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  1. I recently had a Brat delivered, not started the build yet but my mind is already wandering to paint! As this comes with two body's (hard and PC) I'm struggling to get my head round paint. The hard body will be box art, so I presume I need non polycarbonate paints, the red spray, blacks, clear red and yellow for lights etc. My question is:- Am I going to have to buy all these paints AGAIN in PC for the softer shell? I also notice a couple of the original colours are no longer manufactured, I could be wrong? This one kept me awake last night, so any help appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Spot on, you are absolutely right. I did a three hour round trip yesterday to UKs biggest hobby shop (I’d been meaning to go) I bought a couple servos and was having issues with them last night. Took your advice, gave this a go and wallah :-)
  3. I will buy a Tamiya servo and stick with those going forward. Seems easier. Just testing you on the Futaba spelling ;-)
  4. So just use that part screwed on directly? Any more tweaking other than cutting the other three arms off? Lesson i will take from this is buy Tamiya (and learn to spell Futuba!!) Radio gear will be here today so want to get it running, even if its just periodically while awaiting a Tamiya servo. Cheers,
  5. Sometimes the answer is so simple. Parts being on the trees never dawned on me, I blame the heat! :-) Thanks,
  6. Wondered if anyone could offer some advice (or has a picture) on how the HItec HS RS 322 HD should be put together? Here are the parts that came with it, along with the propeller shaped fitting already on the servo. Thanks
  7. Welcome, I just built my first RC a couple of months ago, that was also a Hornet, really good fun to get started. You will need: Radio, Receiver, Battery (and charger), electronic speed control (my hornet came with one so yours may have also) and a steering servo. Hope that helps. Thanks,
  8. Spot on thanks, I will give them a call in the morning.
  9. I'm trying to source PC12 Silver for Hornet roll cage, struggling to get a pot paint. Too late to spray as I've already laid the black down, if id thought about it I could have bought a can of silver, masked and sprayed the roll cage and then the black on top. The stickers aren't going to cut it for me, look fiddly and not sure about longevity. Anybody know where I can get one or want to sell a pot? Thanks,
  10. Thanks gents, much appreciated.
  11. Can anyone help? Need to source the screws and bolts for the hornet wing. Never occurred to me a new shell wouldn’t come with any! Anybody know where I can get them? Thanks,
  12. This is amazing. You effort was fully worth it :-) Just bought a bench and the first shelving unit...............so it begins!!!
  13. Luckily you HAVE the junk, it's costing me a small fortune to accumulate mine, there's literally a delivery every day. I don't grudge it though, it keeps me out of trouble at home and helps de-stress after work, worth every penny!
  14. Just what I was looking for (inspiration) thanks gents.
  15. As time spent on my new hobby starts to grow, so does the accumulation of 'STUFF'. I've outstayed my welcome and been asked to vacate the dining room with immediate effect! Luckily I have a decent sized heated garage with a spare corner for my new hobby / obsession to move into. I did a search but can find a thread on members workshops/work space (if there is one please point me in that direction) So, I'm looking for inspiration, I have a blank canvass and wondered what everyone else has done with their little (or large) work space? Get those pics up.
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