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  1. I went for the Swann Morton stuff, it’s keenly priced and looks good. I prefer the cylindrical handles so went for both the ACM1 and ACM2 handle and some blades
  2. Hi, I have a wedo craft knife, I needed new blades (and the wedo blades weren’t that sharp) so bought xacto blades but they don’t fit the wedo handle. Now I’m looking for an xacto handle but can’t see them for sale in the U.K. Are they? Or could anyone recommend a knife to go for? Thanks, Kristian
  3. Hi New slipper clutch for sale. £40 posted If paypal add +3% fees, or bank transfer Thanks, Kristian
  4. Hi Does anyone know the colour of the box art car in the subject? It looks grey and black. All the manuals refer to the orange of the standard version. Also happy to see pics of awesome DT03s. I have the gunmetal Mustang GT4 in my small collection so happy not to have two grey cars. Thanks, Kris
  5. I was looking at the motor and see timing marks, tempted to advance it a couple of steps and see what’s what. I did read theres a balance between speed and power (too much timing will use power without giving you any more speed). Think that may have been one of your posts!
  6. It’s tempting. How does the capacity work with LIPOs? For example equivalent of a 5000nimh. Do LIPOs lose voltage in storage?
  7. Hi I have a brushless 13.5t motor and esc (trackstar) with 29/78 spur/pinion which seems to be the lowest final drive I can get. The motor barely gets warm so there’s potential. I have a new 5000nimh battery. Is there anything I can do with the spur/pinions? I have a programmable ESC but no card so perhaps I can open up something there? I’m reluctant to go to LIPO as I only use my cars once every couple of months and storage sounds like hassle, not to mention the associated fire hazard. Thanks, Kris
  8. Marlboro looks awesome, what paint codes and where did you find sticker set? Thanks
  9. Hi I want to get a low profile servo for a TB05 I’m building. I’m hoping to use an old-ish Acoms Techniplus transmitter and receiver I already have. It won’t be run very often and just for fun but I like the idea of a half decent servo, which gets me into digital and metal gearing. I’ve seen a Savox 1251 gets high praise and Ive seen it for £36 so could go for that, but I don’t want to then spend out on other bits to make it work. Is it even possible to set end points with my basic transmitter? Alternatively I’d listen to recommendations on cheaper capable low profile servos. As it’s for a touring car and not competing I guess I can be flexible with the lower torque models. Thanks, Kris
  10. Thanks, was just concerned about wheelbase
  11. Hi, potentially a stoopid question but best that I find out now - will a TT02 body fit on a TB05 chassis? Both are touring car chassis so I assume it’s ok. I bought a Mustang GT4 TT02 kit and TB05 kit with a view to combining them. Thanks, Kris
  12. Hi Does the V2 box work with the 80a turbo esc (non waterproof) https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-roar-approved-1-10th-stock-class-brushless-esc-and-motor-combo-13-5t.html?wrh_pdp=1 https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-turbo-program-box-v2.html Thanks, Kris
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