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  1. Don't suppose anyone has an MD5 knocking about? Came loose on the Top-Forces maiden voyage and no chance of finding it. Still not sure how it came loose to be honest! Cheers,
  2. Ordered the parts on express delivery. Separating them is no Ionger an option, tried acetone then got a bit too heavy handed!!
  3. Anyone know where I can get these 4 rear diff parts in a hurry (UK)? I was obsessed with the fact I had to use glue (not seen that on the previous 10 or so cars I've built) and missed the bearings that go on first. Schoolboy error, I know!! I've found the parts bag for £50 on eBay. Problem is, delivery is 4th Jan. I go back to work on the 5th and this was meant to be my build while I’m off :-( If anyone knows how I can get these parts in the next couple of days I would appreciate it. Cost is not a problem, just need them! I could cry 😭
  4. Don't suppose anyone has one of the A13 parts as per below laying around? Holding my FAV restoration up :-( Thanks,
  5. Hi all, I am restoring a FAV and have a couple of bits missing. Wondered if anyone has any or can point me in the right direction? 1 x A13 (first image) 1 x Taillight (second image) 2 x 3mm x 27mm motor screws (third image) Thanks,
  6. It’s for a TT-02B, lower spring cup does that help? Thanks a million
  7. Has anyone got one of these they can sell? Not to fussed on colour, just to get a basher back on the road. Many thanks
  8. Hi, That would be awesome. If you have them I will do a transfer for postage and a bit for your help. Much appreciated. Thanks, Cliff.
  9. Thanks, It's the red ones I am after, I should have made it more clear. Literally just the little collars with the screw. Got a feeling I am not going to get them. Cheers
  10. Restoring the Bear Hawk and broke a couple of the adjustable damper spacers that have the screw in them, was removing to clean and the plastic just perished. 30 year old plastic I guess. Does anyone know if this part is still available or a suitable alternative? Thanks
  11. Thanks for that. Plenty to look for tomorrow when I try again!
  12. Not sure how I would miss it twice! Re-building tomorrow, will give it a little more respect this time round!
  13. I have the replacement parts so will go again tomorrow. Maybe I AM missing something. Something is certainly not right for it to happen twice in a row. I searched for a video last time but couldn't find anything!
  14. Yeah, correct, present and pretty tight in there. Its really bizarre. The gearbox is horrible to assemble, not a fan third time round!
  15. I was hoping someone could shed some light on this problem. On my second set of diff gears. They just seem to strip within five minutes. Not had this issue with ANY of my other cars. I knew these (second set) were going to go within 60 seconds, so I deliberately just helped them along to make sure the problem was blatantly obvious when I opened up the gear box. Anyone any ideas? Thanks,
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