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  1. Carmine A, you've got another follower on this thread...me! .... So glad you finally have a rig and you are entering a new phase in the hobby with positive stuff happening for you. These rigs are so much fun and in a completely different way to other RC offerings. Most interesting build I've ever done for sure and mine gets driven as often as I can. You will just love it! Matter of fact, sounds like you already do .... I look forward to your updates and will enjoy living vicariously through your exciting kit building experience! Bring it on! Kind regards Kurt
  2. Hey Carmine A, man that sounds like a good set up for sure. I had heard about these units but you are not wrong about the exchange rate in NZ $ ....Would love to see a video of it in action though. The gear changing sounds like an awesome feature. I went with the Lesu version in the end (or a version of it) in the end and am pretty happy with it. Nowhere near the functionality of the other unit but it'll do me for now. Just realised I'd said id post a video of it but havent yet...oops! Who knows, perhaps ill change it out one day for one of these units you've posted. Sure is tempting.... Thanks heaps for the links. Cheers Kurt
  3. WTBcar in Hong Kong are also very good. Used them a few times now. Had a part left out of a recent order but they looked after me. They have some good stuff on sale from time to time too. They send stuff all the way to New Zealand so you should be fine :). Cheers Kurt
  4. Very sharp mate! ..........I like blue trucks Gonna be great to see this one complete. Cheers Kurt
  5. In the words of Tamiya themselves "Toys they're not!". I love taking my RCs out and about whether they be cars, planes, trucks or whatever. I see it as a great opportunity to get others hooked and let them discover the massive amount of fun they have been missing! I'm proud of my Hobby and feel privileged to be some sort of ambassador while out and about. There's always someone that 'doesn't get it' whatever you are into but that's no different to anyone's hobbys/interests. I'm also into classic cars (VWs in particular) and mountain biking and have run into others that don't get why I'd drive an older car with no airbags, aircon, is loud and doesnt even a stereo, they also don't understand why you'd pay so much for a bike and still have to pedal it :).....my view is that I feel privileged to have an understanding of just how special all these things are and that I'll always enjoy them. If i can interest others, great! I say get out there and proudly have fun! Cheers Kurt
  6. Hang on in there Mr Mikkola! ........looks like fun, good on ya. Cheers Kurt
  7. Hi Scrumpy and welcome to the site! Yes, you can fit them afterwards although it’s more labour intensive to make the wiring tidy. Naturally, the Tamiya stuff is great. It was a bit expensive for me though so I went with the OB1 light system which I am really pleased with (once I got the programming sorted). I’ve still got additional lights to add and then will do the trailer as they make a Bluetooth connected light unit for the trailer which is pretty cool. Hope this helps. cheers Kurt
  8. @nowinaminute, you could try lating down some of the thicker black Kyosho pin stripe/panel line tape and run a strip along the edge on the outside of the shell where the orange meets the black if you wanted to tidy the edges. Even cheaper is if you can grab some signwriting self adhesive black vinyl and cut it to your desired width. This works pretty well. I think it looks great anyway, cool car. Regards Kurt
  9. Welcome aboard!...its a fun kind of insanity and you are far from alone ..... Cheers Kurt
  10. Good to see this coming along re-bugged, you are doing a top job mate. @wetman, I look forward to your Scania build too!....nice! Regards Kurt
  11. Only my 'Herbie' m-chassis Beetle doesn't have a driver figure.....reckons he dont need one ...
  12. Big fun today while out with my son.....
  13. Yep, if I’m headed off road. Otherwise I use the kit ones on tarmac.
  14. A picture speaks a thousand words.....rally block v kit tyres side by side....
  15. Ahhhhhh...sorry, was thinking diameter...so likely to get about 2.5mm instead in additional height or thereabouts I'd say.
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