flex. Apologies if you've already done this before. Hope this helps? Kurt
  9. Hey, I followed someone else's advice about mixing the two types of paint on the plastic side mirrors of my Ferrari F60 recently. I used plastic primer, PS60 metallic red, then TS13 clear. Was a little harder to get a consistent shine (just needed more coats) but worked fine. Granted, it is a small area so someone that has sprayed larger areas may also want to comment. But I'd do it again, in fact I'm about to with a spare body set! Have fun and remember to post some pics! Kurt
  10. A big welcome NZ John from another kiwi! :)...great to have you on board. This is such a fantastic hobby to be involved in, I hope you stick around discover all the fun that is to be had. Sounds like you are already off to a great start! Enjoy! Cheers Kurt
  11. Nice collection!...especially loving the Bug and the Karmann Ghia! Cheers Kurt
  12. That actually looks pretty cool I reckon, when I first saw the 2022 concept car I wasn't a fan but...I must say it's grown on me. I like the curvy look. I'm sure Mr T will come out with a version for sure at some point. It's always interesting to see just how much the cars F1 change over years. Cheers Kurt
  13. @djmcnz, are you intending to race at a track or be a carpark racer like me? I guess that will have some bearing on which one you end up up choosing....along with your taste for bling :).....either way, I'm sure you will stoked. They are heaps of fun. I decided to grab a Ferrari F60 after finding out from the NZ Tamiya importer that Tamiya no longer have the license from Ferrari. Wanted to grab this car and a spare body set before the prices potentially go skyward. Not happening yet but we all know how these things go once they become not so common.....anyway, lots of other choices out there also....Mercedes etc. There still seem to be quite a few popping up on the Bay etc. too. If you're not too fussed about getting a licensed body the, new kit with the generic 2017 body is a great choice. Nice looking car I reckon and can quite easily be adapted to whatever livery you like. Saw quite a nice Red Bull Ricciardo example online last week. I look forward to your update:)... Question for anyone else out there that's painted a Ferrari F1 shell before, what the heck did you do to manage to get a good consistent coat of paint inside the 'spine' down the rear of the body? It's such a tight area to get into particular with Tamiya spray paint and important to get a consistent coat with metallic paint...I heated the can up and did (mostly) light coats and am happy with the result, but there must be an easier way surely....the things we do for scale accuracy eh! Just wondering what tips are out there to make the next body easier. Cheers all. Kurt
  14. @Superluminal, Cheers mate! Yeah it's an awesome colour that doesn't seem to look as amazing in photos as it does in real life. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated! The wheel covers are plastic, rears are secured under the wheel nuts. The fronts, are plastic too and use an extended plastic wheel nut to secure the wheel. Once the wheel is on, the cover secured straight into the end of the wheel nut with a screw. They look great in action. Quite a different look (although looks like wheel covers are back for the 2022 F1 fill size cars). At Djmcnz, yes you need one!...please apologise to your wallet for me :). Definfinately Don't go onto F1Paintlab's website either then...nod nod...wink...wink.....great decal sets and gallery full of Rc F1 custom paint jobs..... Cheers Kurt
  15. She's all done! Ferrari F60...Have posted another pic in the thread 'photo of your latest Tamiya build' as well. Fantastic car, so smooth and fast and looks great doing it! Cheers for the help on the colour too guys, the PS60 backed with silver then black is simply stunning! Cheers Kurt
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