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  1. Good advice! I thought they looked kind of flimsy. Me too! Thanks for helping out. I was in the home stretch last night and thought I was going to finish her up and test drive today, but unfortunately one of the steering knuckles broke while I was attaching the body mounts. No idea how or why this happened other than maybe getting some brittle plastic in the knuckle, but I'm super bummed. I didn't over-tighten it or anything, ugg. I ordered aluminum knuckles, but that won't be until the end of next week.
  2. I found the complete body set for these on Ebay earlier today and ordered one. I've been looking for these for so long and couldn't find anything. The Carisma bodies are out of stock everywhere, so I'm glad I found an actual Tamiya one.
  3. Great catch! It's been so long since I've built a kit, I didn't think about checking for revisions in the instructions. I just flipped the arms and they aren't popping out anymore. The upper arm has some slop in it, but hopefully the metal balls fix or at least make it better. Thank you!
  4. Hey all. New guy, here. I just got a TT02RR kit and I'm almost done assembling it. One problem, though: When you snap in the the ball pivots into the front arms for the knuckles, the top ones didn't really snap in like the bottom ones did. They went in much easier and the top arm easily pops off of the ball. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I ordered the metal upgrades, but they won't be here for a while. Any ideas? Cheers.
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