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  1. Appreciate the advice, I’ve never used it before. For what reason? I was just going to do the windows on my mustang!
  2. Spot on, ordered a piece of rod, thanks.
  3. Can anybody please help me out of this mess? Testing the Manta Ray in the garage before taking it out today. Had an argument with the leg of my weights bench. Seems like it’s just the steering arm that’s bent (of that’s what you call it?) Which parts would I need to order to put her right? Thanks in advance.
  4. This is my work in progress Brat basher. Lots more to do including highlighting etc. The paintwork is mat black, with the truck bed remaining gloss. (the pictures are terrible, so hard to see). Ive dropped some transparent Tamiya stars on the bonnet, just playing around really. I need to get some black wheels or paint these, white doesn't look right with black imo.
  5. That's Awesome, thanks. Can I run the below past you? So if I go: http://www.rcmart.com/135t-brushless-sensored-motor-outlaw-p-82744.html?cPath=1560_2231_946 and http://www.rcmart.com/toro-ts120a-brushless-sensored-black-p-67556.html?cPath=1560_2230_1021 or if i want something cheaper: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-roar-approved-1-10th-stock-class-brushless-esc-and-motor-combo-13-5t.html?___store=en_us Thanks,
  6. Thanks, Will check those out, makes sense what you are saying about the shape, I will likely order a few battery's.
  7. Plenty of info there thanks. Any recommendation on motor brand and model? That TT02B is mental, probably bit much for what I need :-) Cheers.
  8. My wife keeps asking what I want from Santa! This morning I had an idea. I've been building and fiddling for 6 months now and starting to get the itch for more speed. Currently own a Hornet, Manta Ray, Brat and about to embark on building the Mustang TT-02. The Brat and Hornet will stay as they are (Sport tuned and silver can on NiMH) but the Manta Ray just doesn't seem quick enough for me, way slower than the Hornet, although I put this down to the Hornet just being a live wire on the Sport Tuned and the Manta Ray being a lot more planted and 4WD. They are all ball raced etc. So, I am going to ask Santa for a brushless motor, ESC & LiPo for the TT-02. I will likely convert the Manta Ray in the future also. Although getting a good deal is important, I'm happy to pay for quality. Can anyone make recommendations? Oh and a decent charger too. Thanks,
  9. Thanks for that. I had an inkling that was the case with the decals. After thinking about it, I don't plan on using that many (if any) on the basher body. Decided to go stealth and do a mat black. I am going to try and lay some decals on top of the body and spray some clear flat. Hoping that it gives the effect of a mat paint finish with the Tamiya stars gloss on the bonnet (and potentially other places). Could go horribly wrong but I have an image in my head. I've done exactly the same with the threads on the posts. Didn't realise there were two sets though, explains why I am not happy with the they way the PC body sits, I must have the hard body posts on. I will likely bolt something through as you have done. If its not a complete disaster, i will post the end result. Cheers,
  10. Finally getting round to staring the body's. What do people typically do with the decals? I notice there is one set. Should i use them for the poly body or the hard body? decisions decisions Just cant decide so any recommendations welcome.
  11. I recently had a Brat delivered, not started the build yet but my mind is already wandering to paint! As this comes with two body's (hard and PC) I'm struggling to get my head round paint. The hard body will be box art, so I presume I need non polycarbonate paints, the red spray, blacks, clear red and yellow for lights etc. My question is:- Am I going to have to buy all these paints AGAIN in PC for the softer shell? I also notice a couple of the original colours are no longer manufactured, I could be wrong? This one kept me awake last night, so any help appreciated. Thanks,
  12. Spot on, you are absolutely right. I did a three hour round trip yesterday to UKs biggest hobby shop (I’d been meaning to go) I bought a couple servos and was having issues with them last night. Took your advice, gave this a go and wallah :-)
  13. I will buy a Tamiya servo and stick with those going forward. Seems easier. Just testing you on the Futaba spelling ;-)
  14. So just use that part screwed on directly? Any more tweaking other than cutting the other three arms off? Lesson i will take from this is buy Tamiya (and learn to spell Futuba!!) Radio gear will be here today so want to get it running, even if its just periodically while awaiting a Tamiya servo. Cheers,
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