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  1. The forum hasn't let me down yet when trying to source a part. Struggling to find anyone with stock of the below so thought I would try my luck. To that end, has anybody got a spare one of these?
  2. I would imagine that's it, I think you either get the long one (much longer) or this short one. Let me know what you want for it plus postage and I can send via Paypal. Drop me a PM. Appreciate that, thanks.
  3. That's great, its for the Astute. I can find the longer one which I could probably cut down, but would prefer the actual screw if I can get hold of one. Thanks,
  4. Anyone know where I can get one of these? Or the whole screw bag if needed. Thanks,
  5. Thanks for that, couldn’t find one anywhere. Ordered those.
  6. Stood talking to my neighbour yesterday who was holding a little plastic gear. Asked to see it as it looked familiar. Turns out its the (now driven over several times) spur gear from my Stadium Thunder which had a disagreement with a set kerb a couple weeks ago. I thought I had bought or been given (kind members on here) everything I needed to get her back up and running. So, does anyone have a spur gear for the Stadium Thunder/Blitzer Beetle for sale? Thanks, Cliff.
  7. Always use ‘Satin‘ varnish for that shiny gloss look on the vintage Bear Hawks body you have been sanding and painting all week!
  8. Bother, Just ordered a few. Appreciate the thought.
  9. Anyone know a good place to get hold of these BC4 Astute screws? I've got one with a rounded head. Thanks,
  10. For the painters out there. Restoring a Bear Hawks and just finished painting the body box art. I have an enamel clear spray, any point in giving it a coat before decals? Thanks,
  11. Does anybody have one of these hubs spare? Tamiya Blitzer Beetle/Stadium Blitzer/Stadium Thunder C Parts 0005431/10005431 Happy to pay for it. Suppliers showing November stock into the UK. Thanks.
  12. Spot on, ordered. P.s those parts will be with you this week. Thanks again.
  13. Playing around with brushless and Lipo for the first time this weekend and managed to side side swipe a kerb at high speed. Far too fast for my street now, or I am a bit throttle happy (pretty sure I know which) so lesson learned! The kids thought it was epic as bits of plastic flew everywhere, my wife not so much as she said "not another one" :-). The gear box disintegrated which ive found the part for. The other obvious damage is a bent rear damper shaft. Obviously in need of a new one now. Does anyone know if the below would work, or know of a better solution? https://www.eurorc.com/product/23279?currency=EUR&cc=EUR&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqfz6BRD8ARIsAIXQCf0o9qADAew-BAjZjOJDtsq_uAUGUwHfL8BKYdQuO9u-J1CvChT5bQ8aAkeNEALw_wcB Happy to buy a full damper set if I can get one cheap enough, be a shame though as its just the one. Thanks in advance.
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