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  1. Honestly, I think the thing that bothering me most right now is pulling the cross-bars off the top of the shock towers everytime I want to get the top shell off. I'm chewing up the plastics with screwdrivers and pliers each time. I fitted the new servo, hi-torque servo saver and racing steering earlier today. Hopefully there is minimal need to take it off going forward... Difference to steering is night and day, this is a great upgrade for Avante!
  2. Thanks everyone. I've got a racing steering set, and low profile servo ordered this morning. Combined with the hi-torque servo saver and moving the servo to the other side of the posts, I can hopefully get everything running a bit smoother...
  3. Thanks guys. I gave it another go with some success. Nothing fell off! At least until I was trying to fit the high torque servo saver (no-go without a low profile servo so you can move the servo to the other side of the posts to make it fit). I’d just finished reverting back to the original servo saver and was putting everything away, when I spotted a small metal bar on my desk. Eventually determined to be out of one of the rear universal joints. I think I need someone stronger tightening up screws!!
  4. Hi all, first time poster getting back into the habit for nostalgia reasons. I recently bought and built a Boomerang (the car I had when I was a kid), and having really caught the bug, bought the Avante 2011 (the car I always wanted when I was a kid). the builds were both great fun, and a friend of a friend gave me a set of replacement wheels (53880 / 53881) with modern tyres that should fit the Avante. I'd run the car on the original cam-loc/spike wheels, but skidded all over the place. However, when I fit these new replacement wheels the first time, the motor made a lot of noise, but the car barely moved. Opening up the rear gearbox I found the pinion gear was loose. I tightened it up (and switched back to the original wheels), and all was good. I switched to the new wheels again, and got the same issue, lots of noise, minimal forward motion. I also found the front wheels were not being driven by the motor. Again, opening up the rear gearbox and checking the center diff, I found it almost unscrewed. Once I checked it and tightened it up again (and switched back to the original wheels) all is good again. I really like the look of the modern wheels, but now I'm worried that using them is going to result in serious gearbox damage since the car seems to develop issues running when they are fitted. When fitted, there is no more or less resistance to turning the wheels compared to the originals. The clearance is minimal to the rear knuckles, and I think it could rub a little, but not enough to have any real issues. Are these wheels not compatible? Everything I've read says they are? Is it as simple as I'm over-tightening the wheel nuts? Thanks for your help. Also attached is a pic of Perry and Ted in their respective vehicles. Trying to decide what I car I want to do next. Maybe a Super Hotshot. I got the Boomer as the Beatties had no HotShot II stock on the day we went to buy it.
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