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  1. Hey bus driver. I've just used some Selleys brand version of shoe goo on the inside of a polycarbonate body. Be careful if you do as my glue ate into the tamiya polycarbonate paint which meant I had to pull the magnets back off, scrape the glue off and repaint. I then put a bit of silver aluminium air conditioning ducting tape on the inside to act as a barrier to the paint and re glued. All ok now. If you are gluing to polycarbonate, test on a scrap piece first I'd say. Regards Kurt
  2. Well, I started on turning the rally legends wheels into Fuchs today. Have cut out some styrene parts and have mocked them up a small per the photo to see what they will look like before I glue it all together. I think they should pass pretty well for a set of Fuchs when painted....got to find something to use as faux wheel nuts next ..still more work to do...... hopefully I’ll finish them before someone 3D prints a set and make it look all too easy .... Catch ya, Beetleman.
  3. Yes! Ordered this kit from RCJaz website in Hong Kong today as I got an email saying it’s now available....now the wait begins..........
  4. Cheers Raman36, good info. I very nearly purchased the Protoform ones and am glad I didn’t now. Especially when converted to NZ dollars and shipped all the way to NZ. Not a cheap excercise so good to know that the HPI ones are good quality and worth the money instead. I’ll go in that direction once ive finished making some Fuchs wheels first! Regards Kurt
  5. Awesome, thanks for the info. Can’t beat personal experience! Appreciate the heads up. Regards Kurt
  6. Mmmmm.....these Protoform VTA 26mm 8 spokes would look pretty tasty on this car for tarmac. Pretty darn similar to the HPI examples previously posted in this thread but I guess all 8 spokes should look pretty much the same if the manufacturer is doing their job properly ....apparently these particular tyres screech on tarmac which would add to the fun factor. It will be interesting to see what offset looks good on this model as I see this crowd also does a 31mm Tyre with a deeper dish rim. Bring it on I say! regards Kurt
  7. Cheers! That looks great!....ahhhhh...its going to make the waiting even harder .....looks like the decals will be fun. Can’t be as bad as the Lancia Delta I’ve just done for my young fella. That took a fair bit of work with a hairdryer but looks great. I Appreciate the pics. Cheers Kurt.
  8. Hi Mokei, yes please to some pictures. I’d love them to do a group a Peugeot! Great news about the spotlights. Cheers Kurt.
  9. Hi all, been hanging around this site for a while and decided time to get involved. I’m really excited about this one! Ive been wanting Tamiya to do this version for years! Not long to wait for release now hopefully...... I’ve decided to have a crack at making my own Fuchs wheels by using the rally legends Audi set as a starting point as the general shape is there. Have a set coming my way from the UK now. With a bit of luck, some styrene, foil tape and spray paint they should look something like the full size ones.....will post some pics when I get going on them. Looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to do with this release..... Catch ya, Beetleman.
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